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UFO News Webliography


Alien Alphabet and ET Symbols

Alien Jigsaw and Global ET Research

Americans for Safe Aerospace

Aurora Really Did Exist - Check the Official Military Space 1995 Reference

Ryan Graves' Merged PodCast

The Galileo Project

Garry Nolan, M.D.

George Church, Ph.D. Taking a Stride Toward Synthetic Life

Europe’s Eyes on Earth: Copernicus is the Earth Observation component of the European Union’s space programme, looking at our planet and its environment for the benefit of Europe’s citizens.

Catastrophic Disclosure PodCast

Steven Greer's Disclosure Project Intelligence Archive is now Freely available to the Public

We are thrilled to announce that the Disclosure Project Intelligence Archive is now freely available to the public. Although the archive is operational, it is still in the early stages of its development. There are significant needs for enhancements in refinement, categorization, and labeling to fully realize its potential. We felt it was critically important to launch this archive now, prioritizing open access to information over perfection.


The SOL Foundation And Science, Policy, and Public Education for the Post-UAP World

David M. Jacobs, Ph.D. ICAR: International Centre for Abduction Research
- Author of Walking Among US



Don Crosbie Donderi, Ph.D., UFOs, ETs and Alien Abductions Interview

Full Disclosure is coming...

...because the public can handle the truth.

Harvard Scientists Make Case for Aliens Walking Among Us: The Cryptoterrestrial Hypothesis

The NHIR Institute is focused on advancing science and policies surrounding Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) that is linked to non-human intelligence.

Ross Coulthart, Journalist, Author, Investigator, and Guest Anchor for News Nation

Barbara Lamb, M.S. MFT. DHt. ACCET

Budd Hopkins Tributes

Budd Hopkins’ Intruders Foundation Archived

Budd Hopkins at The Alien Jigsaw

Close Encounter Research Organization, Yvonne Smith's CERO

Denise M. Stoner’s MIB Interactions

Experiencer Research

Elaine Douglass Files: Introduction

Elaine Douglass Memorial Research Site - http://www.elainedouglassfiles.com (check archive.org)

Eve Lorgen's Research Site

Farah Yurdozu Best Selling Author

FREE: Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters

Global ET Research

Harold Egeln's S.P.A.C.E. NYC UFO Explorers

Harvard Astronomer and FREE Video - Rudy Schild

Hybrids Here & Rising

ICAR1 – International Community for Alien Research

ICAR-Montaldo – International Community for Alien Research

John E. Mack, M.D.  Response to NOVA’s Kidnapped By UFO’s?

John E. Mack, M.D. and The John Mack Institute

Kathleen Marden Expert on The Betty and Barney Hill Case - The Hill Case

Kathleen Marden & Denise Stoner’s Abduction Commonalities Final Report

Kathleen Marden’s MUFON Abduction Studies Presentation

OPUS: Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support

Starborn Support on Facebook and Experiencers' Speak

Contactee-Experiencer Corner

Above Top Secret Forum Alien Abduction Illustrations & Cases

Allagash UFO Twins

Australia Close Encounter Network

Mary Rodwell

Blue Star Prophesy by Contactee Miriam Delicado

Chris Augustin Experiencer and Investigator of ETs & UFOs

Contact In The Desert

Debbie Tripp - http://www.debitripp.com/ (check archive.org)

Erin Green Hicks - http://www.starseeds.net/profile/ErinGreenHicks (check archive.org)


Global ET Research

Jim Sparks and Dr. John Mack

Jim Sparks and Others: Alien Alphabet and ET Symbols

Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee, Contact & Human Evolution http://aliencontactandhumanevolution.com/home/joy-s-gilbert-contactee - (check archive.org)

