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Tall Black Alien Beings

By Hybrids Rising


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American actor, Yaphet Frederick Kotto, opens up about a lifetime of
Extraterrestrial Contact


Yaphet Kotto's ET Abduction:HybridsRising.com

There was a time when people believed that black people, those of African ancestry, were never abducted by Extraterrestrials. Of course, we’ve always known this to be false, but this is still a belief held by many individuals who are not educated about the Contact phenomenon. Reports of Africans and Africans in U.K., U.S., and other countries being abducted date back at least to the 1960’s and other cases date back much earlier.

For example, Yaphet Kotto remembers his experiences beginning at the age of 9 years old, so his encounters were occurring as far back as 1948.




Bob Laurence and his Star Map


Robert Bob Laurence UAP:HybridsRising.com


“Ufology and the world at large lost a dear friend and brilliant mind, Robert Laurence,on November 1st, 2018, 26 days shy of his 78th birthday. Bob endured escalating pain associated with leg problems and infection for 14 years before his heart finally failed.”

“Bob told us about the close encounter he had in June, 1963 which was investigated in 1983 by J. Allen Hynek and Mark Rodeghier of CUFOS. We invited him to join us at our next support group meeting and from then on he was an integral part of our monthly meetings. He was the glue that held things together and helped other members feel more comfortable talking about their experiences.” View Bob's Star Map





Other examples that may be familiar names to readers are Barney Hill, Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa, USMC veteran TC; author Alan Russell White, who wrote The Consciousness of an Extraterrestrial Experiencer; and Martin Riley, author of The Coming of Tan. Experiencer “EJM” is also an African American and he has written about a mass abduction of military personnel here. One of the most famous and well documented multiple witnessed entity cases occurred in Africa. The Ariel School Sighting is one of the most significant in recent UFO history and was the case that became the focal point for John E. Mack’s later research interests. Professional basketball player Baron Davis, also an African-American, went public with what he believed was an alien abduction. [1] [*]

Abductee Experiencer Support Group


Who are The Tall Blacks?

Tall Black ET with Abductee:HybridsRising.com

The Tall Blacks have physical characteristics which are not unlike Hybrid Greys, but their coloration is like that of the black Mantis-Insectoid beings. The HR Team believes it is plausible the Tall Blacks are a Hybrid version of the Black Mantises who we have placed at the top of the overall Hierarchy. We also suspect both types of beings contain or are aided by Human DNA. You might notice the Reptilians appear last or at the bottom of our menu here at Hybrids Rising and this was done because we view the hierarchy of these beings as falling within a Möbius where the Reptilians are actually next to the Mantis-Insectoids. Of course, this is impossible to graphically demonstrate using a pull down menu. As you will learn from the accounts we provide in this document, the heights of the Tall Blacks vary and although they appear to sometimes arrange themselves in a height based hierarchy we believe the shorter beings only have a lesser status due to their height and/or because of their age, i.e., not being fully mature.

Nearly all reports we have received and reviewed demonstrate it is the female of this species which is dominant. It is possible Danion Kell’s Black Humanoid you will also read about, was not a part of this same group, but his case has been included for its historical significance in addition to the artistic quality of his painting.

Whilst not as prevalent in Abductee-Experiencer reports as Greys, Blond Nordics and Reptilians, beings with black skin of various heights and characteristics do show up on or around Earth from time to time and their activity appears to be increasing, which would be logical if they are indeed Hybrids created from the Black Mantises. Their demeanour has been described as ranging from positive and benign to negative and fearful, which the HR Team has found to be the case with most other types of beings.

There is an interesting (and a bit confusing) account from Norman Bergrun, a scientist who worked for Ames Research Laboratory, NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) which was the predecessor of Ames Research Centre, NASA where he worked twelve years as a research scientist. Norman Bergrun is also the author of the book entitled Ringmakers of Saturn.

In response to a question posed by an interviewer from The Truth Behind The Scenes regarding the premise that if there are Extraterrestrial craft, then there has to be people or beings associated with them or beings who created them. Norman Bergrun, appearing uncomfortable whilst answering the question, responded by saying:

“I only go along with, uh, dormant images, and if you want to know about people…kind of thing…uh…there is… a ship, that they picked…the Voyager capsule…at, uh, Alameda Naval Shipyard. And, they…they have a picture there of, uh [pause] I think…I think it’s of…. the Apollo flight that uh, Buzz and Neil were on…. but, anyway, there is one image there that shows black people getting off.”

