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The Greys

Extraterrestrials with Gray Skin

By Hybrids Rising


Tall Grey ET and ET Experiencer

A solid core of Abductee-Experiencers have been reporting differently appearing types, and perhaps even species of Greys over the past 70 years. It’s likely these reports go back further than that, but for purposes of this discussion, we will focus on what are considered modern day cases of Contact.

Whilst several websites currently publishing information pertaining to this subject tend to list each differently appearing Grey as originating from one particular star system, constellation or another, with each physical variation, no matter how slight having their own special designation and star system; it is likely that none of these designations are 100% accurate. No one except those with a need-to-know within agencies and corporations who are privy to their activities (Breakaway Humans) likely has intimate knowledge of where they come from.* It is probable that some of the information we have received concerning their origins is accurate, but it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to validate the information. If you have an interest in where these beings might originate and want to read more, it is discussed further in our document entitled Does A Rose By Any Other Name Smell Just As Sweet? [1]

Unique Qualities and Shared Consciousness

Contact Experiencers have observed that many of the beings have very delicate bodies and many are described as very frail. Some have touched their hands and have described them as seeming feather weight or have feel they felt their bones may be hollow as are the bones of birds. There is speculation that some might in fact have characteristics similar to that of the type of dinosaur called Theropods which shared a common ancestry with birds. [2]

One fascinating concept we have learned about the beings, and about ourselves, is that of a shared or dual consciousness. Some beings, including certain Greys appear to be able to place their consciousness into another body, at least temporarily. This has been described by Abductee-Experiencers as a dual consciousness between them and the Grey or another type of being. Other Experiencers have described the sharing of consciousness as if a life force were actually being exchanged or they felt they actually entered into a different physical body.

Examples of a shared consciousness or dual consciousness are when a Grey appeared to die and the Experiencer saw its life force enter what they believed to be a Blond Nordic child or perhaps a Human Hybrid child who had blond hair and pale skin. The child was alive and appeared to have its own consciousness prior to taking on that of the Grey so in effect, his body contained two consciousnesses. Another Experiencer exchanged bodies with another Human who had also been abducted and was able to experience all of the emotions they were experiencing. In a third example, the life force of a Blond entered into the Experiencer in order to interact with another Experiencer.

Since this article was originally published, we have two new links to share involving shared consciousness. One involves Mantids or Mantis appearing beings and the other is from the original book source that is now published on-line. [3]

Dan Wright’s research entitled the Abduction Transcription Project reported that “Three persons said that they felt that they (their souls) had been placed somehow into the body of a gray alien. They recognized their own hands as those of a gray entity. (Since there were no mirrors available, they couldn’t tell what the rest of their bodies looked like.) One commented that his body felt ‘much slimmer than his normal stocky frame.’” [4]

“Two of the three remembered that the purpose of their being placed in an alien body was due to the fact that the ship was about to travel “inter-dimensionally” and a change to the body with a different vibration was necessary. These few individuals felt a strong connection with the aliens and even felt that they, in fact, had a dual existence. Sixteen of the subjects voiced a conviction that the ‘entities are their true forbearers.’” [5]

Other examples include the Experiencer’s life force or consciousness entering into Animals and they in turn felt the instinctual nature and drive of the particular animal. A final example is when an Experiencer’s consciousness entered a primate’s body during a lab experiment which was causing extreme pain and trauma to the animal. The subject described the pain as “so intense that I wanted to die…simply to have the lab doctors look at me whilst in the body of the monkey caused me severe pain…I wanted to die.” [6]

These types of shared or dual consciousness “exercises” for lack of a better term, occur more often than one might think, and as you can see from the examples provided, they are very disturbing and difficult for Experiencers to endure. The HR team believes these types of shared consciousness exercises are carried out mainly for teaching purposes, both for the Experiencer as well as the Extraterrestrial being. There is also the possibility that Dan Wright’s subjects were correct and this is done so the Abductee-Experiencer can travel though a different type of space. Some beings also lack the level of emotions Humans possess and they are learning through us. Others appear more advanced in this area and are teaching Humans about empathy for other Humans as well as empathy for Animals. On a darker note, some may also be carried out as a means of punishment on the Abductee Experiencer. These exercises have reportedly been carried out by Greys, Blond Nordics and ET Human Hybrids.

