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Blond Nordic ETs


By Hybrids Rising

Blond Nordic ETExtraterrestrials referred to as Blond Nordics stand between 6-8 feet tall and have very human features, so much so, that Experiencers and Contact researchers believe they are either advanced Humans from other planets or ET Human Hybrids. Their bodies are well developed. The males are muscular, but not overly bulky and the female Blond Nordics appear in equally as good physical shape. Their hair is most always blond and normally straight and fine. Their features are described as attractive by most people who encounter them. The females are described as beautiful and the males are described as attractive or handsome. Some of them appear to have ears, but not all do. Some have five digits on their hands and resemble Humans in many ways. [1]

Blond Nordic’s eyes are striking and are normally blue. Oftentimes their eyes are reported as a very vivid blue with their size appearing similar to Human eyes, but sometimes slightly larger with vertical or diamond shaped pupils or and irises that appear to spiral or faze between the colours blue and green. Blond Nordics with brown eyes have also been observed and their eyes are generally described as large, brown, warm and trusting. They are almost always described as wearing tight fitting body suits, sometimes with insignia on the upper chest area. Occasionally they have been seen wearing light coloured, flowing garments, normally over a body suit. They have also been described as wearing normal Human attire enabling them to blend in better with us whilst in our proximity. [2]

Blond Nordics have a protective nature about them and when they interact with Humans they seem to care about the person. They are observant and vigilant and act as teachers and guides. They exhibit a sense of warmth which provides a feeling of safety for the Contact Experiencer. Their overall demeanour is generally positive, hopeful, instructive, all-knowing and helpful, but this is not the case for all of these beings. They communicate via telepathic communication. It is unknown if they eat food as Humans and other life forms on Earth, but there have been a few reports of Experiencers saying they do eat food and they are vegetarians.

Shape Shifting

Blond Nordics appear to have the ability to shape shift into other forms, including but not limited to other beings, animals, and balls of light as well as other energy forms such as a streak or beam of light moving upward very quickly. The beam or streak of light is also seen sometimes when Blond Nordics shape shift into an animal form or become a different type of humanoid. Regarding their shape shifting abilities, it has been reported that Blonds have also shape shifted into Reptilian or Reptile appearing beings, which leads one to question whether, in certain cases at least, the beings observed were truly Blond Nordics to begin with. It is probable in some cases the Blond Nordics Abductee-Experiencers think they are seeing are in reality, Reptilians who are using the psychologically “gentler” image of a Blond Nordic as a means to keep the Human calmer or possibly as a deception or for some other reason of which we are unaware. It is also not completely understood how they manage their shape shifting abilities; that is to say, is it telepathically induced screen imagery or is it accomplished via technology? Some believe it is clearly one or the other, but the HR Team suspects it may be a combination of the two.

In addition, as is the case with other beings such as the Greys; Blond Nordics have the ability to move from one physical body to another and can accept the consciousness of other beings; thus they too have the capacity for a state of shared consciousness; at least for a limited duration. No one knows how long this state of duality can exist. They have also reportedly moved a Human’s consciousness into another body and from what these unusual experiences tell us is; it appears to be done for teaching and observational purposes. In rare cases, it is suspected of being a form of directed remote viewing or perhaps even a type of psychic remote viewing, a talent which certain Experiencers also possess.

Shared Consciousness

The following are examples and descriptions of what this consciousness sharing is and how it affects the subject. Again, we do not know the exact physical mechanisms involved in their apparent shape shifting abilities. We can only speculate that they are either using technology or have evolved to a point where they do not require physical bodies at all times, or a combination of both. The following account comes from an Experiencer in their twenties:

“I am looking at a young woman who appears to be about my age. The Blond Nordic brought me to her and he is standing with us. Suddenly, I am inside her body! I am experiencing all of her emotions… the loss of everything one needs to survive and to feel whole…her city is bankrupt and there is no hope…it was so sad and I was so afraid for her…for myself….the Blond Nordic stands near us and observes my emotions. He is the reason this transformation of consciousness was allowed…or occurred.” [3]

Another account quite similar to the one above again expresses the extreme disorientation and ontological shock experienced by the Abductee-Experiencer:

“My position changes...Before, my consciousness was somehow in this room, but now I’m in the body of this woman who is lying on the block! I’m inside this other woman! Oh God! I’m afraid. I can feel what she feels inside her body…The Blond is floating down toward the block. He’s a little over six feet tall. Now I can feel something under my neck. I, this other woman whose body my consciousness is inside of, is afraid. ‘We’ are screaming and crying. ‘We’ are panicked! It’s cold and we can’t move...”

