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Associated Extraterrestrial Images

Triangle UFO Alien Abduction


Experiencer Witnesses Mass Abduction
Identifies Details of Triangle Craft Belonging to Tall Greys


Draco Reptilian ET

Reptilian, Dracos and Amphibians




Blue Rose Starmap in Space

A Rose By Any Other Name

“You may be surprised to learn there are a total of six star map interpretations based on Betty Hill’s original drawing of the map shown to her by an alien she referred to as ‘the leader’ during her and her husband Barney’s abduction. All six maps are listed in the associated article [click on the rose image] in their order of discovery and are followed by a brief description.”




Blue Light Alien Abduction

Blue Light Surrounding Sleeping Child





Space Time Event

Space Time Quantonium




Grey Alien ETs "The Plea"

A Childhood Life Changing Experience





Three Mantis Extraterrestrials

Shared Consciousness or Stolen Consciousness?





ET Entering Spacial Vortex

Mantis Extraterrestrial Entering Vortex





ET Human Hybrid Garden

Human Hybrid Merging





Blue ET Aquatic Aura

Blue ET with an “Aquatic Aura”





Blue Extraterrestrial Hybrid

Hybrid with Blue and White Shimmering Skin




Dracos Extraterrestrial

Dracos Extraterrestrial




Reptilian Eye of Extraterrestrial Origin

Eye of Reptilian Being




Amphibian Extraterrestrial Being

Amphibian Being inside Craft of Reptilians




Wrinkeld Humanoid ET Alien

ET Doctor Using Camouflage To Make Him Appear More Human




Printed vehicle "UFO" from Earth's Soil

ET Technology Creating a Craft from Earth’s Soil




ET Alien Propulsion System

ET Propulsion System




Edgar Mitchell Astronaut

Astronaut Edgar Dean Mitchell




UFO Seen by Children in Africa ET Craft Seen by Children in Africa

ET Contact in Africa




General Wilfred De Brouwer

General Wilfred De Brouwer
The Belgium Triangle UFO Wave

Belgium 1989 Triangle UFO Wave


The Same Year, an image of a Grey is Published

in a non-UFO Publication


Tan Grey Extraterrestrial 1989

Many of the Tall Greys have light Tan Skin and are referred to as Tans, but since their physical appearance and other attributes are so similar, it is believed they are the same species and, as with Humans, merely have different skin tones. This image was published in 1989 in an Amoco Oil advertisement in Aviation Week and Space Technology. The page the magazine chose to publish their ad on was page 51, an obvious play on the not-so-secret base with the same name, i.e., Area 51. You will find the events that were occurring during the years immediately preceding and following this ad’s publication to be of interest.




Shielded Being during UFO Wave


Two Beings Encountered in Close Proximity During UFO Wave


Shielded ET Being Gulf Breeze UFO Wave




Grey Without Consent ET

Going Public With Your Close Encounters



ETs seen Stephenville, Texas UFO

Extraterrestrials Seen On Board ET Craft During Stephenville, Texas UFO Flap




A USMC Vets UFO Images A USMC Vets Triangular UFO Sighting USMC Vets UFO Sightings

Types of ET Craft Witnessed by Marine Corps Veteran TC




Blue ET Alien in Canada

ET Contact that occurred 55 miles northwest of Montreal, Quebec, Canada




Weeping Child Clown

The Weeping Human Child Clown


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