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UAP, Extraterrestrial Bio-Neurological Interface Technology

By Hybrids Rising

We are taking a bit of a different approach with our Bio-Neurological and Interface Technology document and are publishing this information as we received it directly from Abductee-Experiencers who have witnessed certain types of procedures and devices whilst aboard Extraterrestrial craft. Therefore, many of these descriptions are presented as firsthand accounts from Experiencers who are known to us.


Genetic Bioluminescence Identification


In October 2015 a male Contact Experiencer and his mate both remembered interacting with a tall female with short dark hair (possible Hybrid) and two males. The Experiencer described the males as somewhat non-descript, and the man’s mate believed them to be Hybrids and described them as “one being a short, possible Grey Hybrid whilst the other was taller and more human-like.” The information relayed to the first witness follows:

“It was demonstrated to me that gene modification performed at birth or at anytime after birth is used to create bioluminescence for identification purposes. This can be induced by the patient themselves through a Medi-Aural device utilising sound and light.”

“I was told the preferred method was to initiate this technology at birth thus enabling the individual to have better control over it, although I’m uncertain how one might control this technology. The working version would be present at birth or initiated at birth via the parents and their genetic passing of the biotechnology. It was also explained this technology would (or is) utilised for identification purposes as a genetic ID and would, in no doubt, be a wholly unique ID for the individual.”

“Although this information was quite fascinating and astonishing, I was left feeling quite depressed about its use. It meant the technology would, or is being used to track people thus limiting their privacy and even uniqueness as a human being. Yes, it was quite depressing once I contemplated its use and the end result.”

The other subject was shown a container of shiny black objects they understood to be ET technology, of which some were what are referred to as “alien implants” and appeared as tiny combs. Whilst the witness was looking at them, the tall Hybrid female stated,

“You must be afraid of what you are seeing and touching.”

The Experiencer replied to the Hybrid that they were not afraid and told the Hybrid their name and with a “thought” he emphasized to the being they had had “lifelong experiences” and were “certainly not afraid.”

Immediately, the shorter Grey Hybrid began mentally admonishing the subject in a very loud and thunderous “voice,” although the communication was described as telepathic as the shorter Hybrid’s mouth never moved. Another curiosity is this particular Hybrid appeared to be sitting behind a desk with nothing on it and he seemed nearly robotic. During this “admonishing” the taller, more human appearing Hybrid and the female Hybrid observed the subject for their reaction. When it seemed the subject would not be allowed to utter a word in self defence, there was something “felt” from the female Hybrid and the reprimanding ended, thus leaving the Experiencer a few moments to defend their self.

It is not possible to know with 100% certainty, but we suspect this admonishing was carried out as a form of punishment or perhaps merely as a “dramatisation” which some Contact Experiencers and researchers describe as “acting out” for human / hybrid emotional studies. It certainly did not appear to the subject that it contained any truth. Again, the intent was most likely nothing other than to elicit an emotional response from the subject.


Neural Interface “Glasses”

“I experienced a curious event during which I was inside a large shopping centre, but it was quite arcade like. I’ve learned these places are used by extraterrestrials as tools for instruction, testing and conditioning. Some people refer to these as holographic rooms. This is carried out in order to run us through a maze of events to determine how we will react and perform under a certain set of circumstances. As walls morphed into stores or similar areas, I realized I was wearing an unusual head gear that looked like a combination of glasses and a visor. This headpiece had a special lens coming down over one eye. A group of apparent hybrids used this device to alter my surroundings and it was so effective, I was unaware I was wearing it until I saw my reflection at the end of the ordeal. Upon doing so, I noted that one of my eyes was covered while the other was not. The device around my forehead was white and the lens covering my eye was black. The hybrids stood nearby observing me while studying the device and perhaps by their telepathic intuition, I learned that the device contained a neural interface that could make my surroundings ‘morph’ into whatever they wished – or perhaps these morphed places were derived from my own subconscious. Once, it seemed to me, I was aware of the device, their study became ineffective and the ‘game’ as it were, was over.”

