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Parts One & Two


Ancient Cave Art Depicting ExtraterrestrialsFrom historical records, art and ancient texts, it would appear that Extraterrestrials and Advanced Intelligences have been coming to Earth for thousands of years. [1] This may be explained by their ability to time travel and “manage” certain time events. HR Team members have witnessed “time management” of specific events on our world and it involves both Extraterrestrials and specific Humans, perhaps what some refer to as “alien” Humans. In addition to time management events, some of the beings are believed to have incredibly long life spans, upwards of three to four hundred years. [2] Having the technological ability to time travel, “planet hop,” and utilize specific types of space, vortexes, dimensional dualities, coupled with having an exceedingly long lifespan and other biological advances, both genetic and technologic, might potentially solve the riddle as to why our ancestors saw these beings and their craft in our skies thousands of years ago. Ancient texts and art in many forms and from cultures all across our planet depict the Extraterrestrial presence penetrating deep into our Human past. [3]

Many people, especially the sceptics have asked: How can there can be a clear daylight sighting over a populated area with only one or a handful of witnesses? We believe this is because these observers are almost always Abductee-Experiencers or people who were in close proximity to them and were merely in the wrong or right (?) place at the time. As stated, the beings we are dealing with are extremely technologically advanced as compared to Humans and this allows them to succeed in keeping their activities secret since they can carry out their activities under a cloak of near invisibility. When a craft is observed, it is almost always because they allow it, but it is for the Abductee-Experiencer; we suspect they choose who sees them and who does not. If they are not completely in control of this aspect of their presence here, the HR Team believes this “selective witnessing” is accomplished via implanted neural technology in the synaptic pathways of Abductee-Experiencers; or even more likely, this ability is present due to a Transgene affecting the level of cognitive awareness Abductee-Experiencers possess in their genetic makeup, which we will elaborate on further in this document. [4]

Method of Operation

A general pattern of the modern day abduction phenomenon was first explored and described by Dr. Thomas E. Bullard; the first civilian academic to do so. He outlined a typical series of events or stages that are almost always reported by Experiencers. The stages include: (1) Capture (2) Examination (3) Conference (4) Tour [of the ship] (5) Otherworldly Journey (6) Theophany [appearance of a deity] (7) Return, and (8) Aftermath. [5]

A second and more detailed description of what occurs while in the presence of certain beings has since been outlined by Dr. David Jacobs of ICAR: The International Center for Abduction Research. It includes the following basic steps. After the subject is abducted there is: (1) The removal of clothes (2) The Examination (3) Mindscan or a deep telepathic probing of the abductee by the aliens (4) Egg and Sperm Harvesting (normally through mechanical means) (5) Foetal Implant and/or Extraction (6) Being shown the incubatorium where many foetuses (fetuses) are contained within liquid filled devices (7) The presentation of Hybrid Infants and Hybrid Children (8) Adult Hybrids and Personal Project Hybrids (9) Neurological Procedures, (10) Envisioning and Imaging (11) Staging and Charade “acting out” (12) Testing and Training (13) Miscellaneous, including being told, “You will know what to do when the time comes.” We encourage you to visit Dr. Jacob’s website to view the illustrations and more details associated with each event and to read his own research findings. [6]

Modern Era of Abductions

The HR Team believes the past 70 years mark what is referred to as the Modern Era of Abductions. During much of that time, many of the beings, who are telepathic and experts at “memory management,” erased Abductee-Experiencers’ memories and successfully implanted cover or screen memories, i.e., events that did not actually occur. As a general rule: screen memories are imposed by the beings for a variety of reasons including: making the Experiencer comply with their wishes; to protect the Experiencer psychologically or to calm the Experiencer; to divert their attention, or to simply help them “pass the time” as they wait for a procedure or for whatever other reasons the beings brought them on board their craft or to their apparent base of operations. In a general sense, screen memories and/or “memory management” are used to obfuscate the truth about why the Experiencer was abducted and what was done to them.

Abductee - Experiencer - Keeper

The Keepers by Jim Sparks

After a time and repeated encounters, many Experiencers begin to differentiate between screen memories and their real memories and are able to obtain a more accurate picture of the beings’ activities. In some cases, hypnosis is employed to help the subjects remember, but many Experiencers begin remembering spontaneously on their own. Subsequently, and as years pass, many of these individuals are no longer afraid of the beings and some actually cultivate relationships with them, albeit, somewhat one-sided relationships. These individuals are allowed to have a bit more freedom and are used slightly differently from their Abductee counterparts. They are given tasks to perform. For example, if an Abductee-Experiencer’s professional occupation is a physician or a nurse, they are sometimes used to assist in their professional capacity during the abduction process. Others are used to “keep order” or to perform similar tasks to aid in the abduction process. These practices occur regularly since abductions occur regularly.

