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Significant Observations Relating to Animal Mutilations / Animal Harvesting and Prions

The Prion Theory has Precedent

© 2013, 2016 by Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D.


The subject of animal mutilations is inherently distasteful, if not repugnant, to most people. It’s hard to imagine why anyone would inflict cruelty upon helpless creatures, especially those which are solely dependent upon us for their existence. Yet, there is considerable evidence to suggest that a deliberate and premeditated assault on both domestic and wild animals has been ongoing for several decades. Since livestock, particularly cattle, have been the most frequent victims of these mutilations, the phenomenon has come to be known as “cattle mutilations.” What is striking to this researcher is that so little progress has been made over the years in determining the nature and source of these mutilations.

This article will attempt to review the physical evidence relating to these mutilations in the United States and England. Luckily, much of this evidence has already been collected by a core of dedicated researchers in both of these countries and Canada. Their findings have largely been gathered by individuals who are equally puzzled over the bizarre nature of the mutilation phenomenon and who have labored with little or no funding. Hopefully, what they have uncovered can now be augmented with more recent advances.


The first mutilation case to peek public attention in the U.S. was the horrific mutilation of a domesticated horse name Lady. It occurred near Alamosa in southern Colorado back in 1967. The unusual nature of the mutilation came to the attention of investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe [2] who brought the incident to the public’s attention. Her first impression of the horse’s body was shocking, “The horse’s entire skull and long neck had been stripped of flesh and every organ in the horse’s chest had been surgically excised. Yet no blood could be found anywhere around the animal... And no tracks were evident.” [3]

Since Ms. Howe’s initial account of the event, thousands of similar mutilations have been reported from around the world. One of the most notable characteristics of these cases is the complete absence of blood both in and around the carcass. This is a process known as exsanguination. It’s difficult enough to perform in a medical or mortuary setting, but to do so in a natural setting without any evidence of bleeding would be a challenging task. Yet it is the hallmark of an animal mutilation. To a naive observer, it would appear that the hapless animal was the victim of a phantom vampire.

Another characteristic feature reported by Ms. Howe was the absence of any tracks, by either animals, humans or vehicles. The site where the animal is found appears pristine. This holds true no matter what kind of terrain the carcass is found in, even under conditions of rain drenched mud or freshly fallen snow. To those familiar with such cases it appears that the bodies have been placed there from above.

Absence of Organs

Perhaps the most shocking attribute of animal mutilations is the absence of various organs. This observation of missing organs has been reported in all types of domestic animals including horses, cattle, sheep and goats. Immediately evident are missing sensory organs located in the head. Usually one or both eyes and ears have been neatly removed and upon close inspection the animal’s tongue is found to have been removed from deep within the throat. Excisions of these organs appear to have been carried out with surgical precision. Also evident is what is commonly referred to as a “jaw swipe.” This term refers to stripping of all muscle and soft tissue on one or both sides of the animal’s jaw right down to the bone. This stripping usually occurs on the left side of the animals face but not always. It can occur on either side and on some occasions both sides of the jaw are cut away in this manner.

The carcasses of mutilated cattle also show that external genitalia; the bull’s penis and scrotum, and a cow’s teats and udder, have also been neatly removed. In addition, hind quarters of mutilated animals often show evidence of “anal coring,” a procedure whereby the anus is cored out to a depth of several inches.

Anal coring along with smaller circular or teardrop shaped apertures in the torso appear to be surgical orifices used for removal of the animal’s internal organs. It would seem unlikely that such a feat could be carried out through such small openings but careful inspection of the mutilated animals’ internal body cavity reveals that all if not most of its viscera have been removed. Forensic examination of these portals into the body cavity reveals that they appear to be made by a laser-like instrument. The incisions are clean, precise and carefully executed.