Neural Interface Mechanical Log

We have reports of abductee-experiencers using devices called mechanical logs with a bio-neural interface. They are described as a panel which stands approximately 91cm tall and 152cm wide (three feet by five feet). There are rows of flush mounted round devices which are silver in colour and resemble electronic buttons measuring two to three inches in diameter. The panels contain at least two contact points. When one of the round devices is pressed, the mechanical log is activated initiating telepathic communication. One subject reported receiving detailed information regarding the Hybrid Programme and the Contact-Abduction phenomenon. Different panels contain differing types of information regarding the Programme and when one places their head to the panel (neural interface) visual images are seen “within the mind.” Another subject described this akin to physically “plugging [their] brain and consciousness into the device itself.” Aside from the Hybrid Programme and details relating to overall Contact, the device has apparently recorded other subject matter such as MILABs (an acronym for “military abductions of alien abductees”) and “negative beings” and “negative entities,” perhaps existing in spirit form only. A different access point of the mechanical log device speaks of information relating to special or secret projects. One was described to us as Top Shelf and it is not the “TOP SHELF” project that is associated with military-psyops-ufology, but a different project entailing the collection of biological material containing its own consciousness and associated with the Hybrid Programme. Another programme details Project Oval, an underground facility, what some refer to as a D.U.M.B. or “Deep Underground Military Base,” with an ET-Hybrid presence.

Neural Interface Via Soft Palate

This type of neural interface involves the use of a small device with the consistency of stiff paper that is placed in the mouth. It has been described as multicoloured with angular designs on it. When the device is placed in the mouth, it automatically locks onto the roof of the mouth and accesses the neural pathways via the soft palate. The device does not cause pain or salivation. The locking on to the soft palate is automatic, as if the device can read the person’s DNA or sense a biological connection. This occurs whilst the subject stands in front of a somewhat large reflective device.

The object of practice or the procedure is to move a small dull orange light about to wherever the user’s thoughts wish it to move. In other words, the neural interface allows the subject to move a light via thought. When the light is focused on a particular region of the subject’s body, the reflective device makes a clicking sound that indicates it has locked onto that particular area. The next phase involves a display of lines on the subject’s body that form a type of grid pattern. It is believed the next phase involves a type of body scan as faint lines of lights appear on the subject’s body that track parallel and perpendicular to the body leaving a square area in the centre. Subject’s believe this is a type of body scan which allows the machine to accept or read an individual as a retinal scan might be used today. Some subjects believe there is a type of “accessing” that occurs during this process.

The only physical result of the device locking onto the soft palate is a slight protrusion in the middle of the cartilage on the roof of the mouth. It is described as “barely detectable.”

Fibres and Hair-like Strands

Some subjects describe these strands as a cross between fibre optic strands and human hair. They are believed to be, at least partly alive in that they transmit biological material from the subject for use in another biological host. Sometimes only a few strands are reported whilst other times there can be hundreds seemingly attached to the human subject. They are clear to milky white and vary in length and tend to be reportedly seen inserted or extending from various joints, such as the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. In one report, the subject said the fine strands were extending from their underarm area near a lymph node. Some subjects report having several locations such as these in use simultaneously by these unusual fibres or strands.

Another report of these strands describes most of them as being similar as above, but with two other strands feeling metallic. One was bronze in colour and the other was black. This particular subject could not stand the thought of them being placed in their body and they pulled them out and experienced extreme pain from their inner arm. Their actions left a wound similar to a circular chunk of skin having been pulled out along with the strands. Although they said it was a substantial wound, it was not bleeding and they felt it had been instantly cauterized somehow.

A man who appeared to be a physician was nearby and told the subject they needed to be careful and let the wound heal and he worked on the wound for a bit. The following day, the subject stated they felt soreness, but the incident did not leave a scar or any other marks. We imagine whatever the physician did was of great benefit to the subject. Additionally, the subject attempted to take the two metallic strands back home with them and hid them, but upon their return, they did not have the strands in their possession stating, “…they never let us take anything back with us. No ‘proof’ therefore ‘no accountability’ no ‘truth’ – it’s always the same.”

Another subject reported having pulled a few of the strands out of their body and stated they felt no pain at that time, but did the following morning. They noted the pain was very deep and there was a fine straight line scar over the area (shoulder) which fluoresced light blue under an ultraviolet light. Whatever the substance was, it washed off with soap and water. The strands were not sticky and were light as a feather. Again, one can see these strands being used as a compliment to or for the basis for another structure or for another person or being. In other words, we believe these strands are biological in nature and are used to remove DNA or borrow DNA for use in the construction of something else; perhaps an organ, another person, being or possibly for use by the subject at a future time.