“The Blond speaks to me inside my head. He says I needn’t be fearful and that he does not want to hurt me. He is telling me that he has chosen this form so he wouldn’t scare me. He says that he normally has a different physical form, but he is taking the form of a Blond so he will not frighten me.” [4]

Curiously, in the latter example, we might deduce the Blond Nordics only take this specific form so as not to frighten Humans. It would certainly lead us to ponder whether a Blond Nordic, in their own reality, really looks like the Blond Nordics those having contact with them describe. If this is not the case, we may be justified in concluding this was not really an encounter with a Blond Nordic or that the Blond Nordics are much more ethereal than we ever imagined. Another example of the complexity of their true nature and form is described in the following account:

“I went through a door or portal of some kind and I saw a Blond, blue-eyed male with a kind looking face. He stood about six feet tall and had a medium-build. I walked up to him and approached him, but decided to walk around behind him. When I did, I saw that the back of this male was very different from what I saw when I was facing him.”

“His shoulders from the back were wider by about four or five inches than normal human shoulders. His entire back was ribbed like a reptile’s; with the ribs closer together on the upper part of his back and then spreading out a bit lower down his back. The skin was leathery. It was not human skin. I was surprised to see this, but completely accepting of it.” [5]

Another example of a shared consciousness follows, but this time it is between a Blond Nordic child and a Grey who had just died:

“I was told the Grey would not live much longer…The life force of the Grey left his body and entered the body of the Blond Nordic child. The child then got off of the elevated bench and stood on the floor. He had an unusually muscular body for a child of three or four years old, which is how old he appeared to be. The child then levitated himself and floated across the room into another room to play. The child seemed unaffected by the transfer of the Grey’s consciousness and accepted it without question.” [6]


The idea of cloning mammals became a reality during the 1990’s when Dolly the sheep was cloned. Prior to Humans successfully cloning mammals, there were several reports coming from Abductee-Experiencers regarding the beings having nearly perfected the cloning process, as much as cloning can be perfected. [7]

When a Contact Experiencer asked a group of Blond Nordics if they cloned and if they remembered all of their previous lives, the leader Blond Nordic replied in the affirmative stating, “Yes…We remember everything.” When Abductee-Experiencer David Huggins was 60 years old, he was taken to see what the beings considered something very special to them. It was a clone of himself; an exact duplicate of Huggins, except it was a younger version of his then present day body, “…lying lifeless on a slab-like bed.” [8]

Any being that can clone as well as exchange bodies and share their consciousness with other beings, including Humans, would be able to acquire vast amounts of knowledge from this type of transference process. It appears they can combine two intelligences or two life forces into one body and retain their knowledge from one lifetime to another. Thus, it is logical to assume the intellect, including the technological abilities of such a species, would be brilliant and advanced. This may explain their ability to have potentially travelled tremendous distances in order to reach Earth. Whether they accomplish this physically (as Humans experience reality) or interdimensionally or by some other means we cannot comprehend, remains to be discovered.

Blonde ET Hybrid at HybridsRising.comOn the other hand, we must also remember it is possible they are a Hybrid species. For example, Dr. David Jacobs and others believe they may be adult Hybrids of Humans and Extraterrestrials. If this is the case, then some, if not most of the Blond Nordics people are encountering may be more terrestrial than we first thought. [9]

Dr. Karla Turner wrote of and often spoke in her lectures about certain beings’ ability to clone and to have in their possession what she referred to as replacement containers. In Taken Dr. Turner wrote about the experiences of an abductee using the pseudonym “Angie:”

“… Angie was shown a ‘clone’ infant as well as nine ‘hybrid tots’ and was told they would be used ‘to prepare [humans] for the changes.’ When she asked, ‘What changes?’ she was told it involved ‘humans’ spiritual transformation.’” [10]

Karla Turner continued by writing about an apparent secret project called High Shelf: “One abduction during this time was very singular, as Angie recalled going to an underground facility that her uniformed human escort said was in northern Arizona. He told her there were other stations around the world, including bases in New Mexico, the North Pole, and Africa. When Angie asked who was in charge of the ‘High Shelf’ operation, another of the men, a ‘blond humanoid’ replied that his kind ‘control everything.’

‘What about the Grays and the other aliens?’ [Angie] asked, thinking of the several different types she had encountered. ‘Are they involved, too?’

‘By degrees,’ he answered.

‘What about all these humans?’ she persisted, ‘these military people?’

‘We control them,’ the blond smiled.”

