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Thank you Ryan Graves, David Grusch, and David Fravor. Our sincere thanks go out to these brave men and their families and to our friends and colleagues in the Exo-Political Community for making this incredible hearing possible.




Ryan Graves, David Grusch, and David Fravor testifying under oath at the House Oversight & Accountability Committee’s National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs Subcommittee’s hearing on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena on July 26, 2023, in Washington. – Photo Credit, Elizabeth Frantz / Reuters


The media has an obligation to the people and to the World to accurately report, and to provide equal airtime, regarding the UFO – UAP topic.



Image Credit, Richard Dolan


Five Memorable Moments from The House Oversight Committee hearing on UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena)/UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects)


Americans for Safe Aerospace

Americans for Safe Aerospace is a military pilot led 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to aerospace safety and national security with a focus on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP). ASA was founded by Ryan Graves, a former Lieutenant U.S. Navy F/A-18 pilot, who was the first active duty pilot to come forward to Congress about UAP. https://www.safeaerospace.org/


An excellent, must-see commentary prior to The House Oversight Committee hearing on UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena)/UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) that took place on July 26, chaired by Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-Wis.) with crucial questions being asked by Representatives Anna Paulina Luna, R-FL, and Tim Burchett, R-TN among others.



June 17, 2020. – Ordered to be printed


Mr. Rubio, from the Select Committee on Intelligence, submitted the following REPORT together with MINORITY VIEWS

[To accompany S. 3905]

… “Advanced Aerial Threats”

“The Committee supports the efforts of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force at the Office of Naval Intelligence to standardize collection and reporting on unidentified aerial phenomenon, any links they have to adversarial foreign governments, and the threat they pose to U.S. military assets and installations. However, the Committee remains concerned that there is no unified, comprehensive process within the Federal Government for collecting and analyzing intelligence on unidentified aerial phenomena, despite the potential threat. The Committee understands that the relevant intelligence may be sensitive; nevertheless, the Committee finds that the information sharing and coordination across the Intelligence Community has been inconsistent, and this issue has lacked attention from senior leaders.

Therefore, the Committee directs the DNI, in consultation with the Secretary of Defense and the heads of such other agencies as the Director and Secretary jointly consider relevant, to submit a report within 180 days of the date of enactment of the Act, to the congressional intelligence and armed services committees on unidentified aerial phenomena (also known as ``anomalous aerial vehicles''), including observed airborne objects that have not been identified.

The Committee further directs the report to include:

1. A detailed analysis of unidentified aerial phenomena data and intelligence reporting collected or held by the Office of Naval Intelligence, including data and intelligence reporting held by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force;

2. A detailed analysis of unidentified phenomena data by:

a. geospatial intelligence;
b. signals intelligence;
c. human intelligence; and
d. measurement and signals intelligence;

3. A detailed analysis of data of the FBI, which was from investigations of intrusions of unidentified aerial phenomena data over restricted United States airspace;

4. A detailed description of an interagency process for ensuring timely data collection and centralized analysis of all unidentified aerial phenomena reporting for the Federal Government, regardless of which service or agency acquired the information;

5. Identification of an official accountable for the process described in paragraph 4;

6. Identification of potential aerospace or other threats posed by the unidentified aerial phenomena to national security, and an assessment of whether this unidentified aerial phenomena activity may be attributed to one or more foreign adversaries;

7. Identification of any incidents or patterns that indicate a potential adversary may have achieved breakthrough aerospace capabilities that could put States strategic or conventional forces at risk; and

8. Recommendations regarding increased collection of data, enhanced research and development, and additional funding and other resources.

The report shall be submitted in unclassified form, but may include a classified annex...”

Continue Reading…


Extraterrestrial Life Amoco Tan Grey


The 1980’s was a highly transitional time that revealed a plethora of new information regarding ET Contact on Earth.

In November of 1989, AMOCO placed this full-page advertisement in Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine. Read about what else was happening...


Astronomers Say It is Time to Take the Search for ETs Seriously



Edgar D. Mitchell, Sc.D.