A particularly interesting case involving this shared consciousness was carried out on what the Abductee-Experiencer was told and saw as White Sands, New Mexico during the 1990’s. The subject found themselves on a military base and in the presence of high ranking Naval officials and at least one scientist. They were told they “…wanted to study the alien within [them].”  The demeanour of the Naval officials who were present was one of extreme discomfort bordering on fear. Whilst the subject believed they appeared normal on the outside, the HR Team believes the Abductee-Experiencer’s consciousness was actually inside the Grey and they were experiencing a state of dual or shared consciousness. This is the reason why the Naval commanders, one whom was an Admiral, were so uncomfortable being in his/her presence. We suspect they were not seeing a Human, but rather, a Grey, and this has extreme implications on several levels. [7]

A Reproductive Focus

One of the main reasons ETs are abducting certain Humans lies in their desire to procreate as well as their desire to collect and utilize particular types of DNA. They choose people according to familial genetic lines and it has everything to do with acquiring the specific type of DNA they need. Experiencers have been told their bodies contain “the equivalent of gold” and their “…bodies are able to create genes [they] desperately need.” During a Tall Black ET encounter, this was spoken: “You will give them life…a little at a time… Each time you are brought here, you will give them life.”

Greys removing Fetus from Alien AbducteeThis “life” they speak of could actually be “alien DNA” as one Experiencer was recently told and the HR Team believes this is a logical supposition. If it is true, then they are searching for the compatible alien DNA that lies within our bodies for their particular species. This lends credence to the theory that we did not evolve naturally or according to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, and there was some type of interference or alteration made to early Hominids. The aliens’ desire for specific DNA has been documented by abduction researchers and Experiencers so many times over the past 70 years that it is now a given – a known fact of the Contact Experience. More regarding this subject can be read about on this site in Alien Agenda and The Hybrids and The New Race of Children. [8]

Types of Greys

The following discussion covers the different basic types of Greys that have been reported over the past 70 years, and as with Humans and other Primates, the Greys all have slight variations in their appearance and skin colour and tone. In other words, one cannot paint the Greys with one brush. We have done our best to provide you with the most trustworthy and accurate representations and we feel these accurately represent the basic types of Greys that Humans who are experiencing Contact encounter most often.

Physical Commonalities & Differences

The group of beings referred to as The Greys have skin colours ranging from light gray to dark gray; dark bluish gray to steel gray; as well as skin tones in the tan to brown range. Despite their different skin tones, with the exception of their heights, their overall physiology is similar and they are normally categorized according to their height and observed hierarchical status relating to their behaviour and the tasks they are seen performing during the procedural processes that are carried out on Abductee-Experiencers.

Nearly all of the Greys have arms that are proportionally longer than Human arms, and some appear to have an extra arm joint, as do their four fingers. Not surprisingly, the taller Greys appear to have extra leg joints. Very few have discernable ears and their noses are nearly nonexistent as are their lips. No hair is reported unless they are donning a wig for camouflage purposes (discussed in further detail on this page and others). All Greys (as well as most other advanced beings) are telepathic and use mind to mind - “through the eyes” - optic nerve communication methods. From reviewing cases and the literature regarding alien implants, it appears that some beings may accomplish this or enhance this type of communication with the use of neural implants placed in the subject whilst still in the womb or during early childhood. We also believe it is possible due to a specific transgene being present in Abductee-Experiencers and/or the specific unlocking or activation of what scientists refer to as “junk DNA,” which is now theorized to be of Extraterrestrial origin.


Grey Alien ET


The Grey pictured above is one of the shortest types and this general form is ofttimes referred to as a Type One, Type I or Old Grey. These shorter Greys are three to 3-1/2 feet (1 meter) tall and move by floating or levitating themselves. These Greys have been described as having a very unusual energy associated with them and people normally react out of an instinctual fear the first time they encounter one. Their method of locomotion can be so quick they sometimes appear to be moving as if floating and at times appear to be in a phased like state, seemingly appearing for brief moments to be in two places at once. This type of movement was also described in the Kelly Cahill case, which is covered in our Tall Blacks document. The small Type One Greys do not wear clothing as we understand it, and exterior genitalia have not been described.