Pathological Findings on Lady

Two days after Lady’s body was found a Denver pathologist named John Henry Altshuler, M.D. [4] examined the horse’s carcass. According to testimony he provided years later:

“When I got to the horse, I could see that it was cut from the neck down to the base of the chest in a vertical, clean incision. At the edge of the cut, there was a darkened color as if the flesh had been opened and cauterized with a surgical cauterizing blade. The outer edges of the cut skin were firm, almost as if they had been cauterized with a modern day laser. But there was no surgical laser technology like that in 1967. ... I cut tissue samples from the hard, darker edge. Later, I viewed the tissue under a microscope. At the cell level, there was discoloration and destruction consistent with changes caused by burning. ...Then inside the horse’s chest, I remember the lack of organs. Whoever did the cutting took the horse’s heart, lungs and thyroid. The mediastinum (central chest compartment for organs) was completely empty - and dry. How do you get the heart out without blood? It was an incredible dissection of organs without any evidence of blood.” [5]

Dr. Altshuler also discovered that hemoglobin located at the edge of the cutting site had somehow been cooked.

The animal mutilation excisions do NOT show any carbon residue. But Earth life is carbon-based and all tissue exposed to the heat of a normal laser should show carbon residue that looks like black pepper grains under microscope magnification.” [5]

Portal incisions through which internal organs are removed are found to be uniformly smooth and bloodless with serrated edges similar to those produced by a tailor’s pinking shears, or from the impression made by a cookie cutter in dough.

Soft tissues removed from the cavity of mutilated carcasses include those associated with the digestive, reproductive, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic and respiratory systems.

Bodies Found in Trees and Power Lines

In addition to the actual physical mutilations, other strange factors are consistently related to these incidents. For example, in some cases the ground beneath a carcass is markedly depressed suggesting that the animal was dropped from a considerable height. Consistent with this impression, the limbs, ribs, and other bones of the dead animals often show fractures consistent with trauma caused by sudden impact. In a few cases, trees in close proximity to the dead animal show evidence of broken boughs and branches again suggesting the carcass had been to the ground. A related observation is that occasionally, the carcasses of large wild animals like dear, elk and rams are inexplicably found in trees or entangled in high voltage power lines necessitating their removal by utility companies.

Then there is the factor of carcass avoidance. Contrary to official belief, Dr. George E. Onet [6], a doctor of veterinary microbiology and cattle mutilation investigator, claims that the carcass of mutilated cattle are consistently avoided by large scavengerssuch as coyotes, wolves, foxes, dogs, skunks, badgers, and bobcats. Furthermore, even domesticated animals are “visibly agitated” and “fearful” of a mutilated carcasses. This observation is frequently reported by cattle owners but is apparently disregarded by officials as being too anecdotal to warrant consideration.

Bias for Younger Victims?

Statistical analysis of mutilated animals has thus far been very limited. However, Dr. Howard Burgess [7] has reported from the study of a limited survey of mutilated reports that nearly 90 percent of cattle are between four and five years of age. Since their average longevity is between 15 and 25 years, it would appear that the perpetrators of these acts have a bias for younger bovines. Unfortunately, Dr. Burgess’ finding has not as yet been replicated.

The only consistent clue regarding the cause of these mutilations are reports of UFOs, strange nocturnal lights, and occasionally of dark, unmarked helicopters operating in the vicinity of where mutilated cattle are later found. Such sightings have fueled suspicion among ranchers that either UFOs or some secret government agency is responsible for the loss of their livestock. One must wonder why the military or covert government agency would so boldly experiment on domestic cattle when such activities could be carried out far more discretely at a private government facility. Interestingly, over the course of nearly half a century, law enforcement agencies have not been able to identify a single person responsible for carrying out these acts.

Circular Depressions Left Behind

While no tracks are evident at mutilation sites, other strange physical traces are occasionally observed. These traces consist of large discolored circular rings in the soil which defies any normal growth of vegetation for long periods of time. They are in fact quite similar to, if not identical, with physical traces left behind by known UFO landings. Occasionally smaller triangular depressions are also found. Their shape would suggest possible landing gear. Obviously, these clues should be carefully followed up by investigators.