Explains the UFO [UAP] Cover-Up

“We have to remember that right after World War II, the Army Air Force was separated and became the Air Force, [two] separate branches of service. And the OSS, which was the Office of Special Services, was disbanded and eventually became the CIA. So, here was a major military organization and a major intelligence organization totally in disarray, new founded, didn’t know what they were doing after World War II, and not really reorganized yet. And, as a result of that, the President, Truman at that time, convened a very high level committee to examine this alien, or UFO phenomenon. They did come to the conclusion that it was alien, and the military rightly came to the conclusion that if they’re hostile, there’s nothing they can do about it; therefore their choice was to deny it and to hush it up and to create the National Security Act of 1947, which validated that…deception and to cover it up and allowed the group to go underground, as it were. And, we’ve been living with that now for [over] 50 years, which is really the beginning of the whole cover-up – the entire denial of this phenomenon. And, [with] the addition of dismissal, disinformation and misinformation to cloak and to discourage investigation…misinformation – it’s been continuous for many, many years now.”

“Eventually it came away from the fear, I believe, of not being able to protect and do their duty to the notion of power and control – controlling the knowledge and the technology. And, the group that is involved in that is still doing it.” - Edgar Mitchell

The Many Faces of Area 51



“Ufology and the world at large lost a dear friend and brilliant mind, Robert Laurence, on November 1st, 2018, 26 days shy of his 78th birthday. Bob endured escalating pain associated with leg problems and infection for 14 years before his heart finally failed.”

“Bob told us about the close encounter he had in June, 1963 which was investigated in 1983 by J. Allen Hynek and Mark Rodeghier of CUFOS. We invited him to join us at our next support group meeting and from then on he was an integral part of our monthly meetings. He was the glue that held things together and helped other members feel more comfortable talking about their experiences.”




Major UFO Sighting: Multiple Pilots Witness and Report UFOs in Ireland - Video and Article Here




The Phoenix Lights Graphic Novel and Activities Coloring Book, by Lynne Kitei, M.D. introduces a new generation to the 1997 Phoenix Sightings. The book shows a series of full-color renderings of what was actually observed by witnesses (to scale by map maker David Wisbey with photos and locations) and shows the black ink equivalent ready for the child or adult to color in – and it’s not just for children – adults will learn a lot too.







Do you think anyone would have photos of this helicopter had one not crashed during operation Neptune Spear? An advanced version of this craft was originally seen and reported over 20 years ago in 1997 by a MILAB (an abductee who has also had ‘encounters’ with black-ops appearing personnel). Read about Stealth NS/2059




Multiple Witnessed Sightings of Bonafide ET Craft

Military Mass Abduction

Photos “too clear to be real”

Gulf Breeze: An Insider's Perspective

What happens when you Videotape an ET

SERPO: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

The Belgium UFO Wave, What really Happened

The Stephenville Sightings, Yes, there was ET Contact

The Ariel School Sighting, The kids are grown now, but their story hasn’t changed...

The Hudson Valley UFO Wave ... so much more information, but here's a good place to start...

The Phoenix Sightings ... the only flares were the ones that were part of the Air Force’s Disinformation campaign (after the mass sightings of course)...

Humans are Catching up with ET...

Printing a Saucer-Shaped UFO Craft from Earth’s Soil

“I was told the device extracted all the components it needed from the soil to produce this alloy [for the craft]. The components it uses are minerals at the molecular level. It was very fast and the primary base outline was completed in about 20 minutes.”



Edgar Mitchell UFO“...Truman at that time, convened a very high level committee to examine this alien, or UFO phenomenon. They did come to the conclusion that it was alien, and the military rightly came to the conclusion that if they’re hostile, there’s nothing they can do about it; therefore their choice was to deny it and to hush it up and to create the National Security Act of 1947, which validated that…deception and to cover it up and allowed the group to go underground, as it were....And, the group that is involved in that is still doing it.” - Dr. Edgar Mitchell, NASA astronaut, American pilot, and retired Captain in the United States Navy




Tiny Humanoids in Alien Abduction ET Contact Cases


DNA Deep Throat and The Star Child Skull

DNA Sequencing and Bias in the Peer Review Process





Looking at Earth from Space


Orion and the Glass Spaceship






Triangle ET Craft Flying in Formation


Triangle UFO Witness Sees Mass Abduction





Two Tall Whites Think Twice


Tall Whites Think Twice








Video of Hybrid Project on Earth


Hybrids Project Video




So Much to Cherish - So Little Time...