Harold Egeln's S.P.A.C.E. UFO Explorers

Hybrids Here and Rising

Hybrid Children Community Gallery

Inner Voice on Facebook

Melinda Leslie, MILABs and REABS

Nadine Lalich, DHt. Author of Alien Experience Books I and I

Nancy du Tertre: The Skeptical Psychic

Niara Terely Isley, Contactee, Disclosure Advocate and Author

Niara's Book Can be found HERE

Raymond E. Fowler Alien Abductee, Author, Researcher

Travis Walton, Alien Abductee, Fire From The Sky

William J. Konkolesky

Extraterrestrials and Advanced Intelligences

ET Alien Agenda

Möbius Order of Alien Beings

The Greys with Personal Accounts

Tall Whites, Pleiadians & Blond Nordics


Tall Blacks

Reptilians, Dracos and Amphibians

Hybrid Beings and The New Race of Children

Brown Dwarfs

The Blues

Wrinkled Humanoids

Extraterrestrial Craft and Technology

Ancient Stuff

Ancient Origins

Ancestry Of Man

Forbidden Archaeology, Michael A. Cremo

Gods of Eden by William Bramley

ChemTrail Research

Carnicom Institute: ChemTrail Research Papers

Chemtrails: Friend or Foe?


Contactee and Experiencer Art

Alien Alley Art Gallery

Bill Burt & Tall Dwarf Graphics

Christine Kesara Dennett, Contactee and Artist

Cynthia Crawford, Contactee and ET Sculptor - Cynthia has passed...RIP - https://www.youcaring.com/cynthia-crawford-et-sculptor-603608

DYAN is Continuing Cynthia's Work

David Huggins’ Abduction Art (check link below on archive.org)


Kesara Dennet Alien Abductee Art

Kuba Szczepański’s ET Gallery - (check link below on archive.org)


Counter Intelligence - PsyOps

COINTELPRO Counter Intelligence Operations

Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations


Educating Humanity: Alien & Black Ops Technology

Information Warfare Site

Psychological Warfare Techniques

PSYOPS, Psychological Operations

Trevor Paglen’s Six Landscapes (Revealing secrets of U.S.’s BlackOps)

Crop Circles

Crop Circle Connector - Now Nexus http://cropcircleconnector.com/interface2005.htm

Crop Circles

Dark Assets Redeeming Paychecks of Americans

“Aliens Already Here…?”

DARPA's Hypersonics Budget Request

Space Flight's News Re: DARPA

DARPA: Brain Implants and Lost Memories

DARPA: Deep Brain Stimulation: Neurohacking & Transhumanism


Cutting Edge Technology


The Original Secret Space Program Symposium

Cell Phones That See Through Walls & The Human Body

Digital Globe’s High Resolution Satellite Imagery: Get Involved

ET Bio-Neurological Technology

Extreme Tech News from DARPA

Observed ET Technology

Observed ET Craft Technology


Links To Make You Think

Top Menu


Debunking the Debunkers

Debunking The Skeptics

Witnessed UFO Abduction Case: Sean F. Meers and Linda Cortile

EU Research

British UFO Research Association

Colin Andrews

Dr. Synthia Andrews

Synthia Andrews' Path of Healing

Colin Andrews Interviews Joyce Bowles

David Clarke, Ph.D. United Kingdom

Councillor Adrian Hicks

Councillor Hicks and Colin Andrews

French Ufologist Gildas Bourdais

Gildas Bourdais

Gildas Bourdais’ Tribute to Budd Hopkins

Italian UFO Research

Russia's Roswell



Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Official Site

Cong. Carolyn Kilpatrick Praises Testimony at Disclosure Hearings

Congressional Style Hearings on UFO Disclosure at Huff Post


Disclosure Project

ExoPolitics.com: “Relations among intelligent civilizations in the multiverse”

Exopolitics South Africa

Former CIA Official Tells Congressional Panel of Presence of Aliens

Free e-book: Exopolitics and The New World Disorder

Paradigm Research Group, Stephen Bassett


Military, CIA and ETs

Area 51 Virtual Tour

Blue Book Archives

CIA Official Speaks About Presence of ETs on Earth in 1958

CIA Studies of UFOs

CIA, NSA and UFOs 1947-1990

Corso, Philip J.  The Lost Interview

Deep Black or “Dark” Government Documentaries

Heraldry, Steven Aftergood & Military Patches

James E. McDonald - Firestorm - The Killing of a Truthseeker

Richard Hasting’s UFOs and Nuclear Weapons and U.S. Intelligence Monitoring Ufologists’ Activities

