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The Hybrids and The New Race of Children

By Hybrids Rising

HybridsRising.com: DNA-Replication-Madeline-Price-Ball-New-Race-Hybrid-Children.jpgExtraterrestrials known as Alien-Human Hybrids are created through processes and procedures that occur during and after the abduction of, and/or visits with, Humans by ETs and Advanced Intelligences. The HR Team believes many, but not all, Hybrid beings are a biological combination between Humans and what we believe to be Extraterrestrials and Advanced Intelligences; however, their creation is not limited to the combination of only two species’ DNA. In other words, they most likely have more than two “parents.” The term Transgenic Beings was officially put forward by abduction researcher Budd Hopkins in his 2003 book entitled Sight Unseen to describe these types of new beings, and as you may have already read in our document entitled Alien Agenda, the HR Team concurs with authors Hopkins’ and Rainey’s hypothesis.

Transgenic beings are created from the process called Transgenesis. It is “…the process of introducing an exogenous gene – called a transgene – into a living organism so that the organism will exhibit a new property and transmit that property to its offspring. Transgenesis can be facilitated by liposomes, plasmid vectors, viral vectors, pronuclear injection, protoplast fusion, and ballistic DNA injection….Transgenic organisms are able to express foreign genes because the genetic code is similar for all organisms.” [1]

It is the HR Team’s belief that, not only are Hybrids transgenically created beings, so too are Abductee-Experiencers, which is why certain familial lines are targeted and used by the beings. It has also been hypothesized that it’s possible all Humans contain “alien” DNA which might mean all or most of humanity is a transgenic species. This would explain why certain Extraterrestrials find us such a valuable commodity to them. They may only require specific types of “alien” DNA compatible to their particular species which is why not everyone on our planet is abducted, contacted or visited. This would explain why scientists suspect “the 97% non-coding sequences in human DNA [junk DNA] is no less than a genetic code of extraterrestrial life forms.” [2]

On the other hand, if only specific familial lines are targeted, it is likely these lines were the latest to have the transgene(s) introduced into their genetic code approximately 70 years ago at the beginning of what we are calling the Modern Era of Abductions. The HR Team does not believe this is the first time this process has occurred to what we currently refer to as the Human Race, and it remains to be seen if it will be the last time this process occurs.

Although some might consider his hypothesis radical, it is actually quite logical when you study the accounts from the Abductee-Experiencers themselves. A few quite pertinent examples follow:


“She informed me, while looking at a DNA chart of some type, that I was very special to them. She said, ‘Many people carry the genetic marker we are looking for, but your body can create the actual gene. Your body produces the equivalent of gold for us.’” [3]

It cannot be more transparent as to what they are taking and using from this particular Abductee-Experiencer. A disturbing twist to this case is that the scientist looked completely Human and there was also what appeared to be a Human ET Hybrid in the same room. Was this an ET experience or did it involve MILABs (Human abductors) or did it involve “alien” Humans? Could it have involved all three? We may never know with certainty.


“… Angie was shown a ‘clone’ infant as well as nine ‘hybrid tots’ and was told they would be used ‘to prepare [humans] for the changes.’” [4]

In this case, we believe the preparation Angie was told is being undertaken is not so Humans can psychologically adapt to a future ET presence on our planet, but because Humans are being physically – genetically – altered. They are very clearly referring to a change within humanity itself.


After being shown a dying Extraterrestrial infant, the Abductee stated: “This being told me that everyone there [a group of Abductee-Experiencers of various different races] had to have their blood tested because they were looking for something very specific that they needed from us.” [5]


“Each time you come here you will give [us] life…a little at a time…” [6]

When one studies accounts such as these and understands the history and nature of the Contact process that has been occurring over the past 70 years, there can be only one conclusion.

Hybrid Characteristics

ET Grey Hybrid Female

The physical characteristics of Hybrids vary nearly as greatly as those of their Human and Extraterrestrial parents. In a general sense, ET Hybrids normally have no hair, very sparse hair, as is shown in the image above, blond hair or black or very dark hair. The black or dark hair seen on some Hybrids may or may not be wigs as both real hair and wigs have been described by people who have interacted with them. To our knowledge, Hybrids with hair possessing the genetic properties of Afro-Textured hair or Types 4a and 4b are very rare. We have only two reports of this; one with black coloured hair and the other with very white hair. In both instances, the hair was described as very short. Unfortunately, the subjects also believed a screen image was being projected by the beings so it is difficult to know whether their hair was real or not. Oddly, Hybrids with extremely red-orange hair are reported, although not often.