Interviewer: “So people with dark skin getting off…”

Bergrun: “Not dark. Black. Really black.

Interviewer: “Were they tall? Very tall?”

Bergrun: “Yes.”

Interviewer: “How tall? Do you know?”

Bergrun: “Well, without the doorway… I don’t know how high that is, but… to say seven…seven feet would probably be a conservative estimate…”

Interviewer: “Have you heard about Clark McClelland’s uh, statement about that?”

Bergrun: “No.”

Interviewer “Oh? You haven’t?”

Bergrun: “No.”

“Have you ever been in touch with him?

Bergrun: “No.” [2]


Wise ET with Dark Skin:HybridsRising.com Experiencer Danion Kell, who retains many conscious memories of his encounters, has also reported interacting with an Extraterrestrial with dark black skin who he firmly believes was a “full alien” and not a Hybrid. An excerpt from his 1990 encounter follows:

“Once onboard and inside the acclimation room, I interacted with a very dark ET who stood approximately 6 feet, 6 inches (nearly 2 meters) tall. I did not sense an African-ET connection in that he was a hybrid or anything like that. This being was pure alien; very, very wise and he was fun to be around, like the other being I had been with. The dark being had me sit in a chair and he placed a helmet on me. I believe this helmet was used to balance my brain waves. I was allowed to view, in detail, a previous life on another planet. This was a place where Nature was studied and experienced to its fullest. I also learned that one of their beliefs is: After death, our connection with Nature goes with us, not the study of science.”

“The following day, I began painting a portrait of the dark ET, and while I was working on it, it was as if he was there with me watching me and correcting me as I painted. I believe this to be a very accurate representation of what he looks like.” [3]

Female Tall Blacks

An interesting account involving these beings was shared with us by a well known Experiencer. We have been given permission to publish the full account as long as we keep their name anonymous. This encounter occurred in the year 2012. What we found appealing is that their description is not dissimilar to the manner in which the Black Mantises appear, which hints at the fact these Tall Blacks are related, in appearance at least, to the more “alien” appearing beings.

“I walked into a room and there were several beings who had black skin. They were all females. They were lined up behind one another facing the front wall and they arranged themselves according to their height. The being at the head of the line was the tallest and she had to be seven feet [2 meters] tall. All were quite thin and had very long legs and arms that were longer than ours. I noticed when they moved that they had an extra joint in them – where we have a hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder, they had an extra bone in between where our wrist and elbow are located. It was very interesting to see this. Also, their joints seemed to be more defined than ours. Perhaps their skin was thinner and their joints were larger. Anyway, their joints were quite pronounced and they reminded me of a mantis being I have seen before.”

“As I walked into the room, I quickly realized that since I was shorter than all of these other beings, I was to stand at the back of the room and at the ‘end of the line.’ This was somewhat degrading, but it’s the way things are done there. That’s the way they think: taller beings are higher up than shorter beings. I also got the feeling that because I was human, I was even lower on the totem pole.”

“There was a demonstration or something going on. After I stood at the back of the room, I noticed there was another abductee with me. I looked forward and there appeared to be many more of these beings with black skin than when I originally entered the room. Everyone was showing up there for a reason. Then, they all started to move in unison as if they were performing a dance or synchronized movements. They were moving in the same manner that we might perform a flowing dance or an exercise like T’ai Chi. They were supposed to be teaching the abductees, or at least me and the one other abductee who was there with me, but they were not really teaching us. As I tried to understand what they were doing it suddenly dawned on me that we were going to have to learn this by copying and following their movements, and I told the abductee to my right,”

‘Oh I know now – we are going to have to learn this by copying what they are doing – they are not teaching – we are going to have to learn by doing…’

“And so we began to attempt to move our arms, legs and bodies in the same manner they were moving theirs. It was difficult to copy their movements because our arms lacked the extra joints – and, I’m sure our legs lacked the extra joints and the extra bone as well. Since their legs were as long proportionally as their arms, their legs must have had an extra joint in them too. Anyway, it was almost impossible to move the same way they moved but we did our best to learn the exercise.” [4]

From this particular account, we can perhaps deduce these beings with the black skin form a hierarchy according to height and species type, with the tallest being at the front and held in higher esteem, followed by the shorter ones. What the subject felt, that the Human’s were at the bottom of the hierarchy, might be true. Another, more plausible explanation is that the shorter Tall Blacks were younger beings and had not reached their tall height yet due to their lack of maturity. In other words, they could have been child and “teenager” Tall Blacks.

