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Alien Abduction Technology Portal Page

Gallery of Extraterrestrial Craft, Unusual Flying Objects and Aerial Phenomena

Gallery of Associated Images with Links to Articles

Gallery of Extraterrestrials and Advanced Intelligences

Edgar Mitchell Explains the UFO Cover-Up

Explaining the CABAL

Project Oval


ET Craft

Saucer Shaped Craft

Printing a Saucer-Shaped UFO Craft from Earth's Soil

Triangle-Shaped Craft

Cigar-Shaped Craft


Observed ET Technology: Various Types

The Black Mirror


Transformation Device

Time Travel - Interdimensional Travel

Belting up [Seatbelts] aboard an ET Craft

Engine Room - ET Propulsion aboard an Extraterrestrial Craft

Blanket Cloaking System

ET Propulsion System Witnessed by Danion Kell

ET Propulsion System Witnessed by Melinda Leslie

Possible Russian UFO and US's "Hardened Liquid Nickel" UFO


Bio-Neurological and Interface Technology

Genetic Bioluminescence Identification

Neural Interface “Glasses”

Neural Interface Mechanical Log

Neural Interface Via Soft Palate

Fibers and Hair-like Strands

Orbs That Morph Into Mind-Thought Helmets

Memory Management

Recalibration Device

Hundreds of Minds

Bio-Laser Slicing Tool


Rod-like Control Device Leaves Unique Bruises



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