Another possibility is this DNA is utilized for a biological component for the craft operated by Advanced Intelligences and Extraterrestrials. We suspect there is a DNA recognition component involved in the operation of particular ET and AI craft and DNA is matched and recognized by the craft allowing a particular subject to then operate it. There have been earlier reports of DNA recognition in particular ET and AI craft. Similar reports * were also correlated in a more expansive study researchers Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner published entitled The Marden-Stoner Study on Commonalities Among Abduction Experiencers:

“A highly significant 83% of the AE Group stated that they had awoken with unexplained marks on their bodies, whereas only 20% of the NAE group replied in the affirmative. Long, thin bruises were most often found on women’s calves, thighs or buttocks, suggesting finger marks. Patterned bruises were found on the upper arm. Scoop marks were reported on arms, ankles, behind knees, or on feet. Puncture wounds were found on hands and rib cages, although one woman reported a vaginal puncture wound. Burn marks were on upper backs and sunburn like rashes were reported, sometimes on the entire body. * Several participants mentioned plastic-like filaments, the size of a strand of hair, coming from various locations on their bodies.”

Marden and Stoner are continuing with phase two of their study which involves, among other topics of interest, observed technology encountered by Abductee-Experiencers. The results of this study should lead to fascinating new information and therefore insight into Extraterrestrial and Advanced Intelligences' technology. If you are an Abductee-Experiencer-Contactee and wish to particiate in this study, you can do so here.

Orbs That Morph Into Mind-Thought Helmets

This encounter began with the subject meeting two beings who were in charge of him and his travelling to another place. The trio looked into a photograph like object and their surroundings became what was in the photograph. We believe it is also possible the beings were showing him a screen or a holograph or some type of technology and they were telling him where they were going to take him. The ‘picture’ of the place then became the geographic location in which he found himself standing. It was an idyllic, beautiful, agrarian community.

After the subject and his two travelling companions arrived at the place or planet where these people lived in the agrarian community, they were all taken to a commune like corral area surrounded with a low fence. At that moment, metallic orbs the subject first believed to be cluster bombs came down and began situating themselves over the heads of the people living in this idyllic community. When the orbs arrived, everyone became afraid and began to run away. At this point a voice said to them, “Go to your homes and get into bed – you’ll be safe there.”

As the orbs came down the subject noted they were a shiny metallic, dark metal, either black gray or very dark blue. Everyone continued running for the opening of the corral. Some went over the low barriers and others went through turnstile-like openings. One man who was running collided with a woman and knocked her down. He turned to help her, but then ran away. Another woman simply looked at her as she lay on the ground and she continued running. The woman on the ground struggled to get back up.

Our subject continued to watch as yet another young woman stood almost at attention as one of the orbs situated itself over her head. Miraculously, part of the orb morphed into a helmet like device and came down over her head onto her shoulders. She stood very still at this point as if it were controlling her mind and body. The subject also noted there were three to four hundred people outside in this community with nearly an equal number of orbs overhead.

The subject then found himself in a room and whilst there, he felt he too was inside an orb or had one encompassing his head just as he watched the other orb morph into a helmet. He sat at a table with a girl who appeared to be about seven years old. The girl was young and had blond hair. She took objects and explained what each one was. For example, he picked up an object that displayed the letter A and she said, “This is the letter A” and then she picked up another object and said, “This is such and such…” She did this for a while until she became confused and a bit disoriented. She then told him,

“I have to eat something and then I’ll be okay.”

At that point, she opened a small thin box that was hanging around her neck by a string. She then took a straw like object and began drinking a fluid from the box and as she did so, some of the fluid ran down her chin. This was apparently her nourishment. After she consumed her nourishment she said she felt better and could think better. During this part of the experience, the subject believed he, himself, was either inside one of the orbs or his consciousness was inside another being and he was observing the little girl in that manner. We believe it is possible the orbs that morphed into helmet like apparatuses allowed Humans and other beings to get inside of, or merge with, the consciousness of others in order to study them. We also believe it’s possible all three to four hundred people living in this idyllic agrarian community were being studied in a similar fashion.

Memory Management


UAP Alien Abduction of Ed Walters with Hybrid

Ed Walters with Hybrid

Many people are familiar with the Ed Walters case published in The Gulf Breeze Sightings. Pictured above is Ed with his personal Hybrid who is performing a procedure that we believe is a form of “memory management.” Below is a description of a similar type of procedure but one that uses energy that is known as the familiar “alien blue” colour:

“I witnessed one of the ways they erase people’s minds. They use a type of energy that is that brilliant ‘alien blue’ color. I witnessed people becoming extremely excited about doing what they were led to believe was type of new ‘drug,’ so they allowed the aliens to administer the drug to them. I, however, knew it wasn’t safe and that it would erase my memories. It was unbelievable to see how easily people were allowing themselves to be controlled. I watched as people willingly sat down while some sort of machine shot out a blue energy beam that passed into and through their heads – through their brains similar to lightning except it appeared more as a large flame. This procedure seemed so intrusive as I watched it being done on one after another contactee. The large ‘flame’ was blue with a bit of white and it shot out and into his brain and came out the other side of his head. I thought, ‘What an idiot!’ I could not believe these people thought they were going to get a new ‘thrill’ by allowing the aliens to do this to them. I remained standing off in the distance, refusing to let them do this to my brain because to me, it seemed very dangerous and intrusive.”

