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Joe Montaldo on End of the World

Alien “Holocaust” Dreams

Terms to help you understand the basics of this Interview

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Abductee: People who are taken against their will. They have no foreknowledge and do not want to help and are more fearful and angry.

Contactee: People are consciously aware of their contacts and are in some ways, willing participants; trying to understand why, who, what and where. They are people who are moving forward toward understanding why they are being abducted.

Keeper: A few Contactees become Keepers: These are humans who work with the aliens, in tandem and on their agendas. Two of the primary reasons Contactees become Keepers are because they want to work with the Hybrid children. This is important because it’s not always possible or wise to bring the parent of the child Abductee on board the craft. The children need Human contact and Keepers provide them with that. Other tasks Keepers do are to calm the Abductee. They are there to help the Human Abductees and Contactees deal with the trauma of the abduction process.

Hologram Rooms: Environments that are created to reduce fear for the Abductee and Contactees. Keepers are aware of this technology and what it is used for.

HRT: Hybrids Rising Team Comments


Joe Montaldo of ICARTwo main dreams that Alien Abductees seem to have is the Holocaust Dream or the End of the World Dream and the other is the dream about the skies filling with ships for some type of rescue. They are all tied together – the Holocaust dreams. Between 25% and 33% (we’ll go with 25%) of all Contactees have what we call the Holocaust dream. Now, when you hear this you automatically think, ‘Oh, the planet gets blown to pieces and nuclear war or nuclear holocaust,’ and I’m guilty of that one too. People used to come up to me and tell me they’ve had these wacky dreams – holocaust type dreams – but that’s not actually what they’re talking about.

To put this in perspective, here’s one dream from one couple – both of them had the same dream….but long story short: They’re driving into Houston along with some friends of theirs that they had picked up along the way, and – the reason they say it’s Houston is, the descriptions of the buildings are a lot like Houston, if you’ve been there.

Anyway, they’re driving into town and the lights are all working, streetlights…there’s no cars in the street, no dead people, no fires burning, just cars parked all along the road where they should be. But, there are no people anywhere. They’re driving along and there are no people. And, every now and then, they said they would run across what they said appeared to be the military doing mass burials, mass graves where they were just dumping hundreds of bodies into a hole and then covering them up.

What they felt was interesting about it, was that every now and then they would run across a human that seemed to be changed – it really sounded like an episode out of one of the zombie movies because they really sounded messed up. They were crazy, is what they were. So, what ever made all the other people die, left these other people just crazy. What’s interesting about this is the approximately 25% of Contactees who had have these dreams say the humans were immune to it – so we’re assuming some type of pandemic – that somebody releases a pandemic on the planet.” [HRT: Joe lists several probable types of old diseases that could mutate.] “This isn’t just American cities, it’s European, African, South American cities, etcetera and it doesn’t seem to take more than 7 to 10 days to deplete the population from 9 or 10 billion to about one million. So, I find it fascinating that so many of them are having the same dream.

One of the agendas and what the Keepers do is; any Contactees that hadn’t seen this or had been exposed to it, but after they had seen this or experienced it appeared to be immune to it. It appears there is a group of Contactees who just go around and find other Contactees – that’s what they do. They go around and find these Contactees and take them to a safe place where they can be picked up.

What I didn’t initially understand about this, is we know these aliens abduct all the time without any problem – so why is it that they are having the Contactees go around and find these people? So, something had to have changed with the Greys for them to need the Contactees to go around and do this. So, we are assuming that whatever other race is involved must have decided in a ‘moment’ to re-colonize the planet. There has to be a reason why all the other aliens decided to stop walking softly after 10 or 12 thousand years of not walking softly. Or, maybe whatever disease is released on the planet is infectious to them as well so maybe they are seen bringing these others to a place of safety so they can be picked up without any problems.

Triangle ET UFO CraftI don’t know why, but they do seem to be directed to various places, usually mountain tops. I can’t tell you how many Abductees – Contactees have seen themselves walking through the woods on the sides of mountaintops – and hundreds or thousands at a time. Sometimes they are being pursued by government people, and there doesn’t seem to be many of them left around either. But, that’s what the other guys are there for – to make sure they don’t interfere.

It’s almost like the aliens knew this was coming and this was planned. They left these other groups behind so that there would be someone there to protect the Contactees to get them back. There’s a lot of talk about activating their abilities – much higher psychic abilities than what we normally possess. It’s almost like what ever is killing most of the people on our planet activates the Contactees that they’ve been using – just not to this point [or at this high level.] There’s a lot going on here.

Transgenic Activation?

I think they are breeding us toward that way – whether it’s our generation, or the next generation or even the generation following that one – one of these generations is being bred specifically for this. They are moving us in that direction. They are making sure that when this happens the humans’ abilities – when this happens – are heightened to a point where they are basically going to be unquestioned on the planet…meaning that, you’re not going to – well, if you’re a government guy walking around with a gun, he’s not going to feel threatened. He’ll just burn your brain or melt your head or whatever [chuckles] he or she is just not really going to feel threatened.

What I have found interesting about this, is it only appears to be a select group that gets activated – not all Abductees or Contactees that get picked up are actually activated. As a matter of fact; if I understand it right and the way everybody talks about it, the ones that actually begin to die from it will not be taken aboard, they will be left here…the ones who are actually going around and finding Contactees – it’s going to be the Keepers who are working out there – it’s on the agenda, and they are going to be looking for Contactees left behind. They are going to be finding them and bringing them to secure zones so that they can be picked up. But, the people who are doing that, for some reason ET has elected not to take them with them. Only the Contactees who have been escorted will leave – the ones doing the escorting will be left behind, which is just a few thousand will be left, but still – the only thing we can think of as the reason they won’t be taken is that they will be forced to do things here that, my guess is, they don’t want to be introduced to the new population….that is sheer speculation by the way to anybody who is listening to this.

There is some evidence this is based on the different holocaust dreams from the different Contactees, but it’s the agenda we were talking about. That pandemic that gets loose on the planet and kills most of the normals (non Abductees, non Contactees, non Keepers) – I mean, you would think [they’d think] well, now we have a planet that is less than a billion people and this would be a good colony start for humans, but that’s not what they are doing. They are taking the humans off world – let someone else colonize…they are going to leave… I mean, there will definitely be a human colony here, but this won’t be a human world. It may be a mixed world of three or four different races or species but it does seem to be moving in that direction.

Keepers: Disconnected for a Purpose


HybridsRising.com: Joe Montaldo photoNow – this is only from this group of Contactees. The other 75% of Contactees do not have this dream and do not feel this way – they do not even feel this is going to happen. They also feel much safer and much more connected to humans than the Keeper groups do. They [Keepers] seem to feel more standoffish and don’t feel as close to the human race because they know that this is coming or something is coming and they are going to have to do this in their life.

Whatever it is, it does seem to be kind of freaky and seeing that it is a full 25% or more, you do sort of have to take it somewhat seriously – there’s just too many of them and someone has to be directing this to start off with. I mean, you’re not going to have all of these Contactees having this dream unless ETs are putting that information there. I mean, it’s just not going to happen any other way. I mean – we could say this is happening on a cosmic consciousness level and we’re all interconnected and it was all just shared…well, no. It’s much different than that because these people are describing different cities and if everyone had the same dream and said the same city like Houston, then I’d say it was some kind of shared dream or experience. This seems like an event that’s on-coming. But, I can’t tell you when it’s coming, but for most Contactees, the 9 to 10 billion [number of humans] on the planet comes up a lot so… that could be the turn of the next Century, so if you’re going to be here during the turn of the next Century, you might want to think about… we’ll, I don’t know what you might want to think about – but for those who are affected, I hope there’s a real God out there – for the rest of you, I think you’re going to be okay.

That’s basically what the holocaust dreams are like – they are dreams that will wake you out of a deep sleep…and make you not want to go back to sleep for a long time – a lot of Contactees tell me it makes them look at the human race entirely differently. Take it as you will.

If you re having this dream, I would ask that you document your dream and share it with ICAR – any member of ICAR – because this is stuff that we document and keep up with and it’s another piece of the puzzle frankly. Every time we get another holocaust dream we get another piece of the puzzle and every time we get another Contactee, we get another piece to the puzzle. And, what’s weird is, you can have a Contactee family….in case you don’t already know, we track generational cases, some up to six generations and sometimes there will only be one person in that family and in six generations there could be a hundred others who don’t have the holocaust dream, meaning that the rest of those Contactees are going to get a free ride and the one having the dream probably isn’t.

Triangular UFO ET CraftWhen you see them you think they are all over the world, but they are actually in “pockets” like there will be a bunch of craft over in this area and a bunch over in another area, etc. It’s basically wherever the pickup zones are. And if they are going to be taking a lot of Contactees, they are going to be taking a lot of ships. And, I think what else is going on is there are a lot of transport ships going up to mother ships – smaller ships and some larger ones too – picking them up and taking them to some place else…so you do see about three or four types of craft, which I find interesting.

Signs and Symptomatology of Being an Abductee

First off, unusual scratches, scars, circular or triangular marks…Generally speaking you will have body marks of unknown origin; unusual dreams, seeing a UFO but not remembering anything else, missing time, unaccounted for time, time that speeds up, recurring dreams of having seen a UFO or of having been taken, dreams of unusual gynecological exams by strange appearing doctors, unusual helicopter activity, unusual vans with blacked out windows following you. [HRT: You may access more of this information at ICAR’s site at: http://www.icar1.com/FAQ.html ]

Clown & Puppet Phobias

Clowns are one of the scariest things for Abductees – also raggedy Ann and Andy dolls; they instill a lot of fear in Abductees as well and a lot of them have fears of puppets. It’s a weird thing – it has something to do with the alien contact that makes them fear these things. They use these images….aliens have the ability to make you think you are seeing things change, but they are not shape shifters; they just make you think they are….this explains why we get so many descriptions of aliens but so few shapes of ships.

Phobias and strange illnesses run all throughout in the Contact community. Some have all types of problems and some have excellent health.

Synchronicities and numerology also play a part in this phenomenon, i.e., seeing 11:11 or 2:22, 3:33 or 4:44 on the clock. This occurs a lot to Abductees and it is a tip-off that they are about to get abducted or have just been abducted. Some people suspect these numbers are telling you to “pay attention” and “something is going on.” Normally this is [the aliens] prepping you for Contact.

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