Greys Floating ETs

Another being that would fall into the Type One category would be the ones Betty Andreasson saw in 1977. Her account was published in Raymond Fowler’s The Andreasson Affair in 1979. The shortest beings she saw wore what appeared to be “soldier” uniforms and when they passed through a closed door in her kitchen, they moved in a “jerking motion that left a vapory image behind.” This “vapory [after] image” tells us the beings Betty Andreasson saw moved in a very similar manner as the tan or brown Type One Grey pictured above.


The next group of Grey is ofttimes referred to as Type Two or Type II Greys. It is theorized the “Watcher” Greys (discussed in the next section) fall into the Type Two category because there is a bit of overlap between those Greys and these more technical or scientist type Greys. Betty’s Greys were indeed very technical and task oriented and they should probably be categorized as Type Two.

Type Two Greys are slightly taller and stand 4 to 4-1/2 feet (1.2 – 1.4 meters) tall. They generally have gray to chalk white skin. They wear gray, tight fitting body suits and all look very much alike, which has led some to assume they are clones. Again, no one truly knows if they are clones or even manufactured beings, or if they are simply extremely task oriented and telepathically connected therefore creating a link between themselves similar to that of a “hive” or group mind. Because a group of beings “all look the same” and carry out similar functions, it does not necessarily validate our interpretation of their appearance and place within their social structure. These Greys appear to stand on their feet and have also been seen levitating or floating slightly above the ground as their form of locomotion.

Alien Grey Medical Procedure on HeartTheir dedication to scientifically oriented tasks has led them to be remembered most often as the beings that perform various medical and technological procedures on Abductee-Experiencers. The medical technology they, as well as other species of beings employ is near to what one would imagine to be “Star Trek” medical technology. Some of the procedures they perform seem to have an interdimensional quality to them and the devices they use can instantly cut, cauterize, close and heal Human and Animal tissues nearly simultaneously.

In the image above, the two Greys are performing a procedure on the Contact Experiencer’s heart after she was in extremely close proximity of a lightning strike, and she may have in fact been hit, although no burns were reported. There was a square area “cut” into her chest and because of the pain, the Experiencer claimed to have left her body. As she looked down at herself lying on the table whilst the Greys worked on her, she saw nothing but blackness inside the square area of her chest, as if it were in ...another space or dimension. The beings then told the Experiencer, “We are repairing your heart. You will be okay now.” After that, she returned to her body which still lay on the table and continued to experience the excruciating pain until she became unconscious shortly thereafter. [9]

Other Abductee-Experiencers have witnessed people having their abdomens opened up, seeing the organs removed, examined and then placed back into the abdominal cavity with almost as much ease as a Human would change a light bulb. It is difficult to deny that with their technical and medical proficiency and the similarity of their physiological attributes, these Greys may indeed be a combination of the biologic combined with the technologic; and the HR Team is referring to these beings as Synthoids: beings that are organic and synthetic, yet still more sentient than most Humans can accept.

Short and Tall Grey ETs

Another type that is similar to the Type Two Greys is known from one of the most famous Contact Experiencer cases; again, that of Betty Andreasson. Greys are depicted in her illustrations as having much lighter skin and are again, about 3-1/2 feet (1 meter) tall and are seen wearing tight fitting body suits and short boot-like footwear. As is typical of these experiences, Betty Andreasson’s also involved a taller being who looked similar to the shorter ones. Unlike the short Tan Type One Grey, these Greys do not move rapidly or phase shift as a form of locomotion, but rather often walk in single file and appear to float at times. The Andreasson Greys are commonly referred to as Watchers since they told Betty they are “watching over [our] planet.” [10]

There is a type of Grey that falls within this height group, but is somewhat different as well, in that they may also have been created by cloning or other technologically enhanced ways that do not involve procreation as we understand it. These Greys are the same height as Type Two Greys, but have a more Human appearance to them (smaller eyes and eye sockets) whilst at the same time, appearing similar to the Greys. It is possible they are a Hybrid variation of the Type Two Grey and/or Synthoids.

Although somewhat rare, it has been reported by Abductee-Experiencers that they hit or accidentally or purposefully killed one of these beings because of the pain and/or fear they were inflicting during a particular medical procedure. When the being was struck and apparently died, the skin of the being dried up and disintegrated due to the damage it incurred. This process occurred quite rapidly and it is for this reason these particular beings are suspected of being different. Again, another possibility is they are a medium stage Human Hybrid Grey and/or Synthoid.