Stephen Hawking’s Last Paper May Lead to Proof of a Multiverse


Ultrathin 2-D Metals get their own Periodic Table




Are Humans Worth Saving?

Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction: Six Videos

The Sixth Mass Extinction on Earth is Already Underway








“No clear starting time or location ever existed for our species. The first biological stirrings of humankind occurred at a time of evolutionary experimentation in the human genus, Homo.”

Separate Species Can Mate and Reproduce Fertile Offspring - Humans Interbred with Neandertals after leaving Africa


“Researchers have discovered fish, birds, mice, fruit flies and other animals in the wild carrying DNA from parents of different species. Perhaps the biggest shocker of all was the 2010 discovery that humans had interbred with Neandertals after leaving Africa. Humans still carry genetic souvenirs of the encounters (SN: 6/5/10, p. 5). These discoveries would seem to contradict the biological species concept, which holds that separate species can’t mate and produce fertile offspring.”


This image was photographed from a tele and is credited to The History Channel’s Neandertal Apocalypse which we highly recommend that you watch.

ETs, Hybrids and The Alien Agenda

CRISPR Gene Editing Moved into Humans in 2017



Bob Lazar Area 51

“Corbell has just released his short film on Bob Lazar in full and for free. This rare look into the most EPIC saga in Ufology is well worth the watch, and it's time to get caught up on the Bob Lazar story, as Corbell has something brewing.” – Stephen Bassett, PRG





SERPO - Never Forget What These People Did





People and Animals are Still Homeless in Puerto Rico at the start of the 2018 Hurricane Season

Disaster Relief Fund for Animals Injured and Homeless in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria

Please Help the Humane Society’s Animal Rescue in Puerto Rico

The long awaited film by Randy Nickerson about the 1994 encounter at the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe and the investigation by Dr. John Mack is almost complete. Please support their campaign to finish this movie and allow this important case to reach the public.


Are Transgenic Beings Already Among Us? - Updated

Included in the above article is an account entitled The Vessel

Views on the Secret Space Program

Panel Discussion about the 'Secret Space Program' with Andrew Basiago, Michael Salla, William Tompkins, and Richard Dolan

At the end of this panel discussion, Michael Salla spoke briefly on eyewitness testimony, stating:

“I do want to point out the political aspect of this. Prior to my becoming involved in Exopolitics, I was actually involved in international peace and conflict resolution and taught courses in human rights and actually was a field investigator… I went to East Timor…Sri Lanka and interviewed many eyewitnesses. I could not ask them for evidence. If they had evidence, they would have been arrested. If I carried evidence out of that country, I would have been arrested. So, the reality is, when you are dealing with a deeply political phenomenon, sometimes it’s very dangerous to ask witnesses or eyewitnesses for evidence; so we have to be mindful of that. We have to factor all of this in because there is a national security dimension to this and some witnesses… their lives are threatened if they actually possess evidence so that they will go to some effort to just not associate themselves with any evidence just for safety reasons.” [...to which Richard Dolan agreed.]

Richard Dolan’s View on Corey Goode and certain SSP claims


Agent D’s View (The Object Report) on Corey Goode

http://theobjectreport.blogspot.com/2017/08/corey-goode.html - Website Closed


Steven Greer’s View about Corey Goode and the possibility of false flag operations


American actor, Yaphet Frederick Kotto, opens up about a lifetime of Extraterrestrial Contact

“This is the time to reveal this because no one can connect it to anything that’s a financial gain or form of media exposure. Now, if someone asks me if I ever experienced anything that’s remotely close to an alien, I’ll say ‘damn right I did.’ It’s happened since I was nine years old and has continued since then.”