Bigfoot with Black Skin

Another possible encounter involving beings with black skin involves a woman living in Texas who, along with her husband and two young teenage children, has had ongoing interaction with what they call “a Bigfoot family.” The young daughter described what she saw one night as being “…two baby Bigfoots. I was shocked! And I shined the light back on the cornfield, and I could see them running through the corn, and I was like, I’m going to go get a closer look, so I ran up to the fence, and I get within about six to eight feet of the fence, and Mama [another being] walks out, puts her hands on the fence and just looks at me…She had a very human face, very pretty. She didn’t have hair on her face either. Black skin, chocolate black. More like charcoal.” [5]

It is curious about the lack of hair or fur on this being, yet it was described as a “Bigfoot” type being. Could the child have seen the true appearance of the being; black skin and no hair or fur? Or, was this a Bigfoot entity using a camouflage response making itself appear to be more Human so as not to frighten the young girl? It would certainly be worth following up with this family to learn about any possible future interactions with these beings.

Another case comes from Douglas, Georgia. A girl named Zenaida Lopez was sitting on her hammock admiring the beauty of the surroundings, listening to the birds, looking at the squirrels jump from tree to tree. She then said to herself, “what a beautiful world.”

“When she turned her head she saw in the sky a ‘floating lady’ looking at her. She was black and her hair was combed to the side in a very modern looking in appearance. All of the sudden, as she was looking, everything around her seemed to disappear. The earth was gone, only the floating lady remained. She said not in words, but Zenaida could hear it in her mind, ‘It’s your fault.’ The message being that we all have to take care of our world, if we do not, there won’t be anything beautiful to see anymore; anything at all.” [6]

Advanced Medical Devices

Tall Black Extraterrestrial:HybridsRising.com As is the case with other Extraterrestrial beings, not all interaction between the Tall Blacks and Humans is positive or leaves the Abductee-Experiencer feeling uplifted. What follows is an interesting account with more descriptive details of the appearance of the Tall Blacks and more about their behaviour:

“I was inside a lift but it was quite large for a ‘typical’ lift. There was movement in an upward motion however. There were objects inside the lift, but I couldn’t determine what they were. There were other people inside with me and at least two female aliens with very dark skin. These aliens seem to hate humans, especially the men who were there. All of us remained very quiet because we were, simply put, terrified.”

“I walked to the far back left corner of the lift and sat on the floor with my back to the aliens. I didn’t want them to see me. I was so afraid I sat on the floor with my arms wrapped around my body and I cowered like an animal. One of the aliens came up to me and bent down and put her face very close to mine. I kept my eyes closed and remained in a subservient posture both physically and mentally. I knew I had to handle these aliens mentally more than anything. These particular ones are very strong. They use negativity like an apparatus of control.”

“The black skinned alien…she ‘mentally’ peered into me, literally, she was in my face, so close to me. Then suddenly she appeared satisfied with my current posture and she backed off from me a tad….She had black skin and was thin and stood nearly 2 meters tall. Most of these aliens were without garments, but this one alien wore a loosely fitted sheer garment that I could see through.” [7]

When the being placed her face very close to the face of the Abductee-Experiencer, this is suspect of what Dr. Jacobs terms “mind scan.” It is almost as if the being was telepathically and mentally probing the abductee’s mind whilst mentally forcing them to comply. It was not until the subject became at their most fearful and most passive that the being backed off and appeared “satisfied.”

The following is another encounter involving beings with black skin, or Tall Blacks; this time from an Abductee-Experiencer in Aberdeen Scotland.

“…a witness who, like most Experiencers, has had many other encounters and recalls this consciously. He was staying at a private school and on his way to the lunchroom one night he saw a craft above the school at about 3,000 to 10,000 feet. The craft flashed multiple coloured lights.”