Recalibration Device

One recalibration device we have recently learned about involves the Experiencer sitting down in front of a machine similar to slit-lamp examination machine ophthalmologist’s utilize (medically licensed ocular physicians). It is not the exact type of machine, but it appears to be an extraterrestrial version of such. One subject described it as follows:

“I look through a device with my left eye and take my left hand and turn a knob and the area I look through comes into focus. I sit back and feel that I’m finished, but from the telepathic response from the beautiful black-skinned ET, I’m told I didn’t do it correctly so I try again and things come into focus a little better. As I look through the eyepiece, I see a lighted area that is circular and within this is an enclosed rectangular box [ ]. Within this box is an X so that it looks similar to this: [X] When this symbol comes into focus, I hear a clicking sound which indicates the procedure is complete. The female ET is now pleased….I believe this device takes a photograph or image of the eye or measures something within. I know this has to do with our retinas and our brains and the beings can access our brains through our visual cortex. I also have the knowledge that we are being ‘updated’ somehow…There are lots of people on board lined up to have this procedure done. Some are milling about talking and a few are very nervously smoking their cigarettes….”

Hundreds of Minds

“There were hundreds of minds connected to my own as I took an ET test. The test questions were red buttons on a device that was positioned in front of me. My answers were by thought and then I would press the buttons on a panel positioned lower on the device.”

“The device appeared to have physical form, but there was telepathy involved with its use. Each time I looked at a red, softly glowing button on the panel, I received a question or questions. I could feel many other beings in my presence. At times, I felt as if I were answering by thinking the answers to 100’s of people, which seemed similar to an audience. I wanted to do really well on the test so I kept practicing and studying the questions, but each time I went through the questions, they would change. There where no duplicated questions; they kept changing. A male hybrid stood near me during the test and monitored my progress. But he also distracted me and I kept telling him, ‘no – I have to practice for this test so I will be perfect and so my answers will be 100% accurate.’ Then I realized I was being tested the entire time. There was no practice or studying, and there was no margin for error. I had to answer each question perfectly. The information I had to provide had to be technically accurate and above anything I might know in my everyday reality.”


Bio-Laser Slicing Tool

A tool approximately the size of a pencil that can instantly cut, cauterize and heal Human tissue. Pain does not appear to be experienced or perhaps remembered by the Experiencer. Scars were seen shortly afterward which disappeared by the next day. Its purpose is unknown, but we suspect it is used to either remove something from the fingers (skin and/or bone) or as a healing tool. The Experiencer this laser slicing tool was used on wondered if they would ever be able to use their hands and felt that after this procedure was performed on them, they had to obey the ETs or the next time, the pain would be felt for punishment. As if, “This is what we can do if you do not cooperate.” To read more about this particular event click here.



UAP Alien Abduction Syringe with Liquid Blue Drug




One such device appears as a large syringe where the being holds it. Extending off of that is a long needle that is about four inches long. On the end of that is an odd looking elongated glass tube with a point at the end. It contains a clear liquid which a “doctor being” injects into the subject. Its purpose was for pain relief during a medical procedure. To read about an encounter involving its use click here.





Delivery point of SyringeA different syringe was described as appearing similar to a normal surgical syringe with a one inch needle protruding out of a circular area surrounded by a square area. The purpose was for injecting a drug into the gums or mouth of an Experiencer, who then felt drugged and as if they were then interrogated or questioned about their abduction.





Pencil-like Rod Control Device


HybridsRising.com: Alien-Bruise-Pinhole-Punctures-Tall-Whites-ET-Tool-ET-Control-Device.jpgApproximately the diameter of a pencil but longer in length, this device emits an energy pulse that shocks and can induce unconsciousness. It is either this device or a variation of this technology that leaves behind what some people refer to as “pencil erasure bruises.” These can appear as small bruises with holes consisting of an area that is not bruised or a bruise with a circle in the middle, or a bruise with very small pore sized injection marks inside. Bruises with obvious needle marks within them are also reported. Normally they are painless and ofttimes after they heal, they leave behind very small skin imperfections that appear as faded moles or dermal age spots.


UAP Tall White Stun Device



Tall Whites' Stun Device - Held in Palm of Hand and Pointed toward Subject








Alien Abduction Bruise with Hole in Center

Bruise left behind after stun device is used






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