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Shared Consciousness with a Mantid?

By “Angie” and Hybrids Rising

Three Mantid Extraterrestrials

I wish to thank the people at Hybrids Rising for allowing me share the following encounter I recently had with a group called the Mantids. I am only doing so in order to help others, not to frighten people. And, if I have misinterpreted what happened to me, then my apologies go to both the reader and the Mantid people.

I’ve seen Mantids with white skin, black skin and gray skin, and the ones I recently saw had gray skin. Their eyes were large and black with a rather large, quite pale golden iris within them. I believe this to be the true composition of their eyes.

I initially realized I was with 80 to 100 other people who I assumed were other human beings. We stood in single file in a daze, except that I and another person were supposed to be telling the others that “this was going to be a great thing” and “this is the most exciting thing you can participate in….” and “it’s going to be the greatest adventure you’ve ever been on…”

However, while I and, well, possibly many others now that I think of it, were telling the other people around us this, I came to the realization these phrases or messages were being beamed into our consciousness so it’s possible everyone was hearing the Mantids; I suppose it was their “group consciousness” that was putting these beliefs into all of our minds simultaneously. If not a group consciousness, then they were using some form of technology. How ever it was done, it was forceful and it was nearly impossible to block it out.

We were in a very dark area and as everyone was lined up, smaller groups of people were taken away via some type of conveyor device. We first moved downward and then vertically into the vast darkness of wherever we were. Then smaller groups of people were put into smaller holding areas. These rooms were about 30 to 40 feet wide and at least one of the walls was curved. Again, people were lined up in single file waiting for “their turn to experience the greatest adventure mankind could take.”

What happened next was the most frightening thing I’ve seen in years: A man who was standing in the front of the line was either taken, perhaps floated very quickly across the room; that or he ran toward the curved wall where at least two Mantids stood just behind or within the curved portion of the wall. There was very dim lighting just around the Mantids as if they wanted us to see them.

Instantaneously, there was a third Mantid with them – either that or this third Mantid was always there so there may have been three Mantids initially. For an instant, I could see the man’s face through the pale golden irises of the third Mantid. The look on the man’s face was one of shock and pure fear, as if he were looking back at me just at the moment of his “death” and he knew he would never make it back. Then, it all ended and he became one or part of the third Mantid. This happened very quickly and as soon as I saw this, I came out from under their mental control and I began running away and screaming to everyone around me:

“Whatever you do – don’t go with them! When they come, don’t go with them! Don’t go with them!”

I screamed this out loud over and over again as I ran away to warn the others because I knew there would come a day in our future when they would come in greater numbers and we would be deluded into believing they would “take us away on their ships to a better place.” But, what I witnessed there was quite different. They used their mental abilities or technology to convince at least 100 of us – perhaps even more – that we were going on a “wonderful, great journey” and were going to do something “wondrous for mankind.”

I managed to escape the dark room and when I exited, I realized I was inside a structure that resembled a hospital. The colors were white and brushed stainless steel. While I ran, I could feel my bare feet on the floor and I realized I was barefoot. I was wearing someone else’s bathrobe – a soft fuzzy fabric that was light blue in color. It wasn’t mine as I don’t own a blue robe.

I passed a white counter station and a nurse or a woman dressed in a nurse’s uniform walked by me as I continued to run. I saw a door that was brushed stainless with a square area cut into it that had a recessed handle that pulled upward. I took it to be the door handle or the lock to the door. Because I didn’t know how to use it I turned and ran in a different direction and found myself outside. Again it was dark, but there was just enough light to find my way around.

I continued to run and passed by someone else who was heading toward the structure and I told myself that I couldn’t be seen running around outside at night in a bathrobe so I headed toward a field. It looked as though there was straw in it, but it was soft and didn’t hurt my feet as I expected it would. I saw three other figures in the field and headed away from them, but was prohibited from escaping by another Mantid.

