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Project Oval: A Black Ops

By “Dale

We have the opportunity to publish information from an apparent abductee-milab who recently shared a somewhat disturbing account with the HR Team. The event occurred six years ago in 2009 and involves a programme called Project Oval. Other variants of this project’s title we’ve heard about are called “Project Ovella” and “Project Novella.” We will refer to this person as “Dale.” We feel this account will be best relayed in “Dale’s” own words so we will quote this individual directly:

“I was taken to a place without any shrubs or trees. It was a barren, rocky place. I was handed a small object with an oval symbol on it. There was a line above it and a line below it and the oval had luminosity. The man who showed it to me was known to me and was at the time, active [military].

“When I saw the symbol, I knew it symbolized the eerie deep black ops that are going on here on our planet. When I looked up from the small panel object [control pad?] with the symbol I was holding in my hand, I watched as a giant slab of earth moved to one side. It must have weighed tons! It moved smoothly as though a hydraulic lift was sliding a huge chunk of the rocky ground over another and what was even more amazing is it didn’t make much sound. That’s when I saw the underground entrance. Underneath the world we see is an entire other place underground, right here on our own [redacted] planet!”

“I wondered if this was a literal place or a second layer of information concerning some sort of black op. I had a super strong feeling that I was what the Project Oval group refers to as a ‘civilian soldier.’ This is where my familiar military friend comes in again since he’s active military. I felt some doubt about him for a moment, about his true identity, but whoever he was, we were on somewhat amicable terms and he was, or is really in the military.”

“I’ll admit there is a lapse in my memory at this point because as the unveiling of the second layer of this ‘Project Oval’ occurred, I was inside and began taking orders from another soldier. Now that I know for certain, we, the ‘civilian soldiers,’ were being treated like second class citizens. There were other people inside the second layer of Project Oval. I’m certain of it.”

“They made threats to us; the ‘civi-soldiers’ is what they call us. We were told we’re ‘inferior.’ It was obvious at the get go the ones in control of this place enjoyed mentally tormenting us. We were told that people in the Project Oval facility ‘disappeared regularly.’ That people were ‘killed and disappeared all the time.’ Those guys down there thrive on psychologically harassing people. I have to say, while there, I felt a distinct military and ET presence although they all looked human as far as I could tell. No doubt about that…they were both present…. I don’t know what’s going to happen by my telling you this, but I’ve been sitting on this long enough and I’ve got to get it off my chest.” © 2015

“Dale” is a pseudonym. This individual is known to the HR Team.


A Slice of Time: How Humanity Ended up on the Wrong Side of Reality, details other once secret projects and the history of the UFO Cover-up, i.e., Truth Embargo.


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