Stars and Stripes Discusses UFOs & Nukes

The Vike Files Military and UFOs Blog


Movies, Radio, Videos, Television

Abductees: The Hidden Hand - Movie

Ancient Origins Interview with William Bramley

Ancient Astronauts becomes Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens On History Channel

Brad Meltzer’s Decoded on The History Channel

Chris Holly Researcher, Radio Host, Endless Journey Blogspot

Coast To Coast AM with George Noory

Eve Lorgen on YouTube: Anomalous Trauma, Alien Abductions & The Love Bite

Experiencers' Speak 2013 Video Presentations

George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM, Articles & Radio

Jim Sparks’ MUFON Presentation: Time Travel Is a Fact - video

I Know What I Saw

Kathleen Marden’s MUFON Abduction Studies Presentation

Lorie Barnes’ Things Seen and Unseen Video

Out Of The Blue

Richard Dolan’s 2013 Disclosure Speech

The Greatest Story Ever Denied

UFOs in South America: Disclosure Has Begun


NASA and ETs


NASA Physicist Dr. Eric W. Davis’ UFO Research Confirmed

NASA Secret Transmissions

The Future is now: NASA Document-Video: End of Humanity?

The Future is now: NASA Document PDF



John Greenewald’s The Black Vault

NSA Declassified UFO Documents

NSA Infiltrates & Disrupts Social Media

NSA UFO Document Database

Once Exotic Aircraft

Aurora and Other Old Hotties

Aurora Existed in 1987

Aviation Week

Current Exotic Aircraft


Science, ETs and Crash Reports

Aerial Phenomena Scientific Research into UFOs

Alien Scalpel A&S Research / Implant Removals Dr. Roger Leir - Director

Analysis from the San Augustin Crash Site

A Scientist Looks At The Evidence for ETs and Alien Abductions

Bob Koontz, Ph.D. Experimental Nuclear Physicist

Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D., Gulf Breeze Researcher and Optical Physicist

Bruce Maccabee on Gulf Breeze and Ed Walters

Dr. Roger Leir Alien Implants: The Tip of the Iceberg

Dr. Roger Leir Speaks to Congressional Panel about Implants and their Relationship to UFO Phenomena

Journal of Scientific Exploration

Keith Rowell UFO & Government Secrecy Expert

Leonard Stringfield’s Crash Retrieval Papers

Leonard Stringfield UFO Crash Report-I

Leonard Stringfield UFO Crash Report-II

Private Search on Crash Retrievals and Leonard Stringfield

Leonard Stringfield’s Crash Retrieval Papers Donated to MUFON - But NOT made available to the public

Mark McCandlish and ET Technology

Michio Kaku Says UFOs are Real

Michio Kaku, Ph.D. Physicist

NASA ET Clark C. McClellend’s Stargate Chronicles

Richard H. Hall NICAP Ufologist, Author & Artist

Richard Sauder, Ph.D. Underground Bases, Tunnels and Related

Science and the UFO Phenomenon

Stanton Friedman Ufologist

Timothy Good British Investigative Researcher’s Site

UFOs and Nukes

UFOs and Nukes, Robert Hastings

Sighting [UFO = UAP = ET Craft] Reporting Centres

George Filer’s National UFO Reporting Centre

MUFON Mutual UFO Network

National UFO Reporting Centre, Peter Davenport


Government Targets

John Greenewald’s The Black Vault

Military Whistleblower Speaks about UFOs

Paul Hellyer, Highest Ranking ET Believer

Whistleblower Support Fund

Whistleblowers Governmental Accountability Project

Wide Array of Research Topics

Earthfiles News by Linda Moulton Howe

Edgar Mitchell’s Institute of Noetic Sciences

Edgar Mitchell and FREE's Video

The Phoenix Lights and Edgar Mitchell

Educating Humanity

Wired Magazine’s Danger Room


Disclaimer: The following links were sourced from various individuals and websites. The HR Team is not responsible for their content, implied or otherwise.

