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Alien Human Hybrids
and the Fifth Dimensional Merging


Alien Human Hybrid BlondeOne night I sat up in my bed and noticed a small three-foot tall child. She looked like a hybrid. She had white wire-like hair that was soft looking and was either slightly bald in the front, or she had a high forehead. Her chin was narrow and her mouth turned downward, and her eyes looked at me so innocently, just like the eyes of a child. Her body was frail and thin. She had fair skin and was wearing a white cotton-like dress with white slipper-like shoes.

She stood in the doorway of my room while I sat up in my bed. I felt that she was young in appearance, but her intelligence surpassed my own adult intelligence. She really looked like a three year old, but she definitely had the intelligence of an adult. I felt extreme respect for her, but I also felt a nurturing feeling toward her, as I normally do for children.

She spoke to me with clarity and with an intelligent vocabulary, unlike a child. She had a high-pitched monotone voice and spoke quickly. She said,

“Our fifth dimensional world is going to merge and co-exist with your fourth dimensional world.”

The hybrid not only communicated with me with words, but she gave me visions along with her words so that I would understand what is going to occur.

Images of ghosts and spirits then came to my mind. They were dwelling visibly on the Earth, but these were very kind and good spirits. I was shown that negative entities (physical and non-physical) would not be able to live on the Earth once the two dimensions merged. This meant that people would change to a more loving and non-violent race.

Hybrid Children in GardenI asked about natural disasters and if they would still exist and the hybrid said there would still be natural disasters. An image of a father and his son came to my mind. They were walking and an earthquake occurred. Neither the father nor the son was afraid. They accepted the earthquake, as if they knew they would always be safe. They were still happy even though the earthquake occurred.

The hybrid also told me,

“The work is almost done.”

The new race, that is, the hybrid race, came into my mind. The hybrid Being then said,

“The hybrid children are all part of the merging process.”

I sat up in my bed during this entire conversation, completely conscious of what was transpiring. The hybrid Being remained standing in the doorway and did not paralyze me, as many other abductees report.

Hybrid Garden Image Courtesy of David Dees

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