Animal mutilations are not limited to the western states and Canadian provinces. They are found wherever cattle are herded throughout the world. It is now well established that these events are global in scope. Since the publication of Lady’s mutilation, thousands of similar cases have emerged from around the world. Recognized “hot spots” of activity include such divergent regions as Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, parts of Europe, the Canary Islands, China, Southeast Asia and Australia. Needless to say, many other mutilation sites have not been investigated or made public. While the number of reported cases is not easy to estimate, approximately 10,000 have been collected dating back to the mid-1960s.

One European country prominently involved in the private investigation of mutilation cases is the United Kingdom (U.K.). There a group known as the Animal Pathology Field Unit (APFU) which has been diligently investigating such cases since 2002. Their work and findings have been brought to the public’s attention though the lecturing efforts of Richard D. Hall [8]. The APFU is now prominently involved in a continuing investigation of sheep mutilations affecting many rural areas of the British countryside. But while sheep mutilations have dominated their concern, investigations have also been conducted on a wide range of other domestic and wild animals.

An Array of Animals Mutilated

The mutilation pattern found in sheep is very similar but not identical to those reported in cattle. Occasionally cats and dogs and other small domestic animals are found cut in half with their internal organs gutted out. The APFU has also found many wild creatures such as badgers, groundhogs, and even small deer are often decapitated with the heads dispersed a great distance from their torsos. Another unusual mutilation pattern has been noted in foxes and small deer. Their mutilations consists of a small hole is bored through the upper skull from which the animals brains are mysteriously removed.

Land animals are not the only creatures found mysteriously mutilated. In the northern U.K., large numbers of seals and dolphins have been discovered mutilated in a strange corkscrew pattern. Initially government officials attributed these findings to accidental deaths caused by contact with propeller blades of large ships. However, investigations by the APFU have failed to pinpoint any association with any known watercraft or other mechanical devices found at sea. Furthermore, the remains of these sea creatures are often found some distance inland far from where these animals would presumably wash ashore.

As in the U.S., British sheep herders have turned to law enforcement for assistance in determining the cause of mutilations in their flocks. So far the results have been mixed. By and large, law enforcement officials have been frustrated by their inability to either determine the source of these crimes or to capture those responsible for the mutilations. In turn, law enforcement has sought the assistance of veterinary pathologists for forensic clues. Thus far veterinary findings have been inconclusive. The unusual nature of these mutilations has led most veterinarians to refrain from drawing any conclusions over the precise cause of the mutilated animals’ deaths.

Even so, a small number of law enforcement officers and concerned veterinarians have ventured to offhandedly state that the mutilations must be extraterrestrial in origin. This view has not been well received by their respective organizations, the scientific community, and especially governmental authorities. Even the media has generally “pooh poohed” the notion that extraterrestrials are involved. Reluctance of authorities to carry out more comprehensive investigations of the phenomenon has only exacerbated the situation. To date nothing has been resolved. All the while cattle, horses, sheep and a host of other domesticated and wild animals continue being mutilated.

Noting more examples of these mutilations would add little to what has already been presented. But cases similar to those seen in the U.S. and U.K. are being reported throughout the world. The only significant correlation to these mutilations has been their association with unidentified nocturnal lights and dark, unmarked aerial vehicles. Quoted below is a typical example of such reports. This report is dated July 15, 1984, from the Sunday Times in Perth, Australia:

Cover-up alleged over UFO-linked animal slaughter: Many reports of UFOs and strange lights in the sky. Farmers in the Adelaide Hills have discovered mutilated animal corpses and burn marks on the ground. ... In one incident, researchers say a farmer discovered four cows with holes drilled into their skulls and the brains removed...” [9]

A Review of the Evidence


At this point it would be worthwhile reiterating a number of consistent facts relating to the mutilation phenomenon. They are:

1. For the past five decades horses, sheep, goats, and a variety of other domesticated animals, as well as a wide range of wildlife and even aquatic creatures have been found mutilated throughout the world.

2. These mutilations have been carried out in a premeditated fashion with great efficiency and precision.

3. One of the most common characteristics of these mutilations is the complete absence of blood in and around the dead carcasses.

