The Secret Space Program

Poem for the CABAL

On Earth there’s a place
of a different Space.
It has no face –
not from Outer space.

What came to us
was tumultuous change.
We never sought fame –
there was nothing to gain.

Most of them gawked
while monsters stalked.
Lives lived in shame –
families maimed.

Our bodies were torn
when the Others were born.
When Their time comes,
you’ll be forlorn.

They’re so very cunning
so it’s best to start running.
You’ll want to confide –
there’ll be no place to hide.
You’ll lose your pride.

That pride which was built
upon treacherous guilt.
Your footing’s on silt
and your world’s going to tilt.

On Earth there’s a place
of a different Space.
Where souls like me
are used to set you free.

© R.V.K.
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