According to Dr. Turner, Angie was also told that, “…she and some other women there were part of ‘a genetic experiment which involves cloning and DNA replication.’” [11]

In a 1993 account, an Abductee-Experiencer described what they had been told about cloning. This information was communicated by a Blond with large, gentle brown eyes and sparse Blond hair:

“I remember being taken to a base that was situated inside of a mountain. The entrance was at ground level but this place went deep underground. I was with members of our government. Some of them were military. At the entrance, as I was looking at the large metal wall that held the door into this place, I was being told that the government was performing cloning experiments. Men and women were being cloned, experimented on, and then when the experiments were over [the clones] were being used for prostitution; for the scientists, government people, and military personnel. After they were ‘through’ with them or no longer wanted them, the clones were killed.” [12]

Of interest is that during this encounter, a short, Type Two Grey was also seen, so in this case, we have the presence of military personnel, a Blond Nordic and at least one Grey. There were also other Abductee-Experiencers present. As is often the case during abduction, there is more than one species or race of Extraterrestrial present, even when apparent Human abductors or MILABs are also present.

The concepts of a shared or dual consciousness and cloning may go hand in hand. Some early reports of abduction spoke about babies being “recycled” and this is another topic that correlated with Turner’s findings:

“Concerning the clones or hybrids themselves, she was further told that their souls are ‘recycled’ and that they are regenerated many times.” This fits in with other reports in which abductees saw the aliens destroy foetuses and were told they are not “really alive” and that their physical material will be used, not wasted. [13]

These accounts may seem quite perplexing to some Humans, but there is another way to consider them. Notice how the beings used a specific choice of words, indicating that for many Humans, recycle, in the basic sense of the term, means reuse and renew. If someone’s consciousness can be placed into another physical body, it might lead us to compare this with the terms “born again” or “reincarnation” in that the soul or consciousness can survive without a physical vessel or body, i.e., the “container.” Certain religions teach the idea of being born again and of reincarnation and it is the HR Team’s opinion that this is exactly what the beings were attempting to communicate when using a term such as “recycle.” Nothing is wasted. The consciousness is removed and used again as is, most likely, the biological material that once housed the consciousness or soul.

Another example from an encounter that occurred during the 1980’s tends to back up this idea, when a young being with light blue skin and large eyes told an Abductee-Experiencer, “I always have blue-gray eyes when I incarnate into the Earth plane.” [14]

This was a physical abduction which was meticulously studied by researcher Budd Hopkins. Curiously, it involved the Abductee-Experiencer witnessing “dead or dying babies” being placed into devices they took to be waste disposal bins as in, they were throwing babies away, but they also described these devices as being capable of “rejuvenating” the babies. To see a baby being placed in what one thinks is a trash bin is awful, but to see that same baby being placed in a device that has the potential to rejuvenate or “heal” its body leads to a far different outcome for the baby as well as our conclusions.

On the other hand, what the Blond Nordic told the other Experiencer – that clones are used for experimental purposes and as sex slaves and then are killed by our military and “government people” – is heinous to contemplate. Significant to the timing of this encounter is that it took place in 1993, three years before Dolly the sheep was cloned and before movies such as The Island were produced.

It would seem logical if this were really occurring, the Blond Nordic would want Humans to be aware of this information via the Experiencer community, but what can those people do except report what they have witnessed and what they have been told? Could the mere reporting of such atrocities do anything to stop them? Did it, in fact, do anything to thwart such activities, or did they simply go underground and continue in more secretive ways inside the Breakaway Humans’ deep black world? This is something that unfortunately, we may never know unless there is full Disclosure from Extraterrestrials and the Breakaway Humans. [15]


Blonde Nordic Military type ET:HybridsRising.comThere are also reports of very militaristic Blond Nordics. During one remarkable encounter that was shared with the HR Team they were described as wearing uniforms under completely terrestrial appearing long camel coats. Approximately 6 to 8 Blond Nordics were observed and all had their blond-white hair cut in a pageboy style hair cut. They were very tall and very muscular, even underneath two known layers of clothing.

Although the Abductee-Experiencer would not allow us to publish all of the details, they were said to have been “in charge” in an overseer type of manner. These Blond Nordics were escorted as a group by their “aides” who were also Extraterrestrials, but we were not told what species they were, only that they were far shorter than the Blond Nordics. When they entered the room they had such a commanding appearance and aura about them the Abductee experienced “an intense fear” for their life and physically hid inside a nearby room. This encounter is said to have occurred on a secret base where Humans and ETs work side by side and these Blonds were definitely the ones in charge of the operations occurring there. This is all we are allowed to say about this case at this time. The HR Team does wonder nevertheless: Were these really Blond Nordics? Or, were they Reptilians using the camouflage response, i.e., shape shifting? In another case, that of Ken Bakeman, he ofttimes describes instances of what he refers to as “Nordic Trickery.” A visit to his site would be worthwhile as he apparently has conscious recall and he also provides images that speak very clearly to the camouflage techniques used by many of the beings. [16]

The dichotomy of the Blond Nordic narratives lead us to an important query: What if some of these reports are Extraterrestrial disinformation and our militaries and governments are not committing these atrocities involving the treatment of clones for example? If this is the case, why then would the caring and protective Blond Nordics want to mislead us to such an extent? We should always bear in mind that merely because a being is “beautiful” it does not mean that being is kind and loving or truthful; and in turn, simply because a being is “ugly” or “frightful” as the Reptilians are often described, it also does not mean it is negative or cruel. The beautiful, kind, and peaceful Blond Nordics may not be what we perceive them to be. This is especially important to keep in mind when we review cases that involve Reptilians shape shifting into Blond Nordics and Blond Nordics shape shifting into Reptilians. More about this subject is covered in HR’s Reptilians, Dracos and Amphibian Aliens document.

