Edgar D. Mitchell, Sc.D.

Explains the UFO [UAP] Cover-Up

Transcribed by Hybrids Rising

“It’s important that we look at our civilization, our place in history; use our tools of science for greater understanding to promote the greater good – That’s what it’s all about.”


Edgar Mitchell Explains UFO Coverup“I fully believe that we are not alone, and have for many, many years…even though at the time I went to the moon it was the conventional wisdom both in science and theology that we were alone in the Universe… We’re just barely out of the trees, even though we think we’re rather sophisticated… but I do like to tell the story that my great, great grandparents came across from the southern United States to the West after the Civil War, and I went to the moon less than 100 years later. They came across in covered wagons, so from covered wagons to going to the moon in less than 100 years in our lifetime is rather a very significant event. It tells us how primitive we have been until the modern era, and we are still very primitive.”

“Because of my openness to these many things, I did have many of the old-timers in the military and in the intelligence community, wanting to ‘get it off their chest’ before they passed away, allow me to interview them and talk to them about it. And, so my ideas became very solidified that in fact, we have been visited.”

“We have to remember that right after World War II, the Army Air Force was separated and became the Air Force, [two] separate branches of service. And the OSS, which was the Office of Special Services, was disbanded and eventually became the CIA. So, here was a major military organization and a major intelligence organization totally in disarray, new founded, didn’t know what they were doing after World War II, and not really reorganized yet. And, as a result of that, the President, Truman at that time, convened a very high level committee to examine this alien, or UFO phenomenon. They did come to the conclusion that it was alien, and the military rightly came to the conclusion that if they’re hostile, there’s nothing they can do about it; therefore their choice was to deny it and to hush it up and to create the National Security Act of 1947, which validated that…deception and to cover it up and allowed the group to go underground, as it were. And, we’ve been living with that now for [over] 50 years, which is really the beginning of the whole cover-up – the entire denial of this phenomenon. And, [with] the addition of dismissal, disinformation and misinformation to cloak and to discourage investigation…misinformation – it’s been continuous for many, many years now.”

“Eventually it came away from the fear, I believe, of not being able to protect and do their duty to the notion of power and control – controlling the knowledge and the technology. And, the group that is involved in that is still doing it.”

“We have created our reality here and we have created it rather badly – of course, it’s not a sustainable reality. We have created, with our science and technology, instead of using it for the greater good, it’s been captured by interests – greed, self service, which is rife – and instead of using it – all of our technology and our brilliance and genius for the greater good, we have used it for self service, and that’s not going to work.”

“It’s important that we look at our civilization, our place in history; use our tools of science for greater understanding to promote the greater good – That’s what it’s all about.”

Edgar Mitchell Explains UFO Coverup
Edgar Dean Mitchell, Sc.D. was an American pilot, retired Captain in the United States Navy and NASA astronaut. As the lunar module pilot of Apollo 14, he spent nine hours working on the lunar surface in the Fra Mauro Highlands region, making him the sixth person to walk on the Moon. Here he explains the UFO Cover-Up in less than five minutes. Item used is an extract from the documentary film The Phoenix Lights, We Are Not Alone.

Fra Mauro Highlands: NASA PDF


Excerpted from The Phoenix Lights – We Are Not Alone - Transcribed by The HR Team

Originally published in video format on February 14, 2013 by the Alien Disclosure Group

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