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Saucer Shaped Craft with Grey ET Inside

Disc Shaped UFO of Grey Aliens


The Extraterrestrial craft pictured above was witnessed by an Abductee-Experiencer in 1991. The craft hovered silently just in front of the subject, who could clearly see what they described as a “typical Grey” sitting at the controls inside. The subject reached out and pressed down on the surface of the craft and when they did, the craft moved up and down as if it were an object floating on the surface of water. The Grey seemed somewhat taken aback when the subject touched the craft, but there was no harm done to the craft or any ill side-effects experienced by the subject after touching this particular type of craft.

We believe the following account describing the construction of this type of craft, or a very similar type of ET craft, has been demonstrated to Experiencers. We hypothesize this is because they feel it is time for this technology to come out of the control of the “black world” and be shared with the public. Author Timothy Good recently described what we suspect is a similar Extraterrestrial technology that can affect earth or soil in the same manner this Abductee-Experiencer describes. According to Good, certain ETs have the technological ability to transform the soil on our planet in such a manner that underground structures can be built in very quick order. Quoting Good,

“Some of the bases are like 150 miles long, underneath the oceans or underneath the earth and those bases can be created very quickly. Their technology is such that they can impact the earth or impact material very instantaneously…. In the way…a base can be made and the earth can be dealt with in such a way that creates a huge area that is protected... by the impacted ground which is [extremely] dense afterward and these places underground can be used….there’s a lot of technological machinery down there.” [1]

The following encounter occurred in 2014 and we believe it demonstrates remarkably sophisticated Extraterrestrial technology that is similar to what Timothy Good describes, but on a smaller scale.

Printing a Saucer-Shaped UFO Craft from Earth’s Soil

“I witnessed the construction of a 2-being saucer craft, or at least the partial construction. The craft would be about 6 meters across, made from a metal alloy, and be continuous in construction. All the construction was ‘printed,’ much like the new popular 3D printers that fabricate solid objects today. I watched a single metallic box ‘print’ a spaceship. The device was rectangle-shaped, about 50cm long, 30cm wide and 30cm tall. There was a channel about 5 x 18cm that ran the length on the underside.”

Extracting ET Craft from Earths Soil Components

“In an open grassy area with nearby trees, the device was placed on the ground, channel side down. It then began extruding metal from the channel in a right to left to right motion. I was told the device extracted all the components it needed from the soil to produce this alloy. The components it uses are minerals at the molecular level. It was very fast and the primary base outline was completed in about 20 minutes.”

“As the machine moved across the structure it would occasionally produce scrap, such as the shavings produced when drilling metal. As this material fell to the structured area below, it would be absorbed into the ‘skin.’”

“Everything on the craft was totally seamless as if molded, right down to the filets where two components would join. There was no visible power source, cables or other connections. The device was totally self-contained. It was silent in its operation. I was impressed, but not surprised by their level of technology.”

2016 Update: Slowly, but Surely…We Humans Are Getting There... 3-D Printed Car Created by the Department of Energy


Many Abductee-Experiencers have associated the triangular shaped craft with the Greys and the Tan Greys. There have been spectacular sightings of these craft, most notably in Belgium 1989, U.K. and U.S.; most notably The Phoenix, Arizona sightings in 1997 and The Stephenville, Texas sightings in 2008. [2] The Object Report has published several excellent special reports concerning both the black triangles and the bronze triangles. [3]

Triangle UFO of Tall Greys

Mass Triangle UFO Abduction


There are structural differences between these craft and this may be due to their missions. As near we can determine the black triangles in some cases appear to be linked by proximity to military bases with the bronze triangles appearing to be related to mass abductions. Both types appear to be connected with the Greys. Whilst certain militaries would like to have everyone, especially countries such as China, Russia and geographic regions in the Middle East believe they control and operate the enormous triangles, this remains suspect. If humans do operate these enormous sophisticated craft, they are most likely doing so via a joint effort between Extraterrestrials and the Breakaway Humans, with which the MILAB group is associated. There is also speculation that if militaries of Earth are involved in their operations here, then an aspect of time management, time travel or time relocation may be involved. And, as we are learning more about particular sightings and their routes, some of the black triangle craft may in fact be black budget produced craft and are being flown as “identification / psychological” experiments involving the general public. This only involves some of the black triangle craft. The bronze triangle craft featured on this page were clearly associated with the tall Tan Greys and the craft had many other humans onboard.

Tall Greys Triangle UFO

Triangle UFO of Greys and Others


The bronze triangle craft have a ribbed outer layer to their construction with different types of lighting emitted from them than the black triangle craft. They are silent and are the size of an entire village or neighbourhood. These craft were involved in a mass abduction in 2013 in the U.S. which also involved time management. The Abductee-Experiencer named “Pat” who witnessed this told us they were not allowed to remember the complete details but they felt strongly a “correction” in time had been made during the event.

Craft of the Tall Greys

Triangle UFO Alien Craft UFOs


Tall Tan Greys were seen aboard as were many other Humans who had been taken. It occurred during the night and many people were in their night clothes, but not all as it appeared the subjects had been taken from a wide geographic location and all brought to a specific location by what we hypothesize were transport craft. After each transport craft was filled (about thirty people per craft) they entered the much larger bronze triangle craft. Once inside, the subjects disembarked into specific locations on the triangle craft for purposes unknown to the HR Team.

We have another report involving bronze triangles and their requiring water from our planet. Large, red “hoses” for lack of a better term, were seen coming out of the craft and extruding water from a small lake. The subject was inside the craft and witnessed this operation. Whilst doing so, they were told by an occupant of the craft standing nearby that the water was required as one of the components of the craft’s fuel or energy supply.

Cigar Shaped Craft - Grey Aliens

Cigar Shaped Craft Greys and Humans on Earth


The Greys and their related Hybrids have also been seen in conjunction with craft described as cigar shaped and tube shaped. These craft have been seen in deep space as well as on Earth and even landing on our oceans and travelling great depths into our oceans.

The smaller cigar shaped craft are the types seen nearer or on Earth. The cigar craft in the image above are approximately 20 feet wide and 50 feet long. They have a panel construction that is perfectly uniform and very smooth. No rivets or any construction devices are noted. The interiors are very clean and Eurostyle in appearance. They have seats and at least one report indicates they have a table like object on one side of the wall. Some of the seats are aligned as in a city bus whilst others face inward. The interiors are not open throughout all craft, but some have large sections that are open and the seating is similar to that of a jumbo jet airliner, but without the typical isles.

These craft, as all others of Extraterrestrial design, can fly at incredibly fast speeds. Whilst inside, some subjects report feeling G forces and with their elongated design, it seems impossible they do not “break in half” due to the speeds at which they travel.

The image above was recreated from a case during which the Abductee-Experiencer and others were taken to what they referred to as “a base on this planet.” Much of what the subject witnessed seemed quite terrestrial in appearance: Two large aircraft hangars, a Human military presence with military uniforms, and a body of water nearby with a concrete bulkhead. These types of reports lead us to suspect there is an ET Presence on Earth and supports the theory that a Human faction is closely involved in working with certain Extraterrestrials.


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[1] Timothy Good's Red Ice Productions Interview Earth: An Alien Enterprise, 2013.

Read the first hour - transcribed here.

Listen here: http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2013/10/RIR-131007.php

[2] A Slice of Time: How Humanity Ended up on the Wrong Side of Reality, by Hybrids Rising.

[3] The Object Report's Special Reports on Black and Bronze Triangles

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