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It was in December of 1993 that I found myself in the corner of my 3-1/2 year old daughter’s bedroom. I could hear voices in the room. I was then up at the ceiling thinking there were no holes big enough to allow my body through. The next thing I was aware of was an argument going on as to whether I should be there at all. One group was very much against it and the other was in favor. Anyway, the group in favor won out and they gave me the impression that they were not pleased with this other group and warned me about them. There was some talk about children, but I don’t remember what it was.

I was then standing and looking straight ahead at a horizon. In the distance I saw a squared off object that looked like a table and I started to make a move towards it and was immediately overcome with the feeling that I was to stay put.

Space Time Continuum - The Way Home

I looked to my left and saw the shapeless form. The first impression of this form was that it was a photographic negative and then it seemed like it was mercury. I looked at it and as soon as I tried to make a face out of it a face would start to take shape. Whatever form I would think of it would start to take on that shape.

It was time for me to go. I turned around and sensed my body elevate. I was on my stomach and felt myself start to move head-first. I became frightened and I heard a voice say,

“This is what you want to know.”

It was stated in a way that made me feel accountable or responsible for this experience. I started to pick up speed and I forced myself to open my eyes and there was nothing. Just a void; no light, no dark ˗ just nothing. I felt like I was falling and spinning. There was no up or down, but I was going in a specific direction. I knew I was going back home. I felt like I was passing through layers and each layer had a particular physical feeling as well as a scent. The smells were quite intense and I was unable to recognize any of them except two; one was plastic and the other was an electrical discharge smell.

The voice was saying that I was traveling through time and space. I was thinking that each time must have it’s own smell. I became concerned that I was going to end up in a different time than the one I left, but the voice said my reality was a physical one, that we viewed time-space-light purely in a physical sense. There is another side to these elements with completely unique properties that we are unaware of. There is a set of conscious energy/spiritual laws that puts “reality” into motion and our laws of physics are an extension of that. Our physical bodies are a creative expression of this conscious energy. Time, Space and Light are real living things.

I start to feel my whole being accelerate. I can hear a hum. I’m going faster ˗ I know I’m going back to my body, but it’s taking longer than I feel comfortable with. Then I hear the voice saying over and over again,


I’m moving faster and faster and then wham, I’m back in my body totally conscious and aware, but my body is still asleep. I can feel myself mumbling,



ET Blue Light Surrounding Child Sleeping

Then my husband is touching my face and arms. I wake up and tell him what happened. I checked on the kids and my daughter was laying on her side wide-awake and she said,

“Do you see it? Do you see it? The blue light. Everywhere I look, the blue light is there. It’s coming out of my eyes like a light - just like magic.”


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