Founders of ICAR1 (different from Dr. Jacob’s ICAR) and Abductee-Experiencers themselves, Joe and Linda Montaldo call these types of people Keepers. If this term sounds familiar to some, it is because it is also the title of Jim Spark’s book, The Keepers. Jim Sparks and The Montaldo’s are, for all intents and purposes, where the term originated. [7]

Keepers are Experiencers who have long established relationships with the beings and are not fearful of them. Keepers are telepathically instructed (ofttimes telepathically commanded) to maintain order whilst Humans are on board the beings’ craft and are being “processed” for lack of a better term. This can involve anything from walking their Co-Experiencer to a specific location, keeping people lined up and orderly, and watching over small children who have also been abducted. Occasionally even their pets are brought along with them and it is not unheard of for a cat or a dog to be seen onboard with the Abductee-Experiencer (normally children).

The Telepathic Directive

Black Mantis Extraterrestrial with Alien AbducteeIt’s possible for as many as a hundred or more Abductee-Experiencers to be given a suggestion or directive by the beings thereby making them believe they are really some place they are not. For example, they will not recognise themselves as being on board an ET craft, but rather, simply standing in line at an “airport” or inside their favourite shoppe or “mall” or at a visit to their “doctor.” This is accomplished via Hologram Rooms for large scale abductions. We suspect this is also accomplished via telepathic communication and it is hypothesized to be enhanced by the use of implanted neural technology which is surgically placed and connected to the Contact Experiencers’ neural pathways whilst in the womb or during early childhood. These devices are periodically “updated” and tweaked throughout the lifetime of the Abductee-Experiencer. As mentioned previously, this could also be accomplished through the insertion of a Transgene into the genetic makeup of the Abductee-Experiencer and the ETs’ ability to switch this off in order to more easily control their Human subjects. And similarly, it could be due to the activation-inactivation of what scientists used to refer to as “junk DNA.” Curiously, this “junk DNA” is now theorized to be Extraterrestrial, i.e., “a genetic code of Extraterrestrial origin.” [8]

The telepathic directive is not as effective during the actual procedural part of the abduction. During the procedures, the Abductee-Experiencer is either physically restrained by devices or physically restrained by an unseen paralyzing force which some people describe as numbness. Many times the subjects are put under some type of anesthetization, sometimes by “the mere touch of an alien hand.” This may be telepathically induced, pharmacologically induced or a product of a transgene that is inserted into the Experiencers at birth or a transgene that is already present in the Abductee-Experiencer. The first two techniques have been reported by Abductee-Experiencers with transgenesis being a third possibility.

These happenings occur mostly aboard their craft and likely in a slightly phased-out-of-Human perceptual range. Returning to the telepathic directive; it is powerful and effective and if it is not obeyed, the Keeper is admonished or sometimes threatened and is placed in a more subservient role again, at least for the time being. Keepers have witnessed the majority of those taken acquiescing to the beings’ thoughts with no physical restraints whatsoever because the beings are capable of managing hundreds of Human minds simultaneously. Another tactic the beings use during the abduction process is to put the Abductee-Experiencer through a series of charades where they have to “act out” various roles. These can range from the comical to the tragic and with the latter, they can cause a great deal of duress for the subject. These scenarios have been referred to as charades, theatrics, distractions, nonsensical role playing, mind manipulation, mind control and mind torture, depending on the nature of the imposed ordeal.

Three Main Focal Points to the Alien Agenda

UAP Transgenic Engineering DNAIt is the HR Team’s belief that the three main focal points of the beings who are coming to Earth is as follows:

1. Transgenic Engineering (DNA Harvesting and Manipulation) and Consciousness-Psycho-Sociological Studies.

(a) Transgenic Engineering, DNA Harvesting and Manipulation involves following mitochondrial DNA and detecting specific familial lines for specific types of genes; DNA extraction from ova and sperm, and tissue and blood samples; as well as memory extraction. We are hypothesizing that many, if not all Humans contain what we consider to be Extraterrestrial DNA.

Humans are now growing organs for transplant purposes. One example is the artificial trachea. It is highly likely the ETs and AIs are also creating organs from the tissues they remove from their subjects. As farfetched and outrageous as the claims from the 1980’s were regarding people seeing “body parts in amber vats of liquid,” these reports now make much more sense. They aren’t abducting and hacking people to death. They are creating and preserving life saving tissues and organs. For what purpose, we do not know with certainty, but from observing their actions over the past few decades, they appear to need us in order to make themselves a stronger species. Descriptive examples of this are provided in this document as well as other documents within The Hybrid Project menu option.

(b) Consciousness-Psycho-Sociological studies likely consist of a long term or longitudinal study of Humans by studying our cultures, beliefs, morals, and most importantly, Human Consciousness. More about their interest in Human Consciousness can be found in the documents on this site entitled The Greys and Blond Nordics.

2. “Things” or “beings” from our planet:

(a) “Things”…such as plant life samples, soil samples, minerals and precious metals. As far as we can deduce, this activity is most often reportedly associated with the Greys (which includes Tans) and their related Hybrids, as well as the Blond Nordics.