4. A common mutilation pattern in cattle and sheep consists of: (1) a jaw swipe whereby all muscle and tissue are removed down to the bone usually on one side of the jaw, (2) the removal of one or both eyes and ears, (3) excision of the tongue deep at its root, (4) removal of internal and external genitalia, and (5) removal of digestive and other soft internal organs through small circular orifices cut through the flesh.

5. Circular or tear shaped orifices to the inner viscera show a laser-like cauterization on their borders leaving what resembles small “cookie cutter” like serrations.

6. Other reported mutilations include decapitation, bifurcation of the torso with all internal organs removed, small portals bored through the skull from which the brains have been removed, and in the case of seal and porpoises, deep corkscrew lacerations running along the entire length of their bodies.

7. Secondary injuries resulting in broken limbs and ribs suggest that mutilated animals have been dropped from a high above where they are found.

8. Independent finding of the carcasses of other animals like deer, elk and other animals found atop of telephone poles or entangled in power lines support the notion that they were deposited there from above.

Explanations of the mutilation phenomenon have largely fallen into four major categories; natural predation, satanic or other cult-like ceremonies, covert human experimentation, or the product of UFO related activity.

Thus far, persistent reports of UFOs and strange nocturnal lights in the vicinity of mutilation activity remain the only consistent clue as to the causation of these mutilations. Their ubiquitous presence throughout the world lends credence to the notion that the mutilations are directly linked extraterrestrial activity. However, more recent observation of dark, unmarked helicopters would suggest some degree of covert military involvement in the phenomenon.

Factors Impeding Serious Investigation

As has been previously stated, local law enforcement has made numerous efforts to investigate cattle mutilations. The willful killing and mutilation of another person’s livestock is an offense punishable by law. Yet, despite their best efforts and the support of ranchers, concerned veterinarians, and a number of serious investigators, these mutilations have remained largely ignored by higher state and federal agencies. Surprisingly, even the scientific community has abstained from serious inquiry.

Obstruction by Law Enforcement

In his TV documentary Silent Killers [10], Richard D. Hall carefully examines what appears to be official stonewalling of the issue. He concludes that there has been a deliberate effort in the United Kingdom to discourage efforts to solve these crimes, even by the agencies charged with their investigation. He also suggests that implication goes further. His documentary goes so far as to imply that in some cases sheep herders who report animal mutilations are harassed by investigating officials and rarely are the result of their investigations reported back to those who initiated them. In Mr. Hall’s estimate, even the official British media is involved in deliberately ridiculing or discrediting mutilation reports.

A similar situation is found in the United States. Linda Moulton Howe, the investigative reporter who first brought the matter of animal mutilations to public attention, has also repeated expressed frustration in efforts to impress the seriousness on the matter to state and government officials. Her website (www.earthfiles.com) has enumerated mutilation cases for years without being able to arouse any official concern. One would think that the financial losses associated with cattle mutilations alone would be sufficient to provoke some official response to the plight of U.S. ranchers. As if to swat a fly, in May 1979, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was granted $44,000 dollars to conduct an official investigation of animal mutilations. Their final report concluded that mutilations were predominantly the result of natural predation and were unable to identify any individual(s) responsible for these activities. Prior to the FBI involvement, the ATF conducted its own investigation. However, their study was limited to a single cause and was also unable to determine the cause of the phenomenon.

Sinister Implications

Needless to say, these somewhat superficial investigations have done little to allay the concern of cattle ranchers. The impression was left among them that either the Government is seriously inept, or they are cognizant of the matter but have chosen to restrict it from further scrutiny. The first explanation is certainly arguable, though many suspect that the later is more plausible.

The question arises, why would that be so? One possible answer is that if aliens are indeed the agents of animal mutilations, it’s seriously doubtful that any national government could stop them. Therefore, those responsible for formulating an official response to the phenomenon may have simply chosen to ignore the matter in order to deflect it from further consideration.

Somewhere in the shadows lurks an even more sinister possibility. Assuming that certain covert branches of government within the U.S. and U.K. already know that animal mutilations are caused by aliens, some agreement may already have been covertly made with these aliens allowing them to mutilate livestock so long as they refrain from mutilating humans. I grant you this scenario his highly speculative but it should not be entirely dismissed.