Examples of beings with red-orange hair are the Peter Koury Case, the case of AJ’s female and male white skinned Hybrids, accounts from Joe and Linda Montaldo of ICAR1 regarding what they refer to as “the red-headed hybrid” and one other Abductee-Experiencer from U.S. who wants to remain anonymous. [7]

Sometimes Hybrids appear to be naked, but they most likely are wearing a skin-tight body suit or what has been hypothesized to be a type of film over their skin that acts as a protective covering. In a few cases such as David Huggins, AJ and DI, a vivid blue, long, dress or robe-like garment is worn by the females. Other times their clothing appears very simple and smock-like in fabrics of pale colours. Males almost always wear fitted body-suit attire, sometimes appearing more terrestrial and suit-like, but tighter than a typical man’s suit. They are also reported as wearing jumpsuit or flight-suit type attire in the colours tan, brown, Army green and black.

On the other hand, when Hybrids are reported to be seen in public, they are dressed as much as Human-like as possible, but there is almost always something concealing their eyes and their heads and they are ofttimes suspected of wearing wigs. These reports remain controversial, but from our research, they do occur (albeit not as often as one might hear about our politicians or members of the Royal Family shape shifting into Reptilians!)

Accounts of Hybrids being seen in public were published by Budd Hopkins and Carol Rainey in Sight Unseen and mentioned in presentations by ACERN’s Mary Rodwell and Dr. David Jacobs of ICAR. [8] One less popularized account of Hybrids being seen in public is a resident of Germany who we have given the acronym of “SZS.” Their 1991 encounter involved seeing a Blond-Nordic or a Blond Hybrid male in a grocery store in Hamburg who spoke to them telepathically:

“I had my first experience with what I believe to be a Blonde being. It was not during the night and not while I was sleeping, but rather, during the daytime. I was in a grocery store looking for some food to purchase for my family and I suddenly realized that a Blonde ‘man’ had his gaze fixed upon me. He did not just look at me. His eyes were fixed on me as if he were looking ‘into’ me. It felt as if he knew my deepest thoughts and knew all of my emotions and everything I had experienced during my entire life.”

“First, I felt fear. A terrible fear. At that time I did not know anything about alien beings or that people were having contact with them or other unknown creatures. Also, at that time this Blonde looked like a human being. However, certain things about his appearance were abnormal. He did not move like a normal human being. The best way I can describe his movements is to say he moved in a robotic fashion. His eyes looked and looked at me. I wanted to run away, but I could not move.”

“He continued to stare at me and after some minutes my fear changed to a different emotion. It is not easy to explain, but this new emotion I experienced was peaceful and loving. I was astonished and I asked myself,

Who is this man?

To my surprise, I received an answer inside my head, in the middle of my brain,

Someone who knows you.’” [9]

Personal Hybrids

This leads us to the roles certain Hybrids carry out. There is a distinct difference in the way adult Hybrids and child Hybrids interact with Humans. Just as the behaviour of Human adults are different from Human children, the same can be said regarding Hybrids. The first half of this document will focus on adult Hybrids and we will end with child Hybrids who are more Human-like than their adult Hybrid relatives and caretakers.

There are Hybrids, usually one or two, who seem to be “assigned” to abductees beginning in their early childhood and continuing throughout most of their adult life. Dr. David Jacobs has termed these particular beings “Personal Project Hybrids.” [10] We refer to them in this document as personal Hybrids. For female Experiencers, there are male Hybrids who carry out this role, and for male Experiencers there are female Hybrids. Although he appeared to be a Blond-Nordic, the being “SZS” encountered in the grocery store may have actually been a personal Hybrid or perhaps there are beings of different species assigned to specific Abductee-Experiencers for various reasons. In any case, he was following her and he telepathically responded “Someone who knows you,” after she asked him who he was. After she was interrupted by another shopper at the store and looked back at him, he had “disappeared.”