(b) “Beings” ... such as is indicated from Animal abductions which, unfortunately and disturbingly, may include “mutilations.” This activity has been reported to be in association with the Greys’ and the Reptilians’ presence on Earth (as well as Human groups) although the HR Team, fortunately, has no direct experience with this and defer to experts such as Linda Moulton Howe and her colleagues. We have also included a document that can be accessed from our Sources page. Certain ETs also appear to be taking Animals as a way of “saving and preserving” a particular species as some Experiencers have been told and some have been shown. Some of the animals appear to be of non-Earth origin, including a few that appear similar to our now extinct dinosaur species. [9]

3. Galactic Diplomacy between certain Extraterrestrials and Advanced Intelligences and Humans is also being undertaken. Galactic Diplomacy appears to be associated most often with what are called The Pleiadians and the Tall Whites, but there are indications that the tall Diplomat Greys are also involved. Many people think of the Pleiadians and Tall Whites as Blond Nordics, but we suspect the Blond Nordics may in fact be either Hybrids, advanced Humans, or shape-shifting Reptilians. More information about these beings can be found in the documents on this site entitled Tall Whites, Blond-Nordics and Reptilians, Dracos and Amphibians.

Transgenesis and Transgenic Beings

DNA Graphic Transgenic beings are created from the process called Transgenesis. It is “…the process of introducing an exogenous gene – called a transgene – into a living organism so that the organism will exhibit a new property and transmit that property to its offspring. Transgenesis can be facilitated by liposomes, plasmid vectors, viral vectors, pronuclear injection, protoplast fusion, and ballistic DNA injection.”

“Transgenic organisms are able to express foreign genes because the genetic code is similar for all organisms. This means that a specific DNA sequence will code for the same protein in all organisms. Due to this similarity in protein sequence, scientists can cut DNA at these common protein points and add other genes. An example of this are the ‘super mice’ of the 1980s. These mice were able to produce the human protein tPA to treat blood clots.” [10]

It is the HR Team’s belief that not only are Hybrids a transgenically created species, so too, are Abductee-Experiencers, which is why certain familial lines are targeted and used by the beings. As we mentioned previously, it has also been hypothesized that it’s possible all Humans contain “alien” DNA which would mean all or most of humanity is a transgenic species. This is why certain Extraterrestrials find us such a valuable commodity to them. They may require specific types of “alien” DNA compatible to their particular species which is why not everyone on our planet is being abducted, visited or whatever term you wish to call it.

Their agenda or programme appears to involve the creation of a new race or perhaps a new species utilizing, but not limited to Human DNA. The beings mine, for lack of a better word, DNA from Humans. We believe they keep returning because Human DNA helps them and their newly created offspring survive in a variety of manners. These newly created beings sometimes perform the same roles as Keepers and probably represent a “step beyond” for our species. The creation of a Human Hybrid species, however, appears to be only a part of the programme.

Earth and Its Future

Some Extraterrestrials or Advanced Intelligences also appear to have an interest in our planet and what happens to it, which is logical if they require Humans in order to maintain their species. Manmade events such as wars and other Human created catastrophes, as well as Natural catastrophes concern them. Of particular concern to them was the time frame (1939-1945) when Humans created and then used atomic weapons. On the other hand, ETs and/or AIs appear to also have a hand in instigating war through religious and cultural strife as author William Bramley discovered in his research for his book The Gods of Eden. Whilst searching for a common thread in humanity’s propensity for warring amongst ourselves, Bramley discovered an ET presence associated in nearly all historical instances involving past conflicts. Another author, Michael Tellinger came to a similar conclusion in his book entitled Slave Species of god.

Almost every Abductee-Experiencer has been told Humans are destroying or killing their planet and they have been shown images of future catastrophic happenings. This is accomplished by the use of images shown to Experiencers via holographic technology as well as mind to mind “visionary” imagery through what we suspect is a type of neural interface or the activation of what scientists used to refer to as “junk DNA.” Some of the Keepers are adept at remote viewing and this is another way they can view future events.

Respect your fellow Earthlings Poster

In short, the future for Humanity as is does not appear to look very hopeful, and with Human behaviour being what it is, it has never been good for the Animal Kingdom on Earth. Certain Grey’s feel there are too many Humans on the planet and Humans need to be “culled.” Other species claim we will not be “saved” unless we can “accept all the various life forms the Universe contains.” We might ask: How can Humans accept “alien” life when they can’t accept the differences within their own species? Unless we make huge changes in our actions and in our behaviour and until there is a type of cosmic mind altering event that makes global warming look like the good old days, it is unlikely Human behaviour will change any time soon.

The Contact Phenomenon has been called a very sophisticated ongoing programme. [11] The HR Team suspects it has occurred before on our planet and it is occurring again. This modern day programme is described as having a definite beginning (approximately 70 years ago spawning the modern day abduction phenomenon), a middle (the creation of Human-ET Hybrid children) followed by the third and perhaps final phase or ending. No one truly knows what the end result will be, but there is plenty of theorizing underway.

The Hybrid Project

Some of the duties assigned to Contact Experiencers for Hybrid children involve instructing them to carry out simple everyday Human tasks; caring for them, nurturing and holding them, and sometimes, although rare, feeding them. The nurturing aspect is of great psychological and developmental importance for the Hybrid children just as it is for Human children and other Primates and Animals on Earth. The beings want them to connect with Humans and they want Humans to connect and accept the Hybrid children. Abductee-Experiencers have been telepathically instructed by the ETs that this is also required for bonding purposes because they will be seeing these – their children – again. The Hybrid children are biologically related to Humans on Earth, i.e., Abductee-Experiencers and it is one of the greatest driving forces behind the beings’ overall agenda.