“Later that night, in a dream-like state he found himself in the dormitory and everyone in the room was out cold. He tried to wake them, but they were totally asleep. In a panic, he ran to the corridor. He then looked to the left and saw a bright yellow light coming from the end of the dormitory. He also noticed a type of mist covering the floor. He saw a fellow student that appeared to be standing perfectly straight, looking forward as though he were sleep walking. Terrified, the witness screamed and then saw two beings which appeared at the end of the corridor. They both glided towards him slowly, his heart was pounding as they got closer. He described the beings as about 6 feet (2 meters) tall, black skinned, or wearing a tight-fitting black suit. He did not see a mouth, nose, or hair, but he could see bright pinkish eyes. A second later he blacked out.” [8]

“Interdimensional” Laser

The following encounter also sheds some light on these beings’ level of technology. This account may be potentially disturbing to some readers, but the HR Team feels it is important to cover all aspects involving Contact, consequently we are presenting this now.

“The aliens who were in charge of us were tall, thin and had black or near black skin. Their heads and eyes were rounder than the grays’. Their eyes were a dull, golden colour. The black ones appeared to all be of the female gender. There was a gray alien with them, but he seemed quite different. There was one more ‘alien’ I saw later who wore a white lab coat. I don’t remember his features exactly, but he seemed much more human.”

“…at the beginning of this I was standing in a room that had a large reflective device situated a few feet away from me. There was a tall black alien to my right and another to my left. I was holding my hands out in front of me palm side up and the black alien…she used a device and began slicing through my fingertips, about 1/3 of the way into my fingers from the fingerprint side downward toward my finger as if laterally slicing the bone in my fingers. This device was a superior cutting tool and I could see it immediately cauterized my blood. I stood in fear and awe and watched as she sliced each of my fingertips about ½ inch downward, one at a time on my left hand. I ‘had’ to watch this. I kept wondering why I wasn’t screaming in agony and only feeling slight pain and not seeing any blood. it was quick and efficient. It was like seeing another dimension cutting through my fingers. When she began cutting into the fingers on my right hand, I don’t remember anything else until it was over and I was again standing in front of her and looking at my hands. I can only reason that I blocked the remainder of the procedure or the aliens did it for me.”

“I thought I would never be able to use my fingers again and I should be in severe, torturous pain but I only felt slight discomfort. Even so, it was traumatic to experience that. I thought they were removing or changing my fingerprints so no one would be able to identify me or so I would not leave any fingerprints behind while I was with them. A while later I looked at my middle finger on my left hand and saw a slight scar. Then I noticed there were slight scars on all of my fingers where the alien had ‘laser sliced’ them. That’s all I can think this device was. Some sort of laser. Later on, as other things happened in that place and I was doing things they made me do, because they ‘made’ me do things, I noticed the scars on my fingers had already begun disappearing.”

“One of the things they made me do was like ‘babysitting,’…watching the other abductees who were there. I was in a hallway and had to use the bathroom so I walked into what I thought was a bathroom and saw two women…they were aliens. They were the tall dark ones, like the one who laser cut my fingers. I saw one of them sit down on a bench and saw her genitals. They were white and there were two prong like things that had white tissue on the exterior of them. I don’t know how I knew they were female but I’m certain they were. I could ‘see’ it and ‘feel’ it. I simply knew, as if I had seen them many times previously in my life. The next day the first thing I did upon awakening was to look at my fingers. Amazingly the scars had totally disappeared, but there was some slight tenderness and soreness felt in some of them throughout that day. It was something I will never ever forget.” [9]

There are several components to this encounter that we should make note of. One is the advanced “laser cutting tool” that appeared to instantly cut and cauterize as it moved through the skin and bone of the Abductee-Experiencer’s fingers. It is difficult to understand why this was done, but the HR Team speculates if it was not a true medical procedure and they were removing tissue and/or bone from the subject, it may have been a form of punishment, perhaps even torture in order to force the Abductee-Experiencer to comply with their wishes; one of which was to monitor or stand guard over the other Humans who had been abducted at the same time.