Grey ET  Hybrid Female Ed Walters

These unusual relationships with Hybrids can continue for many years, sometimes for the entire life of the Abductee-Experiencer. Some people characterize their behaviour as caring and fatherly or motherly or as a lover, whilst others describe these relationships as a form of control and involving what (in most Human cultures) would be considered rape, since sexual intercourse almost always occurs during them. It is believed these relationships are established for teaching, learning and control purposes which, in some cases, appear to include threats and sometimes even emotional abuse. On the other hand, there are also Experiencers who describe these relationships as loving and they feel they are beneficial physically, and some people feel they are psychically connected to their personal Hybrids.


Blonde ET Hybrid Male ET

This is an image is of an advanced stage personal Hybrid who regularly involved himself in the life of an Experiencer as far back as the early 1970’s when the female was in her teens. This involved protecting her from other Hybrids, participating in certain medical (including gynaecological) procedures, and having sexual intercourse with her at least once. After the Experiencer was happily married, he only returned once or twice over the ensuing decades. [11]



Crescent David HugginsDavid Huggins’ personal Hybrid is named Crescent. She is the female he had his first sexual experience with at the age of 17 when he lost his virginity. Crescent continued to play a prominent role throughout his life, which included the study of sexuality. Crescent’s eyes are large and black with brilliant blue irises and although her face is quite Grey-like in appearance, her body appeared nearly Human, as David depicts so well in his paintings. [12]

ET Hybrid Alien Human ETTo the HR Team’s knowledge, the personal Hybrids are not the same Hybrids as the Abductee Experiencer’s own Human ET Hybrids, i.e. their offspring or children; however, this cannot be truly known with 100% certainty. There are also Hybrids that were reported as far back as 40 years ago who appeared quite Human to completely Human. Because of this, we must consider the notion that advanced stage Hybrids who appeared this early on, may in fact be “alien” Humans, an idea proposed by Joe Montaldo at ICAR1 and a few others. This means they are Human or very close to Human, but are not indigenous to Earth, or at least not the Earth of our time or dimension. Reports of these types of Humans indicate they are also telepathic and possess highly advanced levels of technology. The Hybrid pictured above left is believed to be a Middle Stage Hybrid.

Alien Sex

Alien sex is not as much fun as the debunkers would have everyone think it is, probably because debunkers are unable to differentiate between “sex” and “love making,” (which explains why they are such frustrated individuals). Ofttimes Abductee-Experiencers will remember having sexual intercourse with very Human appearing beings with all of the lovely physical attributes a man or woman could desire. Many times these apparent Humans are really much more “alien” in appearance, and in fact, some turn out to be completely Extraterrestrial or even “mechanical.” What this means is, whilst the Abductee-Experiencer believes they are having sexual intercourse with another Human or a Human appearing Hybrid (which ofttimes does take place with advanced stage Hybrids) many times they are actually experiencing a mentally imposed screen image by the other attending ETs. This is accomplished through a process Dr. Jacobs terms “mind scan.” Other people refer to this process as a “download” of telepathic images, “screen images” and “screen memories.” [13]

When we speak of “mechanical” we are indicating the Experiencer, normally a male, is undergoing a forced semen extraction by the utilization of a mechanical device. This is not too dissimilar from the way Humans treat Animals, such as Bulls in a “herd” they might “own” and with which they are “propagating a particular genetic line.” This is seemingly the state of affairs at which some Humans may be finding themselves today.

Some Abductee-Experiencers who have gone public, most notably Jim Sparks, David Huggins and Joe Montaldo, and have stated this is exactly what is occurring. They need Human DNA and whilst some ETs care about us and do not harm us, there is a distinct feeling that we “belong” to some of them on some other level. Although this does occur quite often, not all Extraterrestrials or Advanced Intelligences treat or use Humans in this manner, but this would require examination in a “Type of ET – Case by Case” manner. If you are an Abductee-Experiencer who is having contact with several different types of ETs, then you most likely know, or are figuring out which ones are doing what to you, or with you, and how you are involved. If you do not, we hope this information is proving to be helpful and in a non-traumatic fashion.