With the passage of nearly 70 years, the beings appear to want Humans, and are allowing them to remember more. It also appears they want them to share specific types of knowledge with others in preparation for what is suspected to be a major transitional event that will occur to the Human species, both biologically and consciously. Different theories as to the How, What, When, Where and Why are being studied by many people on our planet and the consensus includes, but is not limited to the following possibilities:

Human DNA

Various beings coming to Earth are using Human DNA in a variety of ways to strengthen their own genetic lines as well as for the creation of a Human Hybrid Race. Some refer to Abductee-Experiencers as lab rats, whilst others, such as Jim Sparks, have described them as the “cows in the field” who are needed and tended to, but are not killed. Humans are used to benefit those who are technologically superior. (We should be thankful the beings, for the most part, do not consume meat.) [12]

UAP Hybrid Extraterrestrial Female:HybridsRising.comThere are those who believe they are taking the best of their species and our species and combining them to create a stronger species, or at least one that can survive different types of environmental conditions. Some believe the new Hybrid Race may ultimately reside here as well as elsewhere, and the Human genetic line will partially continue in our offspring on other worlds and possibly even in other dimensions. Others believe there will be a merging of two dimensions and we will see and interact with our Extraterrestrial visitors more openly. Some have been explicitly told that our fourth dimension will somehow merge and coexist with their fifth dimension, whilst still others believe that our fourth dimension will merge with a sixth dimension. Another Experiencer was told to “foster the hybrid children” because they will be “revealed” to Humanity one day.

Taking all of these types of messages together, it does appear likely that Humanity will be formerly introduced to this new ET Human Hybrid race at some point in the future or at least, the planet will be introduced to them if Humans, for one reason or another, do not survive.

To recapitulate: Their activities and possible motives for their interaction with Humans are because:

The beings are planning to supplant Humans on Earth in favour of their new ET Human Hybrid Race, or;

The ET Human Hybrid Race will be introduced as a way to slowly change the DNA of Humans on Earth and the process will occur gradually so as not to draw attention or provide any provable evidence within the standard lifetime of Humans, or;

The ET Human Hybrid Race will be introduced to rapidly change the DNA of Humans on Earth and the process will occur in the “blink of an eye” at the time of the Beings’ choosing, or when a catastrophic event occurs to our planet. Due to their ability to manage time events and time travel, they would be able to determine when and how this catastrophic event will occur and how the endgame for Humanity will unfold.

It has often been stated the beings, especially certain Greys, need Humans in order to survive because they can no longer reproduce; and that may indeed be the case. This would lead us to yet another possibility as to why they are doing what they are doing. It might be they are trying to infuse themselves, via The Hybrid Project, with the correct balance of multiple types of DNA so they can procreate naturally as well as survive in a different, perhaps harsher, environment. In 2013, an Abductee-Experiencer was told, “All Humans contain ‘alien’ DNA…” [13] This is not the first time we have been provided with information such as this and, taking into account what we know about the Contact Phenomenon as well as so-called Human “junk DNA,” this would seem a logical hypothesis to accept.

High Value Commodity

What is extremely important to the beings, and what may explain the familial connection with abductions, is that the beings have located the correct alien DNA within Humans their particular species requires. Therefore, certain members of the Human species serve as a receptacle for certain types of non-Human DNA our own civilian scientists have probably already discovered and will learn much more about when mapping out our previously thought of “junk DNA.”

Furthermore we, the HR Team, believe scientists working for the Breakaway Humans are aware of this component of Abductee-Experiencers’ DNA and much, much more about what’s being done to them. Certain Human genetic lines are a very special commodity the beings utilize whenever their species, or another species they may be attempting to help, gets into biological trouble. In other words, as one child Experiencer was told in 2012:

“You give them life…Each time you come here, you will give them life…a little at a time…” [14]

It is sensible to also consider the high value commodity Abductee-Experiencers are to other Human groups such as the Breakaway Humans, MILABs* and their possible connections to large pharmaceutical and medical technology corporations; the patenting of genes and the enormous amounts of monies that can be made from them, not to mention the level of biological control large corporations could maintain over the general populace. This would certainly explain MILAB activity and it might also explain the leaps in advances Humans have made in medicine. Always advances, but no real cures, at least not for the general population of Earth. And, sadly, no acknowledgement to the victims, much less help in the way of medical assistance that is sometimes required after MILABs and ET abductions occur.

Programme Progress

The Beings, as well as those attempting to understand their motives, have made progress in their respective searches over the past 70 years. In the year 2005 (for the first time widely reported) a Contact Experiencer actually saw the results of at least one part of The Hybrid Project. A race of Greys, most likely a Hybrid Tan species of Grey, can apparently become pregnant and we know this was a very important event. We do not know if they can carry their pregnancies full term, but this is certainly a huge advancement for this particular species as far as our knowledge of their reproductive capabilities are concerned. [15]

In another case, it was reported by an Experiencer that they witnessed a tank filled with reproductive cells which were described as fertilized ova. Some time earlier, some of these had been implanted in two Hybrid appearing Greys who, at the time this occurred, looked to be approximately five months pregnant. This was felt telepathically by the Abductee-Experiencer to be as great and significant an event as the 2005 pregnancy was to the beings. [16]

We are only touching upon the varied theories that have been postulated and garnered from hundreds of Contact cases that have been investigated as well as published firsthand accounts. We ask you to keep this in mind when contemplating what the third and possible final phase of the Programme, i.e., The Hybrid Project will be. It could be one of the scenarios we have just described here in this article, or it could be something completely different and so unimaginable that we, as Humans simply could never have fathomed it. It is wise to keep in mind the level of secrecy there has been surrounding this enigma, both by the beings as well as world governments, and we would add that the HR Team’s concerted opinion is this imposed secrecy is accomplished with much pressure from U.S. and U.K. via the Breakaway Humans.