The next group of Grey is sometimes referred to as a Type Three or Type III Grey. They stand about 5-1/2 feet to six feet (1.7 – 1.8 meters) tall and have a prominent forehead consisting of a bony ridge around their eyes and forehead area. They are sometimes referred to as pilots or navigators since they are most often seen piloting various types of craft. These beings are considered Greys, but they, as well as Hybrids ofttimes don wigs in order to conceal their true appearance. In the case of the cigar shaped craft pictured above, each of these Greys has long blond hair and it is unclear if these are wigs or if this species indeed has hair and is perhaps a Hybrid form of Grey. These beings also look very much alike and are telepathic as are most of the Advanced Intelligences discussed on this website.

Grey Alien in cigar UFO Craft

An interesting note about the case this illustration is based upon is the surroundings appeared quite terrestrial and other Humans wearing flight suit type uniforms were seen, which leads us to ponder whether this encounter occurred on a base and on this planet as opposed to an Extraterrestrial craft. The base was located near a body of water and there was a manmade bulkhead along the water’s edge with a concrete platform or paved area adjacent to the bulkhead. The craft in the image above was floating inside a large aircraft hangar.

A similar type of Grey that would fall into this same height category has skin that is dark gray to steel gray in colour. Their facial features are similar and they wear tight fitting gray to light gray body suits, and have been seen standing on two feet and walking and not floating as the aforementioned shorter beings. Still their gait is quite smooth and unlike a Human’s. These Greys have been seen piloting cigar shaped craft, round bottomed and/or bubble shaped craft, rectangular shaped craft, and saucer shaped craft.

Meeting Diplomat Grey ET


The tallest Greys are often referred to as The Leader Greys or The Diplomat Greys and Type Four Greys. They stand approximately 7 feet (2.1 meters) tall and rarely wear light gray tight fitting body suits. It has been hypothesized their skin is covered with a thin film which acts as a body suit or protective covering, but most often they do not appear to wear any clothing. They have tall, thin bodies and as with other Greys, no one has ever seen or described exterior genitalia.



Grey Amoco ET ImageMany of the Tall Greys have light Tan Skin and are referred to as Tans, but since their physical appearance and other attributes are so similar, it is believed they are the same species and, as with Humans, merely have different skin tones. The image on the right was published in 1989 in an Amoco Oil advertisement in Aviation Week and Space Technology. The page the magazine chose to publish their ad on was page 51, an obvious play on the not-so-secret base with the same name, i.e., Area 51. You will find the events that were occurring during the years immediately preceding and following this ad’s publication to be of interest. You can read about this in our document entitled A Slice of Time: How Humanity Ended up on the Wrong Side of Reality. [11]


The Diplomat Greys’ method of locomotion is unique and there has been only one other species of being that has been described as having a similar gait and those are the Mantis-Insectoids. When the Leader Greys or Diplomat Greys walk, they bend over slightly and their upper body-torso slowly moves forward and upward simultaneously and then backward and downward simultaneously as their legs move. It is suspected this is because of their extreme height and the structure of their backbone with the back, torso and leg movements working specifically in tandem. The HR Team believes that due to The Diplomat Greys’ telling gait, they are genetically related to the Mantis-Insectoid beings, through genetic manipulation and they may, in fact, be a Hybrid Species.

Their Positions

Triangle UFO Craft of Greys

It appears the tallest Greys are acting as liaisons and ambassadors between the extremely “alien” appearing Mantis-Insectoids and certain Humans, including certain Abductee-Experiencers who are called Keepers.** The Type Four or Diplomat Greys are normally accompanied by two to three Type Two Greys who, according to their stance and mannerisms, are the Diplomat Greys’ entourage or aids or guards who attend the Diplomat Greys as pictured above. We also have eye witness testimony that the triangular shaped craft pictured above (left) belong to the Tall Greys with Tan skin as well as the shorter Greys.