Certain aliens, but not all, may indeed occasionally mutilate humans. At present there is only sparse evidence that this has occurred. One notable exception is the 1988 human mutilation near Guarapiranga, Brazil. [11] This case presents documented photographic evidence of a human cadaver showing mutilations similar to those found in cattle. Even more gruesome, the autopsy report concludes these mutilations occurred while the victim was still alive, and were the cause of his actual death. A later investigation concluded that the man died from natural causes, but was never able to address the photographic evidence to the contrary. [12]

Fortunately such cases appear to be extremely rare. However, if covert government agencies are systematically “cleaning up” evidence of such crimes, the public may have a real dilemma at hand. In that case, not only are aliens abducting humans as has been widely reported for years, some of their kind of may also be mutilating us as well. Should this ever be proven true, it would prove particularly distasteful to learn that knowledge of such crimes was kept from public awareness.

Hopefully the alarming possibilities mentioned above are all illusory. I have no knowledge whatsoever about the motives of either the aliens or our own Government with regards to animal mutilations. I only seek to express logical possibilities that may explain the Government’s inattentiveness to what certainly is a matter of global significance.


Having examined some well established facts; it is now time to assemble them in a significant manner. What follows is reasoned conjecture about how that can be done. These conjectures can be tested and if found wanting, be reconfigured in an alternative manner. The important thing is that the facts declared above be explained in a satisfactory way. 

The ubiquitous nature of animal mutilations and their long duration suggests that considerable thought, time and effort has been invested into the endeavor. They certainly are not random events based in natural predation or by the ad hoc intervention of humans. This leads to one of two plausible causal agencies; globally coordinated human interventions or sentient non-terrestrial activities.

Because so many reports have been made of UFOs and/or mysterious lights in the vicinity of animal mutilation sites, and because of the degree of technological sophistication evident in the mutilations, parsimony would favor the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Therefore, this discussion will continue assuming that aliens are responsible.

It’s immediately evident that domesticated grazing and foraging animals such as cattle, horses, sheep and goats constitute the largest category of mutilated animals. This observation must represent something of significance. The perpetrators of mutilation activities must be targeting these animals for some important consideration.


Aliens as the Perpetrators

A logical deduction would be that aliens are mutilating grazing animals in order to harvest their organs for some purpose. At present, little can be done with this motive. A more familiar explanation is that they are studying some aspect of the food these animals ingest. And consequently, because humans consume these animals in turn, the factor may be something of significance to do with the food chain.

Whatever the reason, these mutilations are being carried out covertly to avoid attracting attention to their activities. Yet the aliens show no hesitation in returning the mutilated carcasses to where they were first taken. Why not simply destroy the remains without leaving any clue as to the animals’ disappearance?

A great deal of sophistication is evident during the extraction process. Most ranchers remain totally unaware of any missing animals until their mutilated bodies are found. Targeted animals must somehow be lifted from their initial locations into a craft where they are mutilated then redeposited at, or near the original extraction site. This entire operation must also take place at night without causing havoc in the remaining herd. Immobilizing and hoisting an animal that weighs a ton or more without causing any disturbance is a particularly daunting task. 

Some reported UFO accounts note that a beam of light or kind of antigravity device is used to float abductees into the craft. Assuming these reports are valid, perhaps the target animals are similarly extracted then eviscerated with great speed and efficiency within the craft while it hovers over the capture site. Thereafter the unused remains are simply dumped at the initial location. However, this explanation does not account for why the mutilated remains are later discarded instead of being destroyed.

To account for the condition of the recovered carcasses, the captured animal must be drained of blood prior to having their internal organs eviscerated. Then it would seem that some kind of laser-like device is used to create portals into the animals’ body from which various organs are extracted. While the exact method of extracting soft tissue remains unknown, some kind of device must inserted through the portals to first liquefy the internal organs to the point where they can be suctioned out. This method would be consistent with a biopsy observation noted by a police officer during an necropsy; namely that the heart and liver in a mutilated animal had the consistency of soft peanut butter. [13]

Lastly, there is the matter of animal selection for capture. I would address this question by asking, “Why do humans tag animals?” Obviously the answer is to electronically pinpoint their physical location for a variety of purposes.