To paraphrase what the late Budd Hopkins, one of the most influential pioneers of abduction research, discovered from researching hundreds of such cases:

“Even in the most traumatizing cases and in the most beneficent, most positive accounts that we have on record, there is always the thread of deception and manipulation that weaves its way through the alien abduction phenomenon…” [17]

A Potential Outcome?

Whilst keeping in mind the wise words you just read by Budd Hopkins, the following account came to us from another well known Abductee-Experiencer. We think this will shed some light on what might be the final outcome or at least one aspect of The Hybrid Project. The subject did not undergo hypnosis and that aspect will provide certain validity for some readers and less validity for other readers depending on one’s view of memory retrieval through the use of hypnosis. This consciously recalled event occurred in 2013:

The Vessel 

“I saw a blonde woman having something white inserted into her womb... I understood she was being used as a vessel. Nothing more. [Their main focus was on] the genetic or biological part of their project. After the white object was inserted into her [it looked like a very small bristle brush type object] she went, while she laid on her back, head first through an energy portal to where ‘the others’ were.”

“I either saw into the energy portal or was pulled into it along with the woman. Once there I saw a delegation of what looked like aliens walk by. There was one alien they were escorting and it was their equivalent of a President or someone important and that alien was very different. There was something futuristic about that place. I’m not sure how, but the portal might have taken me into the future because I knew what I was seeing was in our future, and I was there with ‘the others.’” [HRT: Possibly due to the reliving of the experience in the telling, the subject changes their tense.] “This would be the outcome of what they were doing. Yes. It was confirmed telepathically; this is the outcome of what they are working on now.”

“The special future leader had a body similar to a tall gray, but with tan skin. Although it looked somewhat feminine in appearance with its gait and stature, I did not see breasts. It was nearly androgynous except for the white, long hair. The being had a full head of hair which was white, perfectly straight and perfectly tied in a pony tail that hung halfway down her/his back. I think she/he was wearing a garment from the waist down, but I’m not sure what it was.”

“The face was astonishing to me because it looked similar to a female African American. The androgynous being had similar features but not black [or dark] skin. The eyes were human and the facial features were not as pronounced. What I saw was a combination of human and alien, but much more human than the tall grays. Another thing I noticed was this alien’s walk was human. They walked upright, but very smoothly as the aliens do. The upper body didn’t move and it was like they were floating, but I did see their legs move as we walk.”

“As I continued to watch them I was told [telepathically] the figure I was looking at was/is a future leader and the culmination of all of the years of abductions of humans. They had achieved their ‘perfection’ in this new leader being I was allowed to see…The whole abduction thing was done as – and this is exactly what I was told – ‘.…a testament and tribute to Stalin…’ and then I heard ‘…this is a memorial in biological form.’ I heard Stalin, but that doesn’t make sense to me. Still, it’s the name I was told. At the same time though, telepathically, it was about the Chinese – Russia and China – the genetic line that connects them or that they come from. Again… I am reminded of the time I was told ‘your father is Russian….’ Could it be that I also contain the genetic line that involves this? That is what I was told and it was very disturbing.”

“What I understood is they took or are taking the ‘white hair’ ‘blonde hair’ and ‘facial aspects of Africans’ - all of these genetic attributes of humans and combining them with their best attributes. Those of the tall grays – but they aren’t gray – they have tan skin. They are combining these genetic attributes and creating what they say is a ‘superior’ race of beings as a testament to a line of older humans these aliens somehow, and for some reason, feel or felt is ‘superior.’ It’s all about the creation of a ‘superior’ race. A tall, white hair, tan skin, human-alien race. There’s nothing of me in this. It’s only what I saw and was told.”

“I was shocked because at the same time I was being told the two sentences earlier, I also ‘heard’ the milabs are closely associated with the abductions – they are equal and it is taking or ‘it took both projects’ working together – because they are one and the same in a way – to finish their project. It took the milab group combined with the alien group to achieve their goal of creating this race.” [The abductee-Experiencer also told us this last part may have been disinformation as a way to “justify the MILAB component of abductions.” [18]

HR Team Note

Before we jump to conclusions, let’s be exact in the translation and meaning. Stalin the word came before Stalin the man. Stalin comes from the Russian word сталь which means “steel” as in great strength. The German word is Stahl which denotes masculine strength. Comparing this term with what the witness saw in the androgynous leader being, and the manner in which the information was telepathically relayed to this particular experiencer, would make sense since this individual has German and Russian in their lineage. The new leader being they apparently created is strong, both biologically in that it is androgynous (in this case bearing both feminine and masculine biological characteristics to align with their physical appearance); and strong in their features as uniquely standing out. We are led to believe this being or this being’s lineage will be a strong leader/lineage. In the end, we are told that they have successfully created their new race. Since we do not know if this involves all the other types of ETs coming here, we should limit this report to only one particular group of ETs. The MILABs, as always, are the wild card.

