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Triangle UFO Witness Sees Mass Abduction

By The Object Report

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Triangle UFOs


We have received a detailed report of a bronze triangle from an eyewitness with an extensive history of conscious contact and a stellar reputation in the research and literary community.

This is an exceptional Object Special Report; we have an utterly impeccable eye witness who has keen observation and note taking skills and a new configuration of the black triangle as witnessed during a very recent mass abduction. This eye witness has requested to remain anonymous, so from this point on in the story we will refer to this CE4 witness as “Pat.” Through several email exchanges with Pat, we have worked up a highly accurate rendering of what the triangles might have looked like that evening. Let's take a look at Pat's emailed text description included with the two sketches of flying triangles and an apparent mass abduction:

“The exterior of the triangle shaped craft were a very dark bronze color, almost black, but this was at night and that’s probably why they were almost black. They were a dark bronze and not black. The exterior of the craft were ribbed like corrugated metal as in the drawing [below]. Top, bottom and sides were all ribbed. The craft were completely silent with no visible propulsion. They hovered and flew bumper to bumper or what pilots would refer to as wing tip to wing tip. The lights were red, amber and whitish light glows on the sides. In the back of the craft, the lights were in mixed positions along the corrugated surface. The lights did not flash, but all colors were represented in a soft glow of light.”

In a subsequent email from Pat I received a detailed, hand drawn sketch of the triangle seen hovering above the large field adjacent to the wooded area where an apparent mass abduction took place. There were several other triangle craft of the same configuration that were seen by Pat that night. Below is one of the sketches provided by Pat, I have removed the hand written notes in pencil that were on the same page and have typed them here below:


Triangle UFO Abduction


“... we were in elevators as we boarded, but they were very large, the size of large rooms and they went upward very fast. I suspect this was some sort of beaming, transport technology. Maybe the craft actually lowered these ‘elevators’ downward and they were a real structure. They moved upward at an incredible speed and took large groups of us into the triangular shaped craft. The walls inside the ‘elevators’ were metallic.”


Triangle UFO of Greys and Others

People Gathered Prior to Being Taken Upward


  • 150 feet by 60 feet
  • Ridged like corrugated metal
  • Flying bumper to bumper, wing tip to wing tip
  • Bronze black metallic
  • Red, amber white glows
  • No visible propulsion
  • Ribbed


Triangle UFO Alien Craft UFOs

People Being Taken Upward in Large Room-like Lifts


In another email, we received details about the abduction event itself. I want to note that I have edited out a few minor details in order to keep this witness anonymous, however all of the text regarding the actual sighting is present and unaltered.

“The sighting occurred at night over a large field adjacent to a heavily wooded State Park in the United States. After several craft were sighted, I found myself in a beige/tan colored room that was approximately 40 feet long by 16 feet wide with metallic walls. I, along with about 20 to 30 other people, was suddenly inside this room. (I feel that these triangular-shaped craft were shuttles). We all walked through a door into another smaller room that was about 10 feet by 12 feet with 10 foot high ceilings. As soon as the doors closed, we all went upward at a really high rate of speed. This made me feel we were inside a large elevator so I tend to think of these moving rooms as elevators moving into a larger structured craft.”

“People were wearing everything from everyday normal clothing to nightwear including pajamas. After we went upward very fast, I noticed everyone was walking with a dazed look on their faces except me. After the doors opened on this ‘elevator,’ everyone, still in a daze, walked out onto an enormous craft in single file. As the ‘elevator’ entered the craft and the door opened, I saw two tall ‘grey’ aliens with tan skin (Tans) standing off to one side. They stood at least 7 feet tall. The aliens said nothing and appeared to be observing as people exited the elevators onto the craft. I watched as the people walked toward other rooms that appeared to be ‘apartments’ but they didn’t have kitchens. There was only a bed and a toilet; no kitchen, but there were windows that looked out onto other apartments and seemingly housing blocks.”

“After everyone walked to their rooms, I went back into the ‘elevator’ which then went back down. The process repeated itself with approximately another 20 to 30 people inside the ‘elevator.’ There were also multiple ‘elevators’ taking people up to the enormous craft.”

“These triangular craft may interlock. The corrugated type ribbing may be structural docking aids. I can visualize two of these craft possibly forming a rectangle when docked.”

These are incredible details Pat is relaying to us. We can readily place the greys with the silent triangles, which now we find out are not necessarily always black, they can be dark bronze. The triangles are involved with mass abductions and we have some of the abductees like Pat remaining fully conscious, or more specifically, they are allowed to retain the memories of the experience and a few like Pat are used to calm and maneuver the large groups of people who apparently remember little or nothing of the event after the fact. Shining a bit of light onto the logistical reasoning on the part of the visitors are the apartments inside the ship for the temporary stay of the patient who is aboard long enough to need a place to lie down or use the toilet, but not around long enough to need to eat. The ground transports or elevators Pat rode in several times are interesting to note as well. Triangles certainly seem to be the shape du jour and it gives Agent D the impression that not only are we hearing more and more reports of triangle sightings, but we are getting clearer details from the witnesses of what is going on beneath and inside these craft. Will this increase in sightings and eyewitness details continue its upward curve?


Triangle UFOs in Formation

Triangle Craft of the Tall Greys Hovering


Though light configurations, ports and skin surface details would seem to be varied, we ultimately have two basic configurations of black triangles: equilateral triangles and isosceles triangles. The elongated triangles are based upon isosceles geometry which states that two sides of the triangle be equal versus an equilateral triangle which has three equal sides and angles and of course appears the same no matter which way it is rotated. From what we know at this point, the isosceles triangles generally are the configuration of larger vessels and in this particular sighting we can deduce from eye witness testimony that the bronze isosceles triangle is capable of transporting great numbers of crew and humans. 


All of this triangle activity in our skies – what does it mean? What is it leading up to? I realize for many readers (myself included) it is difficult to wrap one’s head around the idea that the triangles are utterly real and full of telepathic, alien beings. Many readers likely feel more comfortable with the notion that black triangles are operated by secretive military personnel and simply mistaken for UFOs. While we cannot rule out the possibility that some black triangles may be operated by a military style faction of humans, this special report in particular is from an impeccable witness and unquestionably ties the Visitors, specifically the tan greys, to the silent triangles. In fact, this report not only ties the silent triangles to the greys, it ties them to the abduction phenomenon. – By AD of The Object Report © 2013


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