Tissue Explodes Outward

My next memory was of lying on my left side and holding up my right arm a bit. I was showing it to a female Mantid because it hurt and there was a wound on it. Somehow I could sense the Mantid was a female although there was nothing overtly apparent to indicate sex. The wound was near my right hand and wrist area and it appeared as though a small object about twice the size of a BB had “exploded” outward out of my body, because my skin and tissue were protruding outward.

The female Mantid looked at it and I could see it begin to heal – or perhaps she did something to it to make the wound cauterize. I never actually saw blood, just skin, tissue and a bit of bone. Then she handed me a stuffed animal to hold and gently pushed me downward back on my left side and I lost consciousness. It felt as if a minute or two passed, and I awakened and again, I held up my right arm to show her the wound. It appeared to have healed even more. She looked at it, and then again, she handed me the stuffed animal to hold and I went back to sleep. (The stuffed animal looked like a long haired dachshund that was black, brown and white – clearly a human child’s toy.) She apparently wanted to comfort me somehow, but there was no emotion; no feeling from her.


I awakened with a headache and fought back tears most of the day. I couldn’t stop thinking about the man they took. It was as if we were all forced to believe we were really going to take a magnificent trip with them to a better place – the ultimate journey of exploration and knowledge. Then to discover it wasn’t like that at all – the deception was nearly unbearable. The man was either duped into going or was taken by force – in either case, he became part of the Mantid being. He was “inside” the third Mantid being and to see his face, and his expression of fear and helplessness behind the eyes of the third Mantid was something that is indescribable – impossible to put into words.

How does one comprehend what happened to him? Is he lost forever? Did they take his soul and his body? Was he absorbed into or by the third Mantid or was he physically transformed into the third Mantid? I will never know for certain, but what I saw and the feelings this has left me experiencing tell me this man is gone or at least changed forever. I don’t think he was able to come back or was allowed to return. I don’t even know if he exists as a human any longer, if he is alive at all.

I wonder how many white men with brown hair disappeared last night [mid-September 2015] never to return? …Disappeared out of thin air, for all his family knows?

I am left feeling that when and if they come, make your own decision and don’t let them manipulate you. The greatest, most exciting journey – the great escape from Earth to a better place – may actually have the effect of making you someone else entirely – or perhaps even someone else’s… “meal” ? The man I saw “within” the Mantid appeared to have been transformed or perhaps consumed. Or, perhaps it is how a “shared consciousness” actually appears, if there is such a thing.

On the other hand, what I witnessed might have been this man willingly “joining” with them. If that was the case, then it might mean he was sharing his consciousness with an alien, for lack of a better term. No matter what this truly was, it must have been a frightening experience for the man because of the look of fear and helplessness I saw on his face. Again, my thanks go to the folks at Hybrids Rising for letting me share this experience.


Important Follow Up Findings


An HR Team member followed up with “Angie” because we had a few questions relating to her Mantid encounter. We learned that despite the trauma from the wound she saw on her hand, the following day she saw no physical signs of the wound and experienced no pain in her arm. However, she did suffer severe muscle fatigue throughout her body and had difficulty walking for at least one entire week. She also experienced headaches over the subsequent week. “Angie” also appears to still be having difficulty emotionally integrating what she witnessed occurring to the man who appeared to have been joined or taken by some type of technological or soul essence “consumption” device.

This is not the first occasion that the HR Team has come across encounters during which a “shared consciousness” has occurred. A similar phenomenon – probably the same in our opinion – or perhaps the latest fad in terminology – is being referred to as “Embedded Beings” whereby an Extraterrestrial places their consciousness into a human and apparently inhabits the same body as that human being in order to “learn.” This, as far as we are concerned, is the same as a shared consciousness encounter.

Some researchers and many in the Experiencer / Contactee community seem to believe these events are all positive or “mind expanding,” but we can see quite obviously that this is not always the case. “Angie’s” encounter was not “mind expanding” or “positive,” neither for her nor apparently for the man who was taken by the third Mantid.


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This Ends

Shared Consciousness with a Mantid?

© 2015

By “Angie” and Hybrids Rising


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