Breakaway Humans

Humanity or at least Abductee-Experiencers will have to take a hard and honest look at what’s happening in their lives as far as their role in the process of Contact is concerned. It is the hard and disturbing likelihood that they are in fact transgenic beings themselves who are in turn (willingly or unwillingly) contributing to the creation of other transgenic beings we know as ET Human Hybrids. Unfortunately, this has potentially devastating consequences in the lives of these individuals when we consider what we know about the Breakaway Humans and their probable role in MILABs or “military abductions of alien abductees.” The HR Team suspects, as you continue reading the Hybrid Project and other documents on Hybrids Rising, you will more than likely come to the same or a similar conclusion. If you are experiencing Contact or researching this subject, we hope this document has been helpful and in a non-traumatic way.

Transgenic Humans & The Programme's Timeline

There are pertinent sources listed below that will help you grasp what the HR Team is theorizing in this document. Especially educational will be the pages regarding Transgenics and Transgenes and the articles entitled Extraterrestrial Genes in Human DNA, How To Create a Transgenic Human, Production of Transgenic Humans and Are IVF Clinics Creating Transgenic Humans?

Also of special note is the timeline of the Modern Era of Abductions and the number of generations it takes to create a Transgenic Human. That number is three generations which correlates to the approximate timeframe we believe this latest attempt to Hybridize the Human race began; approximately 70 years ago. If these numbers are in fact correct, we can confidently say Transgenic Humans are already among us.

Separate Species Can Mate and Produce Fertile Offspring


Brown Skin Neandertal

“Researchers have discovered fish, birds, mice, fruit flies and other animals in the wild carrying DNA from parents of different species. Perhaps the biggest shocker of all was the 2010 discovery that humans had interbred with Neandertals after leaving Africa. Humans still carry genetic souvenirs of the encounters (SN: 6/5/10, p. 5). These discoveries would seem to contradict the biological species concept, which holds that separate species can’t mate and produce fertile offspring.”

This image is credited to The History Channel’s Neandertal Apocalypse which we highly recommend that you watch.


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Sources for Part One

IMAGE Credits: Hybrids Rising Team Members and The Hybrids Project Team.

HybridsRising.com: DNA Replication Image Madeleine Price Ball


DNA Replication Image Courtesy of Madeleine Price Ball.





HybridsRising.com: Embryonic Stem Cell Image wikipedia

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HybridsRising.com: Alien Cave Drawing of Ancient Ant People

Ant People: Photo of cave rubbing contributed by an HR Team member from private art collection.


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Respect Your Fellow Earthlings
art by PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals; photo contributed by an HR Team member from private art collection.


Other links to open source images can be found in the Sources below.

* MILABs is an acronym for “military abductions of alien abductees” which was put forth by Helmut Lammer in the mid 1990’s and is the title of his book on the subject.

More on Breakaway Humans:

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Image search for Ancient Art and UFO yields interesting art from the Human past

The programme entitled Ancient Aliens is also of interest. Not all of their theories can be proven of course, but some seem plausible.


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HybridsRising.com: Transgenic DNA Madeline Price BallWe recommend that you read this entire page so you will understand what is occurring to Abductee-Experiencers within the Contact Phenomenon. This page speaks of “animals:” Humans are mammals (Primates) and the HR Team believes this is indeed what is being done to Abductee-Experiencers and the core reasons they are being abducted.

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HybridsRising.com: pibburns.com crypto dinosaur


The HR Team’s combined personal case files and interviews with Abductee-Experiencers: Some of the animals appear to be of non-Earth origin, including two that look similar to a few of our now extinct dinosaur species.


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We recommend that you read this entire page so you will understand what is occurring to Abductee-Experiencers within the Contact Phenomenon. This page speaks of “animals:” Humans are mammals (Primates) and the HR Team believes this is indeed what is being done to Abductee-Experiencers and the core reasons they are being abducted.

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[12] ET Food:

Most sources above indicate they have not received reports of ETs consuming meat, but rather, they either absorb a liquid through their skin or they drink nutritional liquids and eat a paste like substance. A few of the reports the HR Team has received indicate Hybrids are able to eat flavoured paste-pasta type food, tofu, soy appearing liquids, and certain fruits, although the fruits were similar, they appeared different than those found on Earth. They were also described as being grown in underground [appearing] facilities. One facility was described as being seven to eight stories underground or deep.

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Part Two

Additional Research Findings Pertaining to the Aliens’ Agenda

In 1992, a summary of abduction related events was published by Dan Wright in his and MUFON’s Alien Abduction Transcription Project. This particular overview was written by Patricia Welch and is included here for historical reference. We have learned much since Dan Wright first published his findings, but this summary is being included here to underscore both the process and the reality of several important findings involving the Contact Phenomenon.