Lifespan of Hybrids

It is a well documented fact that in the early stages of The Hybrid Programme, many ET Human Hybrid infants either did not survive or struggled greatly to survive. They required “contact comfort” which is the physical touching, loving and caressing that many mammals, including Humans need in order to survive and to develop normally, both physically and emotionally. [14]

Today, it appears there has been more success with The Hybrid Programme and it is more than likely approaching an apex. We know they still require certain Humans in order to survive, so it is likely that ET and AI Contact will continue for quite some time, or at least for as long as certain beings are still around who require Human DNA.

In the case of David Huggins, although he has aged normally as a Human, Crescent has not appeared to age at all, which tells us she either ages quite well; she has been cloned or she has a much longer lifespan than that of Humans, which may or may not be attributable to DNA extraction and manipulation from the general pool of Abductee-Experiencers – most probably David Huggins himself.

In the case of AJ, of their two personal Hybrids, the blond did not appear to age whilst the one referred to as “The Doctor” did appear to age, in fact, going so far as telling AJ that he was dying. He had apparently lost most of his vision and behaved in an emotional fashion at the prospect of losing his life. Curiously, another Abductee-Experiencer contacted us and said they saw him during one of their abductions and they did not seem to think he was dying having appeared the same as he always did. The aging and dying narrative may have been used as a means of separation from AJ as he, a personal Hybrid and ET Hybrid physician was needed to tend to other Experiencers.

Cases have been shared with the HR Team that tell us healthy ET Hybrids may live for a very long time. We do not know if these are ET Human Hybrids, but some of them appear to be quite Human in their appearance. Some accounts of their life spans are approximately 300 years. We do not know if those are years as measured here on Earth or in their world, dimension, or wherever they may be. Another very curious thing is these Hybrids appeared to be children or at least had child-like bodies, so we know their appearances can be quite deceiving. For example, when one Abductee-Experiencer reported to us that he had seen a Blond child-Hybrid, he heard another male nearby say to him, “Don’t let his appearance fool you – this one is 300 years old.”

One final note on this topic is Joe Montaldo’s red-headed Hybrid who also has not appeared to age over many years, during which several other Abductee-Experiencers have reportedly interacted with him. He sometimes performs the role of “doctor” and some have speculated that he is involved with MILABs (abductions of alien abductees by militaristic looking Humans). Montaldo ofttimes speaks about this Hybrid during radio interviews with other Abductee-Experiencers on his UFO Paranormal Radio Network and UFO Undercover Radio programmes.


Who, What, and Why?

Are ETs and AIs using the DNA they are extracting from Abductee-Experiencers solely for The Hybrid Project? The HR Team believes the answer to this question is a resounding “no” and some of the examples provided in this document demonstrate that.

After decades of trying to make sense of the overall Contact phenomenon, and combining all of the information we can obtain from non-channelled sources as far as we can make out, it seems that nearly all of the different physical types of Extraterrestrials and AIs (Advanced Intelligences) coming to Earth require something from us or from our planet or both, with the earlier discussion about Transgenics playing a critical role. The information collected from Abductee-Experiencers and the people who have studied this subject, as well as personal accounts, thus far, has indicated they are coming here for one or all of the following reasons:

(1) Transgenic Engineering (DNA Harvesting and Manipulation) and Consciousness-Psycho-Sociological Studies.

(2) “Things” or “beings” (minerals, metals, plants and animals) from our planet.

(3) Galactic Diplomacy.

For information about these three topics and more, please refer to our document entitled Alien Agenda.

Alien-Human Hybrid Children: The New Race

Some of the information we have learned from the designers or creators of The Hybrid Programme is that humanity will one day be introduced to their Hybrid offspring – their Hybrid Children. Whether we understand their true purpose or not, it does seem that we will eventually meet them, unless this is another Extraterrestrial ploy much like their warnings of an impending cataclysm on Earth. (Those, thankfully, have not panned out during our lifetimes and hopefully they never will.) Connecting with the Hybrid Children may occur during the Disclosure process or it could be the result of another completely different event that will allow them to come here in an overt fashion.