Here is another account of a Human trapped in the Tall Blacks’ Extraterrestrial setting:


Tall Black Alien with naked abductee:HybridsRising.com“I was standing in the doorway of this room and I looked out into the hallway and saw another guy, who was completely naked being led by another tall black alien. She was yelling at him. She stopped him in the hallway and he was like, awake and seemed alert, but he didn’t realize what or who he was with or where he was. It’s like he was there, but not there. Conscious, but not fully, even though he could walk. He didn’t know he was with an alien. She was extremely demeaning to him. I could hear what she was saying to him as she led him down a hallway and I couldn’t believe my ears. It was as if she were telepathically admonishing him for being male. I can’t even repeat what she said, it was so degrading. This chap had a look on his face like, ‘WTF did I do wrong?’ He laughed a little in a nervous and cautious manner, but he was unaware that he was standing right next to such an alien looking creature. He was aware enough to function and walk, but that’s about it.” [10]

Another account involving Black skinned beings is included in this document and it appears this Experiencer was in the role of assisting their fellow Human being. This type of Experiencer behaviour is discussed in more detail in our document entitled Alien Agenda and these particular individuals are referred to as Keepers.*  

A Keeper Slips Up

“My task was to calm an abductee. He was a black man in his thirties: either African-American or perhaps Cuban; I’m not sure. He was young looking and thin and tall. He was lying on a table and I was cradling him like a baby. Holding his head to my chest and face and calming him. He was writhing in agony. His whole body was nearly convulsing to and froe and I was holding him and telling him everything was going to be okay.”

“At that point, I saw a shorter gray type alien was working on him – he was the reason this man was suffering so horribly. I don’t know exactly what the gray was doing, but he had some sort of instrument in his hands and he was causing this man pain.”

“I yelled at the gray looking alien and immediately took my right hand, palm up, and I shoved it as hard as I could into his face and he flew backward about four feet and hit the wall. He immediately dropped to the floor in a sitting up position. He had a stunned look on his face, and as I looked at him, I realized I had killed him. It was instinctual. I knew how to hit him and when I did, I felt an energy within me that was much more powerful than what he was – as if – he was not like us. And, he wasn’t like us at all. He had very little strength and my energy was far greater than his. He weighed next to nothing when I hit him which is why he flew back against the wall. As I looked at him sitting on the floor, I watched as his face appeared to dry up and begin to turn to ashes. Somehow, his skin changed dramatically – as if watching a gray leaf dry up and crack in fast motion. He was a small gray and he had round eyes, only smaller. He wasn’t like the grays with the large eyes I’ve seen before.”

“Immediately after this happened, a doctor, who also appeared to be alien, but more human looking, ran into the room from my right. He was in total freak out mode when he saw I had killed this other alien who was working on the black man. I was still yelling at this point – screaming at the top of my lungs over and over, ‘Give him something for the pain! He is suffering! Give him something for the pain!’

“When the doctor ran into the room he was holding a syringe. It looked like a large syringe where he was holding it, and off of that was a long needle that was about four inches long. Then on the end of that was an odd looking glass like, elongated tube thing with a point at the end. It contained a clear liquid and the doctor injected the substance into the man. I think I held him again in my arms and calmed him and cradled him.”

Curiously, the subject feels some remorse or guilt over their actions and continues by saying,

“I couldn’t bear what they were doing to the black man and I had to kill the alien. It was something I did without planning – it was just something I had to do. I’ve never felt this way before. I don’t know if it was a life form like we would consider life. When I saw the skin on his face begin to shrivel up and dry up so quickly, I wondered just what it really was. I know it was alive and could think and it seemed intelligent, but it was also frail and fragile. And now…it’s dead.” [11]

Again, an Abductee-Experiencer playing the role of Keeper has to help their fellow Human whilst onboard an Extraterrestrial craft in the midst of abduction involving these tall, very commanding, Black beings:

“My task was to calm a woman. I was in a hallway at an entrance and I saw a woman and I knew I was supposed to keep her calm. She was Caucasian and had white gray hair and looked about 60 or such. The look on her face expressed so much fear it was a look worse than the fear of death. She looked beyond me at something behind me as I approached her. She wasn’t looking at me. I turned partially around and felt the energy. I couldn’t look directly at the alien she was looking at so I looked to the side of it. I couldn’t let myself get caught in its field of energy or telepathic control because that’s how they control us: through a primal level fear emotion. I turned back to the woman and tried to calm her. She was terrified. Words cannot describe the fear exhibited on her face.” [12]

"You Will Give Them Life"

In the following encounter the Tall Blacks again require the assistance of another Human Keeper they had in their midst. This time it was to calm a young Human boy, most likely to make him submit to their demands, which sadly, will no doubt be a life-long commitment for him unless the Breakaway Humans show some compassion and do something to prevent these beings from intruding into our lives.