Another more recent study was undertaken by Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner in 2012 entitled The Marden-Stoner Study on Commonalities Among UFO Abduction Experiencers wherein,

“A pattern emerged indicating that the majority of abduction experiencers had conscious recall of at least one event and were with a witness who also recalled the experience. They had a close encounter with an unconventional craft and sometimes observed its occupants. They are aware of having been examined aboard a craft and were left with perplexing, unexplained marks on their bodies. Slightly more than half had a nose bleed immediately after an experience. Women reported an elevated percentage of gynecological problems that appear to be related to reproductive procedures performed by alien entities…”

We encourage you to read Marden and Stoner’s Abduction Commonalities findings here:

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Dan Wright’s MUFON Alien Abduction Transcription Project
Summary written by Pat Welch

Read the Complete Report Here

The most systematic effort thus far to answer questions [involving alien abductions] involves a massive study launched in 1992 by MUFON, called the Abduction Transcription Project, directed by Dan Wright. Funded in part by the Fund for UFO Research [FUFOR], the project collects transcripts of audio taped interviews and hypnosis sessions with experiencers, provided by well-known and respected researchers from different parts of the country.

The verbatim transcripts are entered into a sophisticated computer system for a multi-factor analysis of the abduction experience. Ultimately, it is hoped that the data will reveal the true nature of the abduction experience and be able to answer many of the questions researcher have about the beings and their purpose.

Through February 1996, Wright had accumulated 750 transcripts involving 215 separate cases detailing abductions going back to the 1940s. Although this represents a massive amount of data, it is clear that the project is in its infancy and that many more cases are needed to reach the point where the resulting analysis will have scientific validity...At the 1995 MUFON Symposium held in Seattle, Wright summarized the project’s findings, which at the time consisted of only 142 cases, submitted by 15 researchers ...

Away Teams

An “away team” of very short, whitish, grayish, or bluish beings take the person from his home, car, or other location. In 45 of the cases, the beings passed through solid walls or objects during the abduction and in 31 cases the witnesses were aware that they, themselves, were being passed through solid matter, such as a wall or a ceiling, and then floated up to an awaiting craft.

Wright reports that one of the beings heads the team and speaks for the others, always telepathically. A being who is perceived to be a doctor takes over aboard the craft. This being is nearly always taller than the others and is sensed to be male, although gender differences are not outwardly visible.

Procedures & Being Types

“Often displaying a superior, no-nonsense demeanor, he performs intricate procedures on the subject. Other beings of nearly the same likeness serve as interns or technicians, helping to examine the subject. They are sometimes chastised by the doctor for lack of precision. Quite often, one of these is sensed by the abductee to be female and is given the job of comforting the subject, ensuring cooperation.”

Sometimes, subjects report the presence of a tall blonde, an extremely tall male with human features that include pale skin, longish blonde hair, and blue, green, or hazel eyes who stands nearby, but who serves no obvious function. “Several subjects,” reports Wright, “have been certain in retrospect that this was his/her real father.”

In some cases, a “heavily wrinkled, old one” makes an appearance, but again, does not seem to be performing any function. Two other types reported in the study were the insectoid or “praying mantis” types, which are described to have a thin, skeletal body and the face of a praying mantis, and the reptilian types, which are described as having powerful, muscled bodies, greenish or brownish scaly skin, penetrating yellow “cat eyes” with vertically-slit pupils, and four-fingered clawed hands with webbing between the fingers. Often these last two types are thought to be in leadership positions.

Among the procedures reported are the forced ingestion of a peculiar liquid, external brain scanning, internal probing of the brain with needles or drilling instruments, implantation of small objects in various parts of the body, and sampling of blood, tissue, bone marrow, and bodily fluids.

Forty percent reported enduring sexually-related intrusions. For the men, this entailed the placement of an apparatus over the testicles and penis for the removal of semen and for the women it usually involved the removal of ova by means of a needle through the navel. The women also reported the insertion of a very small object, thought to be an embryo, into the womb, and subsequently the removal of a two to three month old fetus.

Sexual Intercourse and Rape

Wright also reports on what is one of the most disturbing elements of the abduction scenario: “In three incidents, a woman was forced to have sexual relations with a male abductee also onboard who appeared compelled to perform the act, judging by his dazed appearance. Two subjects recounted that they were mounted and raped aboard a craft – a woman by a taller figure with grayish-white skin, and a man by a short yellowish-gray female. In a third case, a woman awoke in bed amid the throes of sexual passion to discover scaly claws at her private parts, indicative of a reptilian.”

Imagery of Catastrophes

In 40 cases, the experiencers received nonverbal communication in the form of visual images transmitted to them either telepathically or shown to them on a computer screen, via a holographic image. Often the images are of other planets, star systems, or extraterrestrial landscapes. Five subjects received images of Earth’s past, “from dinosaurs to early twentieth-century wars.”  While in 13 cases, there was “imagery depicting Earth’s future. Without exception it was an unpleasant sight: volcanoes erupting, nuclear power plants exploding, vast regions on fire, devastated rain forests and the like.”


Thirty-one subjects, both male and female, were shown a being or beings that were apparently half-human and half-alien.