Let us suppose that prior to a bovine’s actual mutilation, a device is somehow implanted in the targeted animals. Of course this device would be far more sophisticated than our own. Perhaps it would even be able to monitor internal metabolic conditions in the animal then act as a trigger when conditions are prime for retrieval. The same device could also serve to locate a particular animal within its herd and immobilize it for capture. That could account for the absence of any tracks, signs of struggle, or visible blood when a mutilated animal is later found. Of course this explanation is highly unorthodox but then so is the phenomenon we are trying to explain.


The Prion Hypothesis

It’s now time to address the question of why these activities are being carried out in the first place. Why are domesticated and various wild animals being so horrifically mutilated? The problem is that we simply don’t know.

In an attempt to answer this question, the organs most commonly missing from mutilated cattle namely; the blood, eye, ear, tongue, jaw tissue, brain, testis, ovaries, as well as the digestive, pulmonary and circulatory organs were compared to organs used to test for various known toxins and teratogens. This is a long, complex and time consuming endeavor which even at this time remains incomplete. However, something of great interest was discovered. The organs taken from mutilated animals are very similar if not identical to soft tissue used to detect the presence of “prions” in various mammals.

What are prions? According to Ananya Mandal, MD at News-Medical.net http://www.news-medical.net/health/What-is-a-Prion.aspx/

“A prion is a small infectious particle composed of abnormally folded protein that causes progressive neurodegenerative conditions. These mis-folded proteins do not multiply in the host organism that they infect. Instead they affect the brain structure by acting as a template, inducing proteins with normal folding to convert to the abnormal prion form.”

“These newly formed mis-folded proteins, in turn, act as further templates for the conversion of more normal proteins. There is therefore an exponential accumulation of the prions in the tissue of the central nervous system.”


“Mad Cow Disease”  or Creutzfeldt - Jakob Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease

So prions are unevenly folded proteins that have debilitating long term effects on the brain tissue of organisms that ingest them. They have been associated with “Mad Cow Disease” in bovines and Creutzfeldt - Jakob Disease in humans. In 2009 an unexpected link was discovered between infectious prions and Alzheimer’s Disease. [14] Since it is estimated that Alzheimer’s disease affects more than 20 million people worldwide, the significance of this link is of great importance to the population at large.

Coincidently, our awareness of prions also dates back to the early 60s, just prior to the first reported mutilation of Lady. Aliens with presumably a far more advanced technology must surely be aware of the existence of prions and their potential implications for humankind’s health. However, except for health officials and those who define and regulate health policies, very little is known by the public of the implications of prion related diseases. So it’s entirely possible that aliens where somehow aware of a sudden rise the background rate of prions.

The first notable consequence of Mad Cow Disease or specifically bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) occurred in Great Britain back in 1986 and peaked between 1992 and 1993. At that time sampling indicated that only three of every 1,000 cows were infected, however, the epidemiological and financial considerations of the disease were considerable. In response to rapidly growing health consequences to the general population, British health authorities destroyed millions of cattle. [15]

Despite these drastic measures the European Union and a number of other countries banned the import of British beef. Then in May 1995 the first recorded human death linked to Mad Cow Disease occurred in England. His name was Stephen Churchill, he was 19 years of age, and died from an illness that looked like Creutzfeldt - Jakob disease (CJD), a disease that usually strikes those over 55. Later two other similar deaths were recorded in Britain that year. When scientists examined the brains of these patients, they found unusual spongiform symptoms.


Force-feeding Vegetarian Grazers Diseased Animal Brains

In May 2003, Canadian health officials reported their first case of Mad Cow Disease. By then it was readily evident that tainted meat had been eaten by humans. It is now recognized that cattle [vegetarians] get the disease from eating commercial feed that includes bone and brain from other animals including other bovines. Grazers, such as cattle, horses, sheep and a number of other domestic animals have recently been provided with feed that contains the ground-up parts of other animals in order to increase their protein intake. In turn this feed carries with it the risk of spreading the disease to humans who consume meat and dairy products from these animals.