Yaphet Kotto is known for numerous film roles, as well as starring in the NBC television series Homicide: Life on the Street as Lieutenant Al Giardello. His films include the science-fiction/horror film Alien, and the Arnold Schwarzenegger science fiction/action film The Running Man. He portrayed the main villain Dr. Kananga/Mr. Big in the James Bond movie Live and Let Die, and appeared opposite Robert De Niro in the comedy thriller Midnight Run as FBI agent Alonzo Mosely. source


ET Contact Involving Africans, African Americans and The Tall Black ETs

ET Alien-Human DNA

Gulf Breeze: An Insider’s Perspective


DDT: Decoy, Distract and TrashHow Disinformation Works

“A former high official at the NSA (National Security Agency) told me about a protocol informally dubbed DDT – that old poisonous chemical, long-banned in much of the world. In this application, it stands for Decoy, Distract and Trash – which is what sophisticated intelligence operatives use to set up some person or group, take them off the trail of something real and important, and trash the person or the subject. This pretty much sums up the lion’s share of all things UFOlogical.”

“All good disinformation has some real, true information contained within it. The mixing of truth with lies makes the lies believable. So by hoaxing a scary alien abduction scenario with serious data, evidence, documents and witnesses, the lie goes down so much more smoothly...” From Dr. Greer’s article: DDT: Decoy, Distract and Trash

Our Partner's New ET Essays Gallery has been Updated

Links to Make You Think


Hybrids Risings’ New Image Galleries

ETs and Beings

ET Craft and Spaceships

Associated Images

Mystery Helicopter Update



Unacknowledged Rated #1 on Itunes’ trailers and in the Top 10 for preorders – Included is an interview with screenwriter and film producer David Marconi and Dr. Steven Greer

Disclosure Lobby - What We're About


Happy Earth Day!


It’s Been Over 70 Years... What Are You Waiting For? – Get Involved!

Push Towards UFO Disclosure

Have We Passed the Point of No Return?


A New Book, by one of our fellow Travelers, Kendra Jonas - Link To The Link

The Link is the invisible thread that connects us to one another and to everything in the universe. Knowing how to connect to The Link is the gateway to accessing a higher consciousness, which some refer to as the quantum field, the cosmic mind, your higher self, super-consciousness, or the source field. http://linktothelink.com/



Sculptor and Artist Cynthia Crawford passed away from a malignant brain tumor in Fall of 2017. Cynthia helped so many people in the past. Rest in Peace Cynthia.






CERO International Hosts

The Faces of Abductees / Experiencers

Featuring David Jacobs, Ph.D., Yvonne Smith, C.Ht., Mary Rodwell, R.N., and Debbie Jordan, Co-Author of Abducted: The Story of The Intruders Continues, and the subject of Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods.





Our Extended Family at Starborn Support Hosted their fifth annual conference, Experiencers Speak.

Speakers included Richard Dolan - Master of Ceremonies, Travis Walton - Fire in the Sky, Charles Foltz - Allagash Abductions Special, Rey Hernandez - F.R.E.E., David Chace, Eric Mitchel, Kewaunee Lapseritis - The Psychic Sasquatch, Andrew Robson - Sasquatch Revelations, Yanick Aumond.


Canadian UFO Disclosure advocate Victor Viggiani Challenges the United States Government to Indict Him

At the first Canadian National Inquiry into UFOs in Brantford Ontario Canada on Saturday, June 25th - stunning news has come out concerning this inquiry’s findings.

Viggiani made public several secret files from ZNN’s Runic Archive of NORAD proving that the phenomenon of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon or UAPs have “been discussed, analyzed, assessed and sequestered at the highest levels of governance and military authority on the planet.” (ZNNews)

In a bold move of defiance to dare the US government to charge him, Victor Viggiani quoted from a NORAD document: “...any distribution of this kind of information threatens National Security and violates the Espionage Act of the United States.”

All of these files are available to the press by contacting ZlandCommunications: zland@sympatico.ca

View Documents: HERE

Read the Detailed Summary of the Experiencer Research Study and Much More


Edgar Dean Mitchell, Sc.D.

