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Double Trip-Double Alien Abduction

By Danion Kell

Bruise with Hole in CenterEarly one morning in 1990, I discovered a circular bruise of 6 needle marks on my inner left forearm. Later that evening I drove to the monthly UFO meeting I normally attended. There were usually about 200 people in attendance at this particular meeting. The audience members were invited to share an encounter they had experienced within the last month. A night security guard, whom I had never met, stood up and explained that he had seen a small, luminous ball zipping around a particular house the previous evening. The house he described was my house, but I didn’t say anything to anyone about it. Shortly thereafter I telephoned abduction researcher Budd Hopkins and he gave me the name of a local hypnotherapist.

Friendly ETAfter the therapist placed me under hypnosis, I described being taken out through a closed window of my house and into a ship. The Beings that took me were about five feet tall. They had a slightly larger head than humans and no hair. Their eyes were about half again as large as ours are and they were very blue. I do not remember the texture of their skin, but the color was like that of a very pale human’s skin. I was face down, as was this Being, and we were holding hands. We floated backward and through the closed window together. This Being was very friendly and smiled the entire time. I have no other memory until I awakened in what I call “The Acclimation Room.”

Once on board and inside the acclimation room, I interacted with a very dark ET who stood approximately 6’6” tall. I did not sense an African-ET connection in that he was a hybrid or anything like that. This Being was pure alien; very, very wise and he was fun to be around, like the other Being I had been with. The dark Being had me sit in a chair and he placed a helmet on me. I believe this helmet was used to balance my brain waves. I was allowed to view, in detail, a previous life on another planet. This was a place where Nature was studied and experienced to its fullest. I also learned that one of their beliefs is: After death, our connection with nature goes with us, not the study of science.

Telepathic Download of information between Black ET and Experiencer
After this, I was seated opposite the dark ET and he downloaded some sort of condensed “packets of information” from his third eye area to mine. This process seemed to be more than telepathy in that I actually felt an opening in both of our foreheads. The information had the appearance of tumbling vitamin pills and triangle shapes, although I do not remember actually seeing anything different. These packets of information were to be opened later in my life, and I feel that I have indeed experienced a few of them since this experience occurred.

During a question and answer period with this dark Being, he suddenly became very surprised. At that moment, I was being taken from the abduction by another group of ETs who I knew were from the Andromedan star system. I have seen them before and I have always felt close to this group. The demeanor of this particular Being was that of a teacher. He looked like a wise old man with a beard who was wearing a cloak. His skin was white and he could have passed as a human.

This teacher took me to the edge of a cliff, and beyond this cliff I could only see space and stars. He explained to me what the fabric of the universe was composed of and how it looked and moved. He then explained how to build or manifest anything using creativity and will power. He showed me how to send a thought form through the back of my palm, out onto the pattern. I was shown how the pattern could morph into whatever was wanted or needed, and the pattern could expand and contract to a variety of sizes and dimensions.

Et Propulsion Crystal MatrixI was also allowed to see what the temples of learning look like. I am not sharing a description of the temples of learning because it is something that I feel I need to keep private at this time. It was after this that I was sent back to the dark ET, and he was still astounded that I had been taken by this other group. He is very advanced and he explained how he didn’t need a ship to travel, but he did require a ship in order to transport me. It was then that I was allowed a tour of the ship. This sketch shows the propulsion system of the craft, which appeared to incorporate Tesla looking coils as well as crystals.

Dark ET Friendly and Wise

The following day, I began painting a portrait of the dark ET, and while I was working on it, it was as if he was there with me watching me and correcting me as I painted. I believe this to be a very accurate representation of what he looks like.





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