“My job there was to comfort a young boy. He was human, Caucasian, and he had medium brown hair and brown eyes. There was a tall black female alien to my right. The little boy was afraid and I felt pity for the child. He looked to be no more than four or five years old. He had tears in his eyes and he was afraid. I couldn’t blame him – being abducted at such a young age. I remember when I was his age and was taken. It was so scary.”

“Through telepathy the alien sternly told me,

‘Tell him everything is okay….’

“I looked at the little boy and he asked me in a quivering voice,

‘Why am I here? What is going to happen to me?’”

“I had to tell him the truth, but I had to do it in such a way as to not make him any more afraid than he already was, and I also didn’t want to ruin his life by making him live in fear.”

“The female alien looked at me again very intensely and telepathically commanded me,

‘This is your job and you better do it right!’

“I gave in and looked at the young boy and told him,”

‘You will give them life…a little at a time… Each time you are brought here, you will give them life.’”

“The boy whimpered and tears welled up in his eyes. I think he understood what I was saying and he understood what they were doing to him. To us. He knew this was not a positive thing…I cried with him, and after they returned me, I cried for that little boy and all the children like him. I cried off and on for a couple of days…I still cry every time I think of him.” [13]

Revisiting The Cahill Case

One of the most famous cases involving Tall Blacks or at least beings with black skin, occurred on August 8, 1993 in Belgrave, Victoria, when Kelly Cahill, her husband and children encountered humanoid beings described as standing seven feet tall and having bulging red eyes. They had gray-black skin, large heads, long thin arms and bulging abdomens.

Kelly said she saw “heaps of them” as she stared into an open field. The aliens were in the field beneath their immense craft. The beings seemed to congregate in small groups, and one group glided toward Kelly and her husband, covering a hundred yards in a mere few seconds.

Kelly later said she did not believe these beings had a soul or a normal physical presence, but it’s possible her feelings were due to the immense alien “aura” they exhibited. That, in addition to the fast and unusual “phasing/floating” manner in which they move has been documented to induce powerful frightening effects in Human beings. The Type One Greys, both with gray skin, brown skin and white skin move in this same manner. [14]

Black ETs with Red Eyes:HybridsRising.com


Kelly Cahill had severe enough physical after-effects from this experience she had to be in hospital twice in the weeks following the abduction. Another interesting feature about this case is the fact that another car was seen parked on the road near the craft and the couple in that car stated they, too, had not only seen the craft that same night, but were also abducted and remembered physical procedures being done to them. [15]

Glowing Red Eyes


As with the Kelly Cahill case, we have other reports of dark skinned beings with red eyes, whilst some are reported to have eyes that are of a dull golden colour. The red eyes associated with the Tall Blacks are described and pictured as large and bulging. The dull golden colour of the eyes of Tall Blacks are smaller and more Human like (Hybridization?) and thus may in fact depict a more realistic picture of their eyes.

In the Cahill case, the HR Team believes the beings were most probably wearing a type of mask over their faces which also covered their eyes. This would explain the large, overly bulging eyes, the red glow they shown and the feeling from Kelly that they didn’t have a soul. Masks generally appear as “dead pan” facial features and we strongly believe this is indeed what Kelly saw.

The colour red is also used by Humans at night in situations where one is required to preserve the night-time effect on the eyes. Examples are during star gazing and map reading. Red lights are used in the cockpit of airplanes, inside submarines, and in research laboratories where animals are not affected by a red light, thus keeping them in their nocturnal environment whilst the scientists observe them. The Tall Blacks Kelly Cahill and her family saw might have been using the glow of a red light which was part of the mask itself to facilitate their night vision capabilities whilst on our planet.

The effect of red light on Human beings and perhaps Tall Blacks as well, are summed up succinctly here:

“(1) The parts of your eye responsible for night vision is essentially blind to red light, so red light preserves night vision because the rods are essentially unaffected.”