Air Traffic Control Scanning - Live (unless it's an ET craft)

A. J. Gevaerd

Antiwar News and Radio

Arthur’s UFO Evidence Arthur L. Greenberg Alien Abductee

Astronomical Viewing Conditions

Australian UFO Network

Black Horizon – Deep Blue Horizon by Steve Douglass

Blacklisted News

Brazilian Centre for Flying Saucer Research

Brazilian UFO Cases & Photos

Bridget Barclay UFO Encounters

Canadian UFO Database

Caviness Report by Alan Caviness

Centre For The Study of ET Intelligence, CSETI

Church of Critical Thinking

CNN Discusses UFOs & Nukes

Coalition For Freedom Of Information

Commercial Flight Tracker Online

Crystal Cloud Graphics

Current UFO Sightings Web Reports, NUFORC

Daniel Neiman Anomalous Experiences

Dave Rudiak, UFO Researcher

Debbie Kauble Alien Abductee UFO Clearinghouse Site

Declassified CIA MK Mind Control Documents

Defence Department FOIA Request Centre

Dennis Balthaser Truthseeker

Documented UFO Cases

Don Ledger Ufologist, Author, Pilot

Donald M. Ware, General Assessment of Extraterrestrial Life

Donald Ware, Lieutenant Colonel USAF (Ret)

Dreamland Resort - Area 51 News

Eileen Nesbitt Alien Abductee: Casebook Fringe Files

Emerging Truths, Unorthodox Views of selected Bible Stories

Enter The Light

Erich Von Däniken

Essential UFO Resources

ETs on Earth in 1958 During The Eisenhower Administration

Eva Abductee, Searching for Truth

Extraterrestrials [through channeling and meditation]