In eight cases, the person was taken to a separate room where they were shown numerous hybrid fetuses being grown in tanks filled with a liquid. “An umbilical cord connected the pre-infant to tubes, which, in turn, led to a machine. Thirteen subjects reported being presented with a “terribly pale and frail hybrid newborn and told that she/he had helped to create that child.” In several cases, women abductees were handed an infant and told to nurse it. In those cases, they reported that “amazingly...her breasts were filled with milk...”

Three hybrid experiences involved children older than toddlers, one with an adult hybrid present. Eleven others described hybrids of undetermined age, but all described the hybrids as being extremely thin, having large heads with patches of wispy hair, and unusually large eyes that were either all black, like the Grey’s, or human-like. “In one cases, a hybrid child, dressed in a simple gown and adjudged to be of elementary school age, approached the subject and said matter-of-factly, “You are my mother.”

Kinetic Ability and Consciousness Transference

A few of the subjects in the study reported events that are hard to categorize. One discovered that he was able to levitate objects with the power of his mind, while aboard the ship.

Three persons said that they felt that they (their souls) had been placed somehow into the body of a gray alien. They recognized their own hands as those of a gray entity. (Since there were no mirrors available, they couldn’t tell what the rest of their bodies looked like.) One commented that his body felt “much slimmer than his normal stocky frame.”

Two of the three remembered that the purpose of their being placed in an alien body was due to the fact that the ship was about to travel “inter-dimensionally” and a change to the body with a different vibration was necessary. These few individuals felt a strong connection with the aliens and even felt that they, in fact, had a dual existence. Sixteen of the subjects voiced a conviction that the “entities are their true forbears.”

Entity [Extraterrestrial] Garments

Surprisingly, in 24 cases (55 percent of the 44 reporting on the presence of garments) the subject alluded to a “robe,” “cloak” or “cape” on at least one entity. These were nearly always worn by beings seen only onboard a vehicle and perceived as leaders.

Ever popular, however, has been the (loose-fitting) “jumpsuit” or (form-fitting) “wetsuit,” one or the other seen in 23 cases.

Disconcerting by our morals, in 14 cases certain entities (always in lesser roles) were said to be naked. This might be a misperception in some instances, in that certain light-colored, tight-fitting suits are apparently almost the same color as the entity’s skin.

Basic black (or dark without a color specified) was the garb indicated in 21 cases. Conversely, 18 spoke of a white outfit. Silver (or “shiny”) was identified in six, while bluish silver (or bluish grey) and brown were each mentioned in another four.

Insignias and accessories were not uncommon, but neither was any one type predominant. Nine subjects noticed some type of emblem on a jump-suit-type garment, usually identified only by its basic shape. A belt was seen in four cases and a sash in two. Also, two entities displayed a metallic pin at the neck of their robes, while one was adorned with a necklace.

Entity [Extraterrestrial] Motion

Certain entity types seem to always walk, in the subject’s home, outdoors, and onboard the ship, whereas others are seen only in a “gliding” mode or other form of levitation. Many cases involve both walking and levitating, by the same or separate beings.

In 31 cases a being walked. In 21 of those no other form of locomotion was ever apparent, but in the other ten the same or some other entity levitated at some point. In all, gliding or other levitation by an entity was present in a total of 25 cases.

Three subjects described a being’s shuffling motion, not specifying whether this was on or above the floor/ground. And two indicated a “jerky” motion.


Any one transcript, stemming from hypnosis or a conscious recall interview, is necessarily suspect:

(1) Fantasies and frauds have haunted legitimate UFO research for more than 40 years.

(2) A majority of the cases in this study did not involve carte blanche subjects. That is, they had read at least one or two best-selling books related to abductions.

(3) Some persons are more readily and deeply hypnotized than others, and some hypnotists might be more adept at eliciting factual memories than others.

That said, and within the confines of 95 cases, the author has been impressed by replications of certain details not previously published or even widely discussed. When, for example, an entity is said to have an unpleasant odor, described by one subject as “musty,” by another as “like wet newspapers,”  and by a third as “like wet cardboard,” one must sit up and take notice.

The second part of this report will center on the “leader of the pack”  as well as various types of entity communications and human-like behavior; restraining and altering the subject’s consciousness; samples taken from and pain felt by the subject, sexual elements; and physical aftereffects.

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Sources for Part Two

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The contributors of audiotapes and prepared transcripts include: Jean Byrne, R.N.; John Carpenter, LCSW: Ann Druffel; Richard Haines, Ph.D.; Richard Hall; David Jacobs, Ph.D.; Raymond Maurer, R.H., John Miller, M.D.; Robert Morgan, R.H., Joseph Nyman; Dan C. Overlade, Ph.D. Yvonne Smith, C.H.; Robert Swiatek, and Grey Woodman, M.D.

David Jacobs, Secret Life, Simon & Schuster 1992.

Dan Wright was Manager of the MUFON Abduction Transcription Project. A MUFON member for over 17 years, from 1987 to 1992 he served as Deputy Director in charge of investigations.

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This ends
Alien Agenda
By Hybrids Rising
Parts One and Two

With Contributions from Patricia Welch, Dan Wright, MUFON
And most importantly, the Abductee-Experiencers who endure.
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