While the primary method of prion infection in animals is through ingestion, current research suggests that prions are be also deposited in the environment through urine, saliva, feces and other body fluids. Even the remains of affected dead animals buried in the soil may harbor prions that linger by binding to clay and other minerals in the surrounding area. [16]

Stanley Prusiner, a Nobel Prize Laureate at the University of California, has recently uncovered evidence to suggest that manure rich cattle fields, as well as watering holes in these fields, could hasten to spread prion related diseases. Furthermore, any water reservoirs frequented by cattle could also spread prion diseases through irrigation of nearby fields and by leakage into subterranean reservoirs. [17]

To make matters even worse prions are nearly indestructible. One study found that even exposing prions to temperatures of 134 °C (274 °F) for 18 minutes in a pressurized steam autoclave was not enough to destroy active prions. [18] Consequently, even the incineration of contaminated livestock may not be enough to eradicate the prions within their bodies.

Once an animal is infected with some form of prion disease, the incubation period is relatively long (5 to 20 years) depending on the species. However, “once symptoms appear the disease progresses rapidly, leading to brain damage and death. Neurodegenerative symptoms can include convulsions, dementia, ataxia (balance and coordination dysfunction), and behavioural or personality changes.” [19] However, all known prion diseases, collectively called transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs), are at present untreatable and fatal.

TSE’s: A Valid Hypothesis

If we accept the implication that TSEs are a serious and growing menace to an ever growing global population, it is likely this knowledge is understood by aliens as well. The Prion Hypothesis suggests that aliens are mutilating cattle in order to monitor the spread of prion related diseases in animal life throughout the world. If this hypothesis holds true, we may soon be learning that sea creatures like seals and dolphins throughout have also been found to be contaminated with TSEs.

This Hypothesis has a corollary. Given the potential threat of prion related TSEs to the world’s human population, various scenarios and their consequences must already have been carefully reviewed by high ranking authorities. If so, the presence of dark, unmarked helicopters near mutilation sites could signify that covert government agencies are actively involved in similar prion monitoring. Perhaps it is even possible that such agencies are taking clues as to the possible spread of TSEs by following up on alien mutilation activity.

Assuming that aliens are indeed real and that they are in fact already interacting with humanity; it seems entirely possible that animal mutilations are their means of monitoring our demise as well as that of a wide range of other life forms.


Evidence confirming the existence of unexplainable animal mutilations is ubiquitous and robust. Conventional explanations have failed to account for their global prevalence, the methodological precision of the mutilations, and of a lack of blood and missing organs uncovered during necropsies. This situation is exacerbated by a notable lack of urgency shown by national governments toward the assaults. What remains is circumstantial evidence that the mutilations are extraterrestrial in origin. Though unorthodox, this hypothesis remains the most viable explanation for the cause of these events.

While we remain unsure of the reason why mutilations are taking place, there is compelling evidence to suggest they are UFO related. Conventional explanations such as natural predation, human intervention in the form of satanic cults or black ops programs have all failed to account for the bizarre nature of reported findings. All the while, reports of UFO activity at mutilations sites persist around the world.

Assuming the alien hypothesis is correct, it would be reasonable to assume that animal mutilations served a purpose in the alien agenda. The Prion Hypothesis suggests that they are monitoring the slow spread of prion related diseases throughout the world; an event with severe implications not only for humans but also for the entire planetary food chain. It would certainly imply a biological degradation that has been ongoing for the past several decades.

The Prion Hypothesis advances a number of serious considerations.

(1) Aliens are in fact here and the cause of animal mutilations.

(2) Aliens are actively monitoring the spread of prion related diseases throughout the globe.

(3) Knowledge of the seriousness of these diseases are known to national authorities and they are intentionally hindering any investigation of the mutilation phenomenon for reasons of containment.

(4) There is a link between UFO activity and the presence of dark, unmarked helicopters at mutilation sites.