Fastwalkers: UFO and Alien Disclosure

Fate Magazine

FBI FOIA Database

FBI Pressures Internet Providers to Install Surveillance Software

Federation of American Scientists

Feet 2 Fire Radio

Filer’s Files by George Filer

Fluorescence Findings on Body Sites of Abductees

FOIA Documents Index

Forty-Eight Percent in 2013 Believe UFOs Indicate ET Visitations

From Teen UFO Witness to Investigative Writer

Galactic Connection

Global Network Against Nuclear Power and Weapons in Space

Global Security

HAARP & Nick Begich’s Earthpulse Site

Harvard Astronomer Rudy Schild

Harvard Astronomer and FREE Video - Rudy Schild

Health Research Books, Rare and Unusual Books

Hidden UFO Images

Humanoid Reports, Albert Rosales

Ingo Swann, Remote Viewer

Inter Intelligence Communication

Interview with Peter Robbins

Joe Gooch’s It Was Not A Dream

John Foster Alien Abductee UFO Encounters

John Saga Alien Abductee UFO Evidence

Jose Escamilla’s Roswell Rods

Karla Kandace Turner, Ph.D. Memorial Site

Karyn Dolan Facebook

Kithra Esoteric Writer and Researcher

Latest UFO Sightings

Linda Cortile Alien Abductee and The Witnessed Case

Linda Godfrey Investigates Strange Creatures

Linda Moulton Howe and Earthfiles

Lisa Romanek Alien Abductee UFO Insider


Livescience Strange News

Lloyd Pye’s ET DNA Breakthrough

Lloyd Pye’s Starchild Skull

Lobster Conspiracy Magazine Since 1983

Look To The Stars Conference

Majestic-12 Documents

Major Sightings According to Wikipedia

Malevolent Alien Abduction Research, Colleen Johnston Alien Abductee & MILAB

Maps of Mars from Google's Satellite

Maps of The Moon from Google's Satellite

Micah Hanks’ Gralien Report

Mike Rozak’s Writings, Photography and Illustrations

Mind Control Case Summaries

Mind Power News

Missing Times: The News Media’s Complicity in The UFO Cover-up

MIT Discovers Location of Memories

MJ-12: Majestic Documents

Monitoring Space Weather Images

MorningSky'sThe Terra Papers

Mysteries of Sky & Space Conference

National Aviation Reporting Centre

National Paranormal Association

National Press Club

National UFO Examiner, by Roger Marsh

Near Earth Object Program

New England MUFON

New England UFO Conference

New Scientist Space

New Zealand Defence Force UFO Files

News Media’s Complicity in UFO Cover-up

NICAP National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena

Nick Pope Author Journalist

Nick Redfern’s Mysterious Universe

No More Fake News

Northern Ontario’s UFO Research Site

Norwegian UFO Studies

Numinous Intrusions

Off Planet Radio

Official NARCAP Pilot Report Form

Open Minds TV


Oregon MUFON

Our Strange Planet

Out-Post Forum

Paranormal Reports HQ

Peace Education & Activism

Perceiving UFOs: Why Some Do and Others Don’t

Peter Michael Slattery, Abductee

Planet Info Wars

Pleiades Adventures Tom Sanger Experiencer

Police UFO Report Database

Presidential UFO Statements and More

Project 1947

Realufos-Net Video Blog

Regan Lee alien abducteeOrangeOrb.blogspot alien abductee

Remembering John E. Mack

John E. Mack, M.D. Responds to NOVA Debunkery: Kidnapped by UFOs?

Reuters Unusual News

Rich Planet & Richard D. Hall

Richard Alan Miller Physicist

Richard Boylan’s Site

Robert MorningSky

Russian UFO Studies, Kosmopois

Sacred Mysteries

Satellite & Aerial Image Anomalies

Satellite Tracker Heavens Above

Satellite-Space Weather & Flybys

Science Daily

Science Frontiers

Science News from United Press International

Scott Corrales’ Inexplicata

Sean Casteel UFO Journalist & Author

Sean Casteel’s Interviews Leslie Kean

Secret Insignias Black Ops World

Senator Gravel Outlines Plan for U.N. Involvement in Reexamination of UFOs

Simon Parkes & Others on Alien Abduction & MILABs

Skyships Over Cashiers

Soho NASA Observatory

SPACE Contact News

Space News

SpaceX Dragon V2

Spaceweather Forecast

Stan Gordon UFO Researcher

Stephenville Texas Radar Data Video - Animation from Scientific Data

Steve Pearse Star Map Site

Subtle Debunkery? Abductees Go On The Record

Survival Supply Store: Off The Grid Living

That's Classified

The Alien Jigsaw

The Disclosure Project: Video Testimonies

The Epoch Times

The Epoch Times’ Strange Beautiful Skies

The Epoch Times’ Crazy Natural Phenomena

The Federation of American Scientists Blog: Secrecy News

The Linda Cortile Case Site

The Lucius O. Farish Research and Education Trust Site

The Paracast Radio Show

The Scientific Context of the UFO Abduction Phenomenon

The Sirius Project Steven Greer, M.D.

The 21st Century Radio with Bob Hieronimus

Thermal Camera Source

Thermal Security Cameras

Thomas Minderle Alien Abductee Montalk.net

Todd Michaels Alien Abductee Taken By The Greys

Tom Rymer Alien Abductee Life Story

Tom Sanger Pleiades Adventures

Tony Sandy’s Scottish News & Cafe

Tools For Freedom

Top Science Stories of 2013

Tour Area 51

Triangle Craft at Observatory in Norway

Truth Control

U.S. Drone Map

U.S. Intelligence Monitoring Ufologists’ Activities

UFO Burn Unlimited, Abductee, Radio Jack

UFO Case Files On Record

UFO Casebook

UFO Cases of the 1950's

UFO Centre

UFO Chronicles

UFO Disclosure Files on Facebook

UFO Maps with Real Time Reports

UFO Matrix Magazine

UFO Reporting Centre

UFO Sightings By Pilots

UFO Sightings Daily

UFO Stalker

UFO Teacher with Richard Smith

UFO Today Digital Desk

UFOs in Art History

UFOs In Our History

UFOs New Zealand

UFOs Northwest

UFOs Online with Dan Dare

UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On The Record

UK Government National UFO Archives

Unicus Magazine

US Air Force In 2025

USA Today Discusses UFOs & Nukes

Vanity Fair’s Alien Nation: John Mack, M.D.

Vintage UFO Reports, Videos, Contacts and More

Want To Know?

Want To Know’s Media Coverage of UFOs

Wikipedia Captured by Skeptics and Harass Rampantly

Water UFO

World Contactee Day

World Disclosure Day

World Peace One

World UFO Photos and News blog

Xpeditions TV

Your Inner Voice and John Kelly

Your Inner Voice Blogs

Yurdozu: Best Selling Author Farah Yurdozu's Blog (partially preserved by alienjigsaw.com


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