Two other types of Grey are also reported and they appear to be a variation of the ones mentioned previously. They are sometimes referred to as “old ones” (image on right) and “beaked aliens” (image on left). The HR Team believes it is possible this being was wearing a mask. Two well known cases involving these beings are the Rosalind Reynolds UK Abduction case as published in Without Consent by Philip Mantle and Carl Nagaitis and The Allagash Abductions, written by the American researcher and author Raymond Fowler about the multiple witnessed abductions involving Jim and Jack Weiner, who are identical twins, and Charlie Foltz and Chuck Rak. [12]


Allagash ET AbductionReynolds Old Grey ET











Betty and Barney Hill

On September 19, 1961 in Lancaster, New Hampshire, the now famous abduction of Betty and Barney Hill occurred. The Greys involved in their abduction stood about 5 feet tall (1.5 meters) and had broad foreheads and what some refer to as dark “wrap around eyes.” The Hill’s Greys wore what appeared to be dark coloured uniforms (trousers and a waist length jacket) and boots that appeared to slip on, similar to Betty Andreasson’s Greys. [13]

Notice the similarities between the image David Barker illustrated when working closely with Barney Hill and the image on the right depicting a similar Grey type being Abductee-Experiencer DI interacted with in 1994. Notice however the contrast of this being’s vivid blue eyes.


Betty and Barney Hill AbductionGrey White ET Alien Abduction














Updated * A New Report Involving The Tall Greys

Transformation of an Extraterrestrial Being

After a telepathic exchange between a Contact Experiencer and what is ofttimes referred to as a Tall Grey with light tan skin, the subject was left feeling hopeful “as if he loved us and cared for us…” The being told the subject, “…you can choose to experience this phenomenon in one of two ways: fearful and negative or hopeful and positive.” You can choose to be a victim or you can choose to be a participant: learn, and teach others of their potential. The being implied that whatever way one wished to experience it, was how it would be for that person. Perhaps it is the old adage: Thoughts are Things.

The subject then witnessed something they stated they found incredible. Indeed, anyone would find this incredible and we believe this was clearly done as a demonstration solely for the witness. When it was time for the Grey to leave, the being walked up to a wall that had a closed window in it. Due to his tall stature, he had to bend down a bit. He then made his body fit the size of the window and, miraculously, melded with the glass in the window for a brief moment. At that instant, the subject saw that the being literally became a solid piece with the glass in the window. The subject stated, “I could see him and something yellow and possibly blue. For an instant, they were both solid, and then he appeared to press his body through the window and he passed right through it.”

It appears this particular type of being, and perhaps all of their species, is capable of manipulating both their own bodies as well as solid matter at the molecular level without any ill effects biologically or materialistically. We have many, many reports of people stating they were floated through walls, ceilings and closed windows and it is clear, in this case, the being was providing the subject with a demonstration of how they accomplish this. We may not understand the physics behind it yet, but it is clear they have mastered this level of technology or this is a component of their physical existence and perhaps –  just perhaps – this level of existence is possible for all of us. Read account here.


Variations in Earth species within Primates and other Animals exist and so too are there variations in the Greys. We hope this window into the Greys has been educational. The reports referenced in this document may not all be related to the same species of Greys, and some may in fact be ET Hybrid beings (discussed in The Hybrids and the New Race of Children). There is some obvious overlap in the descriptions and activities of the different types of Greys since the majority appear to be working together and towards a common goal.

If you rely on the Internet for your information about the Greys remember, there is a lot of misinformation (false or inaccurate information that is spread unintentionally) as well as disinformation (false information that is spread intentionally) so seek wisely.

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IMAGE Credits: Hybrids Rising Team Members and The Hybrids Project Team. Other links to open source images can be found in the Sources below. The HR Team would like to thank Raymond Fowler, Betty Andreasson, The Allagash Four, Kathleen Marden, Philip Mantle and Rosalind Reynolds for their assistance and support in use of the images for this document.

* The “need to knows” are often referred to as the Shadow Government or Breakaway Humans. It is from within this group that specific individuals are tracking and interacting with some Extraterrestrials as well as re-abducting Abductee-Experiencers (MILABs). You may refer to A Slice of Time for an overview about the history of ufology, secret government experiments and projects concerning Human beings and the genesis of deep black, black-ops, and so-called working groups.

** Keepers are Experiencers who have long established relationships with the beings and are not fearful of them. Keepers are telepathically instructed (ofttimes telepathically commanded) to maintain order whilst Humans are on board the beings’ craft and are being “processed” for lack of a better term. This can involve anything from walking their Co-Experiencer to a specific location, keeping people lined up and orderly, and watching over small children who have also been abducted. Read more in: Alien Agenda.

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