“(2) The fovea of the eye, where you see the most detail, has the least rods. Red light stimulates the cones in the fovea allowing you to see good detail while not burning out the rhodopsin in the rods.”

“(3) Green and blue green light bleaches the rhodopsin in the rods, making them less sensitive to dim light (a fact frequently overlooked), while red does not.”

“(4) Intense red light will produce afterimages that can overlap with night vision perceptual fields, so keep the red light as dim as possible.”

“(5) For most users, a very dim white light will work nearly as well as a dim red light, since the levels at which preserving night vision are critical (astronomy - perception of extremely dim stars) are rarely needed by the average user.” [16]

Tall Blacks as a Hybrid Species

The height of the taller females is nearly the same as the black being in the photograph mentioned by Norman Bergrun (7 feet or nearly so) and their skin is also very black. Some of their torsos or stomachs also protrude slightly and their “aura” or the feeling when one is near them is similar to what Kelly Cahill expressed; although not exactly, i.e., “without a soul,” Tall Blacks appear to be very intimidating and “commanding” and as telepathically powerful as the Mantis-Insectoid beings who we hypothesize to be at the top of the hierarchy.

It is the HR Team’s strong supposition that if the Tall Blacks are not a separate species, they are in fact a Hybrid species created from the Black Mantises with probable Human DNA added in. Human DNA is something they obviously need and we know this through the Abductee-Experiencer who was told to calm the little boy whilst telling him why he was there. It was a most unmistakable message:

You will give them life…a little at a time… Each time you are brought here, you will give them life.”

When comparing the Black Mantises and the Reptilian-Dracos line, the HR Team would have to admit they are both the most alien appearing Extraterrestrials the HR Team has come across to date. This is one of the reasons we placed the Mantis-Insectoids at the “top” and the Reptilian-Dracos at the “bottom.” It is not a “ladder” so much as it is a Möbius strip: an order that meets itself when travelled far enough.

A controversial yet thought provoking article was published in the on-line publication entitled The Canadian in 2010 by Nigel Kerner linking Racism to Extraterrestrials. If you have not read it, we recommend that you do. It is not wise to paint all Extraterrestrials with the same brush, therefore the HR Team does not fully endorse everything Nigel Kerner has put forth. Whilst the presence and perseverance of the Tall Blacks obviously refutes the all encompassing view that Kerner puts forth, there are certain aspects of the Contact phenomenon which hold true with what he is hypothesizing. [17]


Neandertal Hybrid:HybridsRising.com

Neandertals were a Handsome Species


“Researchers have discovered fish, birds, mice, fruit flies and other animals in the wild carrying DNA from parents of different species. Perhaps the biggest shocker of all was the 2010 discovery that humans had interbred with Neandertals after leaving Africa. Humans still carry genetic souvenirs of the encounters (SN: 6/5/10, p. 5). These discoveries would seem to contradict the biological species concept, which holds that separate species can’t mate and produce fertile offspring.”

This image is credited to The History Channel’s Neandertal Apocalypse which we highly recommend.

We hope this window into the Tall Blacks has been helpful and educational. We urge you to continue your search for other accounts of these beings, but always keep in mind; there is a lot of misinformation (false or inaccurate information that is spread unintentionally) as well as disinformation (false information that is spread intentionally) on the Internet, so seek wisely.

Continue Reading the Hybrid Project at: The Greys

Images and Alien Abduction Activities of Mantis-Insectoids, Tall Blacks, Greys, Brown Dwarfs, Wrinkled Humanoids, Hybrids and The New Race of Children, The Blues, Tall Whites, Blond-Nordics, Reptilians, Dracos and Amphibians.



IMAGE Credits: Hybrids Rising Team Members and The Hybrids Project Team. Other links to open source images can be found in the Sources below.

* Keepers are Experiencers who have long established relationships with the beings and are not fearful of them. Keepers are telepathically instructed (oftentimes telepathically commanded) to maintain order whilst Humans are on board the beings’ craft and are being “processed” for lack of a better term. This can involve anything from walking their Co-Experiencer to a specific location, keeping people lined up and orderly, and watching over small children who have also been abducted. Read more in: Alien Agenda.

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