To dismiss this Hypothesis because of its unorthodox nature would be ill advised. It contains testable inferences which could help resolve the animal mutilation phenomenon. What really matters is not whether the Hypothesis is correct or not. What’s important is that the entire matter be seriously investigated by the best means possible and that resulting findings be freely disseminated.

It is imperative at this juncture that individuals of conscience do their utmost to accurately report events taking place around us, even if these events are not congruent with our current concepts of reality. Something is going on that cannot be explained. We know that it’s real despite declarations to the contrary by many respected authorities. All we can do is remain faithful to what we see, hear, and experience without being influenced by the disfavor of those who continually challenge our integrity.

© 2013, 2014 by Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved. Republished with Permission from UFO Digest and Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D.

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The Prion Theory has Precedent

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Mysterious Deaths of Microbiologists (Mentioned in above interview)



HybridsRising.com: Richard-Bonenfant-Prions-Animal-Mutilation.jpg[1] Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D. is a retired research scientist formerly affiliated with the New York State Department of Health where he specialized in the environmental epidemiology of congenital birth defects. He has also been involved in research and publication of long term aftereffects resulting from Near-Death Experiences. In addition to his medical experience, Dr. Bonenfant has served as an adjunct professor at Siena College in Loudonville, NY and more recently with the Department of Psychiatry at the Malcom Randall VA Medical Center in Gainesville, FL. Over the past few years he has authored three books of fiction which are now available through Amazon and currently serves on the board of directors of two regional hospitals near Tampa, FL. Dr. Bonenfant’s books are works of “Faction,” i.e., they are Novels Based in Fact.  http://www.rbbookends.com/

[2] Linda Moulton Howe is a freelance investigative reporter affiliated with Clear Channel’s Premiere Radio Networks Coast to Coast AM who has produced dozens of TV documentaries including A Strange Harvest which examines the worldwide animal mutilation phenomenon. After graduating from Stanford University, Palo Alto, California with a masters degree in Communication is she went on to produce more than a hundred live TV studio programs concerning science, environment and medicine. She also created the award-winning science, environment, and X-files website Earthfiles.com. Her published books include An Alien Harvest © 1989; Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol. I: Facts & Eyewitnesses © 1993; Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol. II: High Strangeness © 1998; Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles 2nd Edition © 2002.

[3] Linda Moulton Howe, © 2013 by “Hearing Disclosure: Anomalies of Animal Mutilation Excisions,” @ http://www.earthfiles.com/.

[4] John Henry Altshuler, M. D., a doctor of pathology and hematology, who studied at McGill University, was working as a pathologist at Rose Medical Center in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Altshuler’s discoveries remained completely private until he talked to Linda Moulton Howe on the record for the first time for her 1989 book, An Alien Harvest because he did not want to jeopardize his medical career by reporting the “impossible facts” about the mutilated horse’s condition. Dr. Altshuler died in January 2004 after complications from a bicycle accident.

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[7]Linda Moulton Howe, © 2013 - ibid.

[8] Richard D. Hall is a graduate in electrical engineering from Newcastle University (1990). He initially worked on engineering projects for NEI (formerly Rolls Royce) until 2002 when he left the Company to pursue work as a freelance IT consultant and web designer. His book Aliens Before Gentlemen: A Guide to the Future, explores what information might become common knowledge in a post (UFO) disclosure world. He now is a researcher and lecturer on the subject of UFOs and other related phenomena. In 2008 he established the website www.richplanet.net and has since produce two documentaries (Seeing Through the PsyOps and The Information War) as well as series of TV programs about UFOs and Animal Mutilations.

[9] Linda Moulton Howe, © 2013 - ibid.

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[13] In one case documented by New Mexico police and the FBI, an 11 month old cross Hereford-Charolais bull, belonging to a Mr. Manuel Gomez of Dulce, New Mexico, was found mutilated on March 24, 1978. It displayed “classic” mutilation signs, including the removal of the rectum and sex organs with what appeared to be “a sharp and precise instrument” and its internal organs were found to be inconsistent with a normal case of death followed by predation. “Both the liver and the heart were white and mushy. Both organs had the texture and consistency of peanut butter” Gabriel L Veldez, New Mexico Police

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