These are but a few of the difficult problems in perception we are attempting to decipher within the Contact phenomenon. The reports contained within this document are a valid component of the Contact Experience and must be considered and studied in concert with other more palpable activities reported by Abductee-Experiencers. Perhaps, when and if they do make their presence known to us in an overt manner, they will be willing to answer a few hundred questions we will no doubt have for them.

Racism and the Blond Nordics

A controversial yet thought provoking article was published in the on-line publication entitled The Canadian in 2010 by Nigel Kerner linking Racism to Extraterrestrials. If you have not read it, we recommend that you do. It is not wise to paint all Extraterrestrials with the same brush, therefore the HR Team does not fully endorse everything Nigel Kerner proposes, however there are viewpoints expressed in his article that do relate directly to certain characteristics of the Contact phenomenon and with some of the HR Team’s own research.

We hope this window into the Blond Nordics has been educational. These are by no means the only examples of interaction between Humans and ETs described as Blonds or Nordics, so we encourage you to seek further and educate yourself about the contact which is occurring on our planet. Remember, the Internet and other media put forth much misinformation (false or inaccurate information that is spread unintentionally) as well as disinformation (false information that is spread intentionally) so seek with discernment.


British Author Links Racism to Manipulative Extraterrestrial Genetic Interference

By Nigel Kerner

Thousands of reliable witnesses including doctors, teachers, policemen, pilots, and high-ranking military officials have described encounters with alien craft and alien abduction. In fact sightings of mysterious craft in the sky and encounters with strange, nonhuman, extraterrestrial entities have been described for millennia. Cave paintings dated from 40,000 years ago show nonhuman beings that are often depicted with strange craft that are quite clearly not from this planet. After twenty years of research into the phenomenon, I have found the evidence for its veracity to be both overwhelming and frightening.

Features of the abduction experience such as the removal of sperm and ova and experiments with hybridization characterize an apparent fascination with all that pertains to human reproduction, accompanied by a complete disregard for any pain these procedures cause. We seem to be lab rats in a controlled experiment.

My research has led me to a remarkable conclusion that I am sure many will find highly controversial. It is based on the fact that abductees have witnessed white Caucasian hybrids within the parameters of the alien craft and are shown scenes of the future by the Greys which only feature white people.

Abductees have also witnessed white Caucasian bodies wrapped in some sort of bagging for transport. All this has led me to believe that there may well be a racial demarcation to these alien intentions and one that might have chilling implications for a certain genotype of human beings.

Many abductees report that the Grey aliens who abduct them and conduct unspeakable experiments on them refer to a ‘horde’ who are their human target on the earth for their machinations here. These human targets resemble a certain type of alien being often seen with the Grey aliens that feature in almost all abduction accounts. They have been called ‘the Nordics’ and are apparently humanoid and have Blond hair and blue eyes. Professor David Jacobs writes that:

“…the evidence clearly suggests that the Nordics are most probably adult hybrids of human/alien mating.”

If the product of Grey alien hybridization with humanity is Nordic, it raises questions as to why they are promoting a Blond, blue-eyed low melanin genotype.

It is my thesis, based on evidence that I will quote in this article, that the Grey aliens have cultured this genotype of humanity as part of their experiment. Further, it is my proposition that racism and other forms of divisive sectarianism are promoted by the experimenters as a means of keeping the controlled group separate from other populations. I am not suggesting that this is their only experimental group.

The evidence suggests that the alien phenomenon has cropped up in many diverse groups worldwide and throughout history. Rather I am proposing that Euro-Caucasians may well be the pinnacle of their attempts to hybridize humanity with themselves, as evidenced by the Nordic hybrids. Thus the white urge for racial ‘purity’ could be intrinsic to the hybridization process. Indeed racism amongst other human populations may have the same origins in alien experimentation, albeit on a smaller scale.

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IMAGE Credits: Hybrids Rising Team Members and The Hybrids Project Team. Other links to open source images can be found in the Sources below.

Some Abductee-Experiencers have requested anonymity but are known and have been fully vetted by HR Team members.

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