We have lost a HERO, an ADVOCATE and a FRIEND

Edgar Dean Mitchell, Sc.D. was an American pilot, retired Captain in the United States Navy and NASA astronaut. As the lunar module pilot of Apollo 14, he spent nine hours working on the lunar surface in the Fra Mauro Highlands region, making him the sixth person to walk on the Moon. Here he explains the UFO Cover-Up in less than five minutes.






“It’s important that we look at our civilization, our place in history; use our tools of science for greater understanding to promote the greater good – That’s what it’s all about.”




Government Agencies Monitor ET Abduction Researchers

U.S. Intelligence Monitoring Ufologists’ Activities


No Matter How Hard They Try, the Debunkers Will Never Succeed in Destroying the Credibility of Betty and Barney Hill or The Hill CE-IV UFO Case


Two New Additions to Hybrids Rising

Shared Consciousness with a Mantid?

Genetic Bioluminescence Identification


HybridsRising.com: Alien-Jigsaw-Banner.jpg

The Alien Jigsaw’s Post-Abduction Body Marks Gallery




www.hybridsrising.com: Robert-O-Dean-MSGT-SHAPE.jpg

Robert O. Dean Speaks after Near Death Experience... “I was sent back...”

“Human beings don’t grasp who you really are. You have a unique genome that is unique in the galaxy” consisting “of at least 12 different races in the Universe…” – Robert O. Dean, MSGT (ret)



Extraterrestrial Organism Captured in Earth’s Stratosphere


www.hybridsrising.com: Secret-Space-Program-Gallery.jpg

Space Force: Theirs? Ours? or Both?




Remembering Cecil the Lion and Other Animals Who Have Suffered
a Similar Fate

“It is not enough, however, to think of different species merely as potential ‘resources’ to be exploited, while overlooking the fact that they have value in themselves….The great majority become extinct for reasons related to human activity. Because of us, thousands of species will no longer give glory to God by their very existence, nor convey their message to us. We have no such right.” – Pope Francis

“… For his [UFO] study, Warren eliminated all women and black men because he relegated both groups to the status inconsistent / marginal category.” – Donald Warren, University of Michigan

“We Are Now Entering the Sixth Major Extinction Facing Earth”

Read this Incredible Account of the Life Changing Consequences of ET Abduction - The Experiencer Research Team Making a Difference by Helping People

Richard Dolan and other informed professionals speaking about our Secret Space Program. For more information, including video presentations, visit The Secret Space Program

“With Ideas You Build Walls In The Mind...”

Book by MUFON Investigator Joseph Flammer entitled UFOs Over Long Island now availble.

Dan Aykroyd promotes The FBI-CIA-UFO Connection by Dr. Bruce Maccabee published by Richard Dolan Press. What does the CIA Really Know?

“Not only have the FBI and CIA investigated UFOs, but both agencies have actively tried to conceal that fact from the public. This book proves it….These agencies collected information which, when combined with evidence collected by Air Force Intelligence, proves that at least some UFOs are interplanetary craft. Furthermore, top Air Force officials knew this over sixty years ago and withheld – that is, covered up – this information from the American people.” – Richard Dolan Press

John Burroughs and his lawyer...victory represents the “U.S. government’s de facto acknowledgement of the existence of UFOs.” We’re delighted to hear this wonderful news! Let’s hope this gets the ball rolling for everyone who was physically impacted by this event so they, too, can receive the health benefits they deserve.

The Ultimate Nature of Existence - by Hybrids Rising



The Dish


The Story of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing from an Australian Perspective

A Movie for the Entire Family

HybridsRising.com: Alien-Jigsaw-Banner.jpg

Alien Jigsaw - Updated and Expanded

“This is good news for the internet audience because Alien Jigsaw is a web portal created by a contactee who has been heavily involved with the ET abduction/contact phenomenon for quite some time and has conscious recall of many interactions with these beings. Like Whitley Strieber and Jim Sparks, Alien Jigsaw is one of the earliest, gold standard authors of the UFO phenomenon and much of what we know today stems from mind boggling revelations and details that were published way back when no one else dared to publish... Alien Jigsaw is online, [and] we have yet another source of level headed and insightful information to help us maneuver all the pieces together to see the global picture." - The Object Report


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