There are many who perhaps correctly say that Disclosure will never happen because of the overall mentality of current Humans, and that may indeed be true. If so, this meeting between the Hybrid children and their parents will occur elsewhere or when the Humans who are unable to adapt to the Hybrid Extraterrestrial presence are no longer on Earth. In any case, the Hybrid children and their parent Abductee-Experiencers will be both the channel and the connection that links Humans with Advanced Intelligences. Simply consider these few references regarding this pivotal upcoming event:

“… Angie was shown a ‘clone’ infant as well as nine hybrid tots and was told they would be used ‘to prepare [humans] for the changes.’” [15]

I was told telepathically that we have to… “Foster the alien children, for they shall be revealed.” [16]

“Our fifth-dimensional world is going to merge and co-exist with your fourth-dimensional world... The hybrid children are all part of the merging process.” [17]

“For a long time, I had dreams about seeing dead people, and sometimes these dead people would transform into the little Greys and this always shocked me. I have tried to understand what this means and whenever I concentrate on this dream I get the same answer. In German it is Vereinigung der Reiche which translates as ‘a connection or union between the dimensions.’” [18]

We have been told there will be Changes and a Merging, a Connection Between Dimensions. Their presence, when made known in our physical Earth based reality, will be a Revelation. In other words: Disclosure. Exposure. Surprise. Shock.

How the New Race Might Appear

Alien Human Hybrid

The girl with the golden eyes was seen amongst a group of other Experiencers in the middle decade of 2000. She was being fitted with what were termed “eye coverings” by an adult Hybrid scientist according to the Experiencer who spoke with her. Curiously, the eye coverings were worn in order to make her eyes appear blue and more “human-like.”

These may be what we refer to as “The New Humans.” Hybrids who can feel and express empathy for others, are intelligently gifted, and have much longer life spans than Humans: Those who encompass the best of our species and their species?




ET, AI, Alien Human Hybrid ChildrenEmpathy appears to be a very important trait to the beings involved in their creation. In 2012, an accounting of what appeared to be a five month old Hybrid child who had the ability to express empathy for another child was shared with the HR Team. This act and achievement meant a great deal to the beings involved in this particular Hybrid’s creation. Since we are quite confident that some of the Hybrids appear more child-like than they truly are, and possibly have longer life spans than Humans, the five month old child could have, in reality, been much older. In any case, the ability for their children to express empathy for others appears to be of exceptional importance to them.

Many of the Hybrid children appear to want to be with their Human parents. Some are rightfully afraid of Humans, but many want to be with them here or want their Human parents with them. We do not know precisely where they are living or existing now. Some have been described to be living in squalid and dark environments and others appear to be well cared for. They could be in another dimension, which is what “SZS” and “KM” were told. Some could be living on board their craft or in bases here on Earth, or perhaps even on our moon and deep within our oceans in structures most humans would never have knowledge of or access to. This information comes from various excellent sources, but all we know for certain is, they are out there – most likely already here – somewhere. [19]  

If you are experiencing Contact, we hope this document has been helpful and in a non-traumatic way. Even good or exciting events in our lives can cause stress, which is called Eustress or “good stress.” It is the psychological and physical response we get when we achieve something difficult. Living with Contact is stressful and at times difficult, but at times it can also be Eustress-ful when we wake up a new day and know we are stronger – or at least are enduring and are making progress in our search for the truth.

Be aware that there is a lot of misinformation (false or inaccurate information that is spread unintentionally) as well as disinformation (false information that is spread intentionally) on the Internet, so seek wisely.

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IMAGE Credits: Hybrids Rising Team Members and The Hybrids Project Team. Other links to open source images can be found in the Sources below.

HybridsRising.com: DNA Replication courtesy Madeleine Price BallDNA Replication Image Courtesy of Madeleine Price Ball.

CRISPR Gene Editing Moved into Humans in 2017


The Story of Humans’ Origins got a Revision in 2017: “No clear starting time or location ever existed for our species. The first biological stirrings of humankind occurred at a time of evolutionary experimentation in the human genus, Homo.”


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We recommend that you read this entire page so you will understand what is occurring to Abductee-Experiencers within the Contact Phenomenon. This page speaks of “animals:” Humans are mammals (Primates) and the HR Team believes this is indeed what is being done to Abductee-Experiencers and the core reasons they are being abducted.

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