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The NASA Alien ET Account

By Clark C. McClellend


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In 1991 while monitoring a space shuttle mission in the secret Mission Control Center at the Kennedy Space Center, I was flabbergasted to observe an entity that was eight to nine feet in height in the open Space Shuttle Pay Load Bay while it was in earth orbit.

The entity was very tall, much taller than the two NASA astronauts floating near it. I was not able to view all facial features, other than thinking I recognized two eyes, a nose and since it had a large helmet on, nothing else was evident.

It was in a body tight type uniform space suit.  I saw it at a distance on a 27 inch TV monitor. It appeared that the NASA astronauts were familiar with the entity. The entity appeared to be communicating with the two NASA astronauts. There was some NASA commentary from the Houston Space Center, but there was no mention of the entity. Following a few statements, the audio discontinued and I cannot recall if I heard any other comments.

I was in a secret monitoring office, and it may have been their mistake in Houston Mission Control to allow my monitor to view that incident.  I cannot say anything else other than that.

A large, strange, unknown spacecraft was safely in orbit behind the shuttle. It appeared as a somewhat short-winged object and did not appear to have been used as a spacecraft for traveling stellar distances. It appeared to be too small for that and probably would not be capable of deep space flight other than on board another more sophisticated carrier craft designed to be used for deep space flight. I witnessed this astounding event for a total of one minute and seven seconds by keeping the lapsed time on my astronaut watch.

About two months following my incident, I was informed of another report by another aerospace engineer. This person was also involved in the launching of space shuttles.

This shuttle engineer observed a similar entity, eight to nine feet tall, inside the space shuttle crew compartment as it orbited earth. Yes. Inside the shuttle! It was slouched over to protect its head from hitting the shuttle overhead structure. Again, it was communicating with two much smaller NASA astronauts.


A few months following my experience, I was summoned to a NASA office. I was earlier told that I was being reassigned to the NASA Astronauts’ office for other responsibilities. The shock was the summons was not for an upgrade in my position, but rather a bogus charge that had me fired after so many years in service. After you are fired from NASA no one will hire you.

People of earth, the human race is absolutely not alone in our Milky Way Galaxy and not in the vastness of the Universe.

During my numerous years in astronomical science and aerospace exploration, it is very obvious that the human race is controlled by an evil higher shadow government.  It is powerful enough that it can override various national political decisions as well as keep us all in